Tips to Avenge Your Finals Without Pulling Out Your Hair!

January 26th, 2013




Finals week is coming quick and you might start feeling that uneasy shadow lingering over your shoulders, but luckily there are several tips, tricks, and techniques to make the next few weeks bearable. First of all, you need to make the trade and remember that drowsiness, exhaustion, and brain drain will all pass, but your GPA is forever. Accepting the climb ahead of you will set you on the right path for success. Regardless of the subject matter, people all learn the same which is why you know that cramming doesn’t work, taking long exaggerated breaks, and side tracking yourself is all sure ways to fail your finals. Thus, find an absolutely quite and if necessary (desolate) place to buckle down and really hit the books; this is a great time to turn off your cell phone and get away from your social notifications. Make goals for yourself and set time limits on how long you will study before you take a scheduled break. Don’t feel the urge to work in study groups if you know they will distract you, instead work on as much material as you can and save all your questions for your teacher, tutor, or friends for later. It’s important to build on what you know rather than give yourself test anxiety on what you need to know. Evaluate how your teacher or professor has given previous tests and quizzes and determine a study strategy that will most likely reflect you’re finals, midterm, test, or even future quiz. Then chunk the material into pieces and absolutely take your time learning the material – It takes more than an hour to digest a century of history! Finally, you need to make it interesting. Take pride in what you’re learning and mentally dazzle yourself.

Finishing the Year Strong!!

November 15th, 2012

The days have gotten shorter, the air has gotten colder, and the department stores over at Del Amo are starting to bust out their most maddening Christmas mixtapes. You all know what that means: the winter season is almost upon us and our first semester is wrapping up. And along with promises of presents, great food, and the company of loved ones, the holiday season brings with it a much needed break from school. However, it isn’t time to start relaxing just yet. In addition to the fact that most of you will be spending all your time applying to college or studying for final exams anyway, your classes are still very much in session. It is very important to utilize this time and stay on top of your studies. We both know that it’s tempting to start throttling back on your work already, but ‘ain’t nobody got time for that.’ You’ve got to finish strong. At the risk of sounding like somebody’s grandpa, “you’ve got to keep your nose to the grindstone”. No one still living today has any idea where that phrase comes from, but we all (sort of) know what it means. The hard work isn’t officially over until the last bell lets you out on the last day before break (whenever that may be). The consequences of slacking off now may not seem grave, but every little bit of effort counts. Right now, your teachers are scrambling to fit in everything they haven’t taught you for whatever reason. The final part of the semester is always the most hectic. To me, it calls to mind the time when my Physics teacher tried to teach us all of nuclear physics during the half-day period on the day before break. Talk about needing a major study session! Don’t be asleep at the wheel when this (inevitably) happens to you! Keep working, and finish strong. Remember, the friendly tutors at the Study Hut are always here to help your prepare for your final exams.