Summer traveling plans!!

July 23rd, 2013


And the livin’ is easy
Fish are jumpin’
And the cotton is high

Your daddy’s rich
And your mamma’s good lookin’
So hush little baby
Don’t you cry”

We all know the famous song about Summertime! For many of our tutors, summertime is a relaxing few months and gives many of our tutors time to travel and plan fun trips to new places. Many of our girl tutors planned a fun camping weekend in Big Bear and had a great time out in the wilderness.

Our office managers and assistant managers including Co-Owners Rob and SP, MB Office Manager Sam, MB Assistant Manager Kristen, El Segundo Office Manager Adam, RB Office Manager Justin and RB Assistant Manager Tara took a rode trip to the Green River in Utah and canoed for 3 days and over 80 miles down the river. They came back with sunburns and many of them in pain – but also with unforgettable stories and great bonding moments.

One of our tutors went to Europe for a month and a half to backpack through the European Union from the beginning of June until the middle of July.

Other trips included places like Hawaii, San Francisco, music festivals, Mexico, Nashville, and many more.

We are gearing up for Fall and keeping a list of students who want certain days and times during the fall semester – so let us know if you want to be added to our list.

As August slowly approaches, we are getting ready to say goodbye to some of our amazing co-workers here at the Study Hut.

Our MB Office Manager Sam – who has worked at the Study Hut since the beginning – is leaving for Grad School in Nashville soon .

Our El Segundo Office Manager Adam is leaving soon for Texas and our RB Assistant Manager Tara is leaving for Grad School in Northern California soon as well.

We are sad to see them leave, but they are a huge part of our Study Hut family.

Study Hut Bonding Nights

June 14th, 2013

The Study Hut is having a bonding night tonight and we can’t wait! We have decided to take a trip to Hollywood together so we can hang out and relax outside of work!

Our tutors always plan fun days and events for the rest of our tutors to participate in! On Thursdays, we always enjoy going to Trivia Night on Thursdays at Hennesseys in Manhattan Beach to have dinner and test our knowledge!!

Tonight we will be caravaning to Hollywood to hang out on the town and have a lot of fun!!

On June 20th, we will be having our end of the year party since school is out and summer is upon us! We want to celebrate each other’s achievements and have a celebration with all our offices for the end of a great year!!

For our end of the year party, we are going to put on our own mini Scholar Quiz – and see who comes out as the winner on top!

Many of our tutors are going on to grad school or going on to other jobs for the summer! We will be sad to see them go – but know that they will do great in the future!

Many other fun events that we have done this semester include:

Rock climbing, camping, road tripping, trivia nights, barbeques, kick backs, fun dinners or lunches, trips to Hollywood, Salsa Dancing, Scuba Diving and many more!

We not only work together but we all friends outside of work as well!! Even though some of us live farther than others, we try our best to get together and hang out outside of work!

So for the end of the year.. for those leaving (tutors and students going off to college): Goodbye and goodluck! We will miss you! Stay in touch and come back in visit! Don’t be strangers!