Common Core Tutoring in Newport Beach

November 1st, 2015

It was only a year ago that our phones were ringing off the hook here at the Newport Beach Study Hut with concerned parents, some of whom were asking about current Study Hut students, and others that were new or prospective clients, and they all had questions about the same thing: Common Core tutoring in Newport Beach.  Parents wanted to know what the Common Core math curriculum was going to change, what it would look like in English classrooms, and how we were assisting our students with Common Core tutoring now that we had begun the school year and were working with the content first-hand.

Many websites do contain plenty of helpful information that can demystify the curriculum and break down the process, such as this official California Department of Education site: http://www.cde.ca.gov/ci/ma/im/ and while information like this can be helpful, sometimes it is just too confusing for the average mom or dad trying to rush one kid to piano lessons and another to soccer practice.

After having gone through all grade levels of the Common Core curriculum last year, we here at Study Hut can officially say that we have got you covered.  We know where students are most likely to get stuck, and we know how to help them get back up and truly understand the critical foundational material involved in each of the building lessons.  Whether you love Common Core’s arrival in Newport Beach or just plain can’t stand it, we can all agree that the lessons and levels build upon each other.  So when your student gets caught on a few concepts, please do not just accept it as a bad grade and move on.  These deficiencies or areas of missing conceptual understanding will come back to bite students later in the year, and in most cases with math and English, the same concepts will come back up year after year.  That is just all the more reason to make sure to get a solid base for your son or daughter as early as possible, and be sure to seek help with Common Core tutoring if you feel like your kiddo needs a little bit of extra support in order to get caught up or stay ahead in his or her classes at Newport Harbor High School or Corona del Mar High School.


Newport Beach Common Core Tutoring

Newport Beach Common Core Tutoring

Summer in El Segundo: Tutoring

June 23rd, 2015

As summer in El Segundo arrives and the school year comes to an end, Study Hut is relishing the achievements of our students and looking forward to summertime and the next school year. The 2014-2015 academic year has been exciting and enjoyable for Study Hut, El Segundo. We take great pride in seeing the growth and progress of our students as they strive to reach their academic goals, and we put forth our best effort to assist them every step of the way.

This school year we served local El Segundo School District students from El Segundo High School, El Segundo Middle School, Center Street School, and Richmond Street School. We also had the privilege of working with students from the surrounding districts of LAUSD, MBUSD, and RBUSD, coming from Mira Costa High, Redondo Union High, Reseda High, Manhattan Beach Middle School, and Parras Middle School. Additionally, we had some wonderful students from the local private schools Vistamar, St. John Bosco, Bishop Montgomery, Loyola, and Chadwick.

Working with such a wide variety of students and school districts has been a wonderful way for us to grow as a service: broadening our knowledge of varying curriculums and school expectations. Whether we were working with a 3rd grader on Common Core math enrichment and reading comprehension, or helping a high school Junior succeed in challenging Spanish and calculus classes, we have been able to exceed expectations and propel students to new heights in their personal academic success. We also enjoyed working with El Segundo High this school year by administering, proctoring, and reviewing full-length practice SATs and ACTs for our local students, creating a valuable resource to them as they strive to achieve their best result on these crucial tests. Now that summer in El Segundo has arrived, we are enjoying a brief respite from the rigours of the academic year, and refocusing our energy to best assist our summer students.

We will continue to work with students through the summer in El Segundo, concentrating on varying areas determined by student need. The waning obligations of summertime offers a great opportunity for students to get a head start on upcoming classes with one-on-one tutoring. Our summer students will be introduced to forthcoming concepts, solidify fundamentals while enriching current understanding, and/or undertake a test preparation program to improve on the SAT and/or ACT. For our incoming Seniors, summer is a great time to make the final push for a solid SAT/ACT score in the fall, and to begin working with a tutor to develop a plan of attack for college applications and their entailing essays and personal statements. Regardless of the specific focus, summer tutoring is an excellent way for students to stay engaged and enter the upcoming school year with a smooth transition to more advanced coursework.

We look forward to continuing to serve El Segundo and the surrounding communities through the summer and next school year. Check out the Hut!