A letter to Rob

Hey Rob,

My son didn’t cancel two sessions before the final, only one. The second was canceled because his final was the same day as tutoring would have been, in other words, too late. Like the other two ladies you mentioned, he also felt like he aced the final and apparently the average score for everyone who took it was a 75%. Now, that being said, his teacher chose to grade the final on a curve and does round the percentage of each kid’s score so his 79.5% rounded him up to an 80% which got him the B-!!!!

He’s going to finish with an A in Trig, and an A in English (and wrestling) and the rest B’s.

I’m really proud of him and glad we started tutoring from the very start this year, it definitely shows.

Thank you for addressing my previous concerns and for your continued support.

Best regards,

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