10 Reasons to get a tutor

May 29th, 2014

1. During the school day, teachers’ attention is spread among many students. A tutor can create a targeted plan for your child’s specific needs.


2. Today, kids have increased access to technology, busy parents, and have extremely busy schedules, all of which can potentially distract them from their studies. Time with a tutor gives them the time to focus only on homework or studying.


3. Tutors have the time to explain a concept in several different ways, instead of having to move class along at a certain pace.


4. Tutoring can also teach study skills, which can then be applied to what’s going on in school.


5. Even for students who are doing well in school, tutoring can provide a competitive edge to do even better.


6. Summer tutoring can prepare students for upcoming difficult subjects, such as algebra, or reinforce what was already learned that year so September isn’t spent playing catch-up.


7. For high school students, individual or small group tutoring can be essential for APs and SAT subject tests.


8. For younger kids, tutoring can help boost standardized test scores.


9. A tutor can be a useful sounding board for an upcoming project, paper, or exam, and can help prevent the stress and frustration of leaving an assignment for the night before.


10. Whether it’s third grade math, high school chemistry, or middle school history, tutors have expertise in their subject and can make it more engaging and maybe even fun.


Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

March 13th, 2012

There are a few essentials a child needs in order to perform well in school. Not only do they have to have their homework done, their flashcards made, and their clothes in order, but they, first and foremost, need to have the basics taken care of. This is also known as Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. Here are just a few examples of essentials your child needs in order to ensure your child is performing at his or her fullest potential!

Make sure your child is getting a minimum of 8 hours of sleep!! This is so important so that they do not fall asleep in school and at tutoring! They need sleep to stay energized, alert, perform better on tests and quizzes, and focus. Tutors and teachers can tell when our students have not been getting enough sleep by their energy levels and in their body language. It’s crucial to repair the body and store information in order to process it throughout the day! Getting enough zzs will ensure your child will reinforce what they have learned throughout the day. Their smaller bodies just need some rest! Make sure the tv or video games get turned off!

Make sure your child is eating breakfast! This is the most important meal of the day and sets up the entire day! They need some protein in the morning (eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc) and complex carbs (fruit, veggies, whole grains) to power their brains and bodies, keep them full and fueled, maintain blood sugar levels, and so much more. Some cereals are just pure sugar and will not fuel them properly. Their blood sugar levels will spike and then 45 min later lead to a crash and burn without proper nutrients! In order to have your child stay focused and energized through out the day, please help them get a proper breakfast in.

Snacks! Make sure your kid is getting snacks throughout the day, especially if they are active in sports and other activities. And not fruit roll-ups and processed foods. Try and get them eating more fruits and veggies with protein to keep the brain and bodies fueled and full- ready to study at school and at Study Hut!

Water! Ensure your child is getting in 8 glasses of water a day. Developing this habit early is important and will help them in the long run. They need water, just like every body, to stay hydrated (especially on hot days, have them drink more!), run metabolic processes going on in their bodies and keep all their cells happy. Stay away from the sugary drinks that dehydrate them and spike the blood sugar levels again leading to crashes in energy. Gatorade and sugary juice drinks should be kept at a minimum or avoided at all costs!

Exercise! Most kids are getting exercise at school at recess or in their sport, but if not, make sure your child is getting a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity. It should really be more like an hour. Instead of allowing them to watch tv or play those video games, encourage them to go play outside for an hour with their neighbors and friends. This will be great for building social skills and getting the brain more active as well as the body!

Reading for fun! A great habit for kids to develop at a younger age! Kids that read for fun usually will become quicker readers in class, learn new vocabulary words, get new ideas they wouldn’t have thought of, think outside the box, and grow into adults that enjoy reading!

I hope these tips have helped! Definitely make sure they are getting enough sleep, eating breakfast, staying hydrated and staying active, which isn’t hard here in the beautiful South Bay! Happy March Study Hut family!!