Productive Day at our El Segundo Study Hut Location Yesterday!!

March 26th, 2013
Today we are talking all about the El Segundo Study Hut Office!  We provide a wide array of services, from subject tutoring to test prep to help with college admissions.  Our team of experts can tutor almost any high school subject through the AP level.  We also have tons of experience with training for the SAT, ACT, HSPT, ISEE, GRE, and many other tests.
The El Segundo Study Hut had a very productive day yesterday and we wanted to share some highlights with you all !!
Key features and highlights:
1. We signed up an AP Calc kid
2. We trimmed up the outside (we consider it the most lush hut)
3. We prepped the tutors for the next 12 weeks – since Summer is right around the corner and we need the students to keep on track during the summer to make sure they don’t fall behind.
4. We added a computer station
5. We posted AP diag dates (same as Manhattan’s) – which were March 24th and the next one coming up is April 20th!
6. We replenished materials for all the SAT subject tests
7. We graduated to a housekeeping service
8. We planned a tutor gathering
9. We found a spot to hang the surfboard
10. We put an order in for an espresso maker
11. We ordered a new shipment of after school snacks
12. We dusted the corners and behind the bookshelves

13. We stocked the mini fridge

14. We added a whiteboard
15. We added new indoor plants to the family
The El Segundo Study Hut is located on Arena Street in El Segundo off of El Segundo Blvd. Co-Owner SP and others built the Tiki Hut that is pictured above!
While the majority of our students walk or drive over for tutoring from El Segundo High School, El Segundo Middle School, Center Street School, and Richmond Street School, we also work with students from all over the lower Westside.  We tutor students from Westchester High School, St. Bernard High School, Hawthorne High School, and even Palisades High School, as well as Marymount, Notre Dame, and Loyola.

El Segundo Unified School District fundraiser 2012

March 22nd, 2012

Please help Study Hut support the El Segundo Unified School District by checking out the following race/fundraiser. This year, quite a few of us are participating. Thanks in advance for your support!

20th Annual “PTA Run For Education 5k”

Please join us March 31, 2012 for this year’s exciting race. Bring your friends! Form a team! Show your community spirit!

Location: El Segundo High School, 640 Main St., just south of Oak Avenue on the east side of Main Street, leaving the southbound lanes open to vehicles.
5K Run/Walk (8:00 AM) Kids’ Fun Run approximately (9:15 AM)

WHY: The event is the PTA’s major fundraiser each year, providing extra funding for El Segundo’s public schools. The Run also serves as a centerpiece for the School District’s new Wellness policy while providing an excellent opportunity to promote multi-generational health and fitness throughout our community.


#1 Participate! Parents and kids can run, walk, or jog this hilly course through the streets of El Segundo. All registered runners for either race will receive race T-shirts and Fun Run participants will receive a toy generously donated by Mattel. 5th grade and under 5K finishers will receive a medal. There will also be trophies for the 5K male and female overall winners as well as 1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals for 16 age and gender categories.

#2 Volunteer! We need adults (over 18 years old) to monitor every intersection along the race route to ensure the safety of our race participants and assist drivers with alternate routes from 7:30am to 9:30am. Please support our community by agreeing to stand at your street corner (if you live on or near the race route) during the race. You can cheer on the runners and socialize with your neighbors while providing this important service. We need over 100 adult volunteers to make this commitment or we cannot operate the race.

#3 Sponsor! This year our goal is to raise $30,000 for special projects and resource equipment tools for all schools in El Segundo. Your donations continue to help El Segundo Schools maintain their top state ranking for test scores and Distinguished School status. There are many levels of benefits for your tax deductible donations, so you can promote your business while supporting this important community event. Please see the Sponsor levels on the Run for Education Sponsor Opportunity page.

Eagles flying back into action!

September 19th, 2011

El Segundo students finally have a Hut of their own to call home, and I am proud to report that we were correct: El Segundo does love Study Hut Tutoring. Our El Segundo tutors have been kicking butt and taking names, and as a result, our students from El Segundo High School and from El Segundo Middle School have been starting the year off strong.

So far, these students have been turning in all of their homework and performing well on tests and quizzes. Moms and dads are happier, and tension at home is at an all-time low. I know this for two reasons. First of all, our clients are calling and emailing us and telling us how much easier life has become since signing up at Study Hut. Secondly, I know this because El Segundo families are referring their friends here too.

We are more excited than ever to be servicing the El Segundo community. We grew up here, and we are quite familiar with the neighborhood and the schools. One of our owners actually lived in El Segundo for a bit while attending LMU, and he did tutoring home-to-home in the area as he worked his way through college.

If you have any questions at all about our services, or you want any specific information about the newest Study Hut in El Segundo (just a block from the Teen Center), please feel free to email sp@studyhut.com, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Announcement: Study Hut El Segundo is here

February 9th, 2011

Study Hut Tutoring is proud to announce the opening of its newest location. Study Hut El Segundo will be having its soft opening on Monday, March 7, 2001, at which point students will begin subject tutoring and SAT tutoring as usual.

We already have a small client base that will be starting immediately. These students currently attend El Segundo High School, El Segundo Middle School, Richmond Street School, Center Street Elementary, Arena High School, St. Bernard High School, among other schools.

Study Hut Tutoring El Segundo will be staffed by young, local tutors, fresh out of college. We specialize by subject, and can handle almost any class through the high school level. We can tutor almost every AP class, and we also tutor Loyola Marymount students in select subjects. Finding a good LMU tutor can prove to be difficult, and our students are always ecstatic about the service they receive.
Here are a few of the subjects that we tutor at Study Hut Tutoring:

– Math tutoring: algebra; geometry; trigonometry; pre-calculus; AP Calculus; AP Statistics.
– English tutoring: All levels, K-12th grade, and college.
– Science tutoring: biology; chemistry; physics; marine biology; physiology.
– History tutoring: world history/European history; U.S. history; geography; economics; government
– Spanish tutoring

We also provide one-on-one SAT tutoring in El Segundo, as well as training for the SAT 2s, PSAT, ACT, PLAN, HSPT, COOP, TACHS, and ISEE.
For pre-enrollment and guaranteed placement in a preferred time slot, or for general questions before March, please call our Manhattan Beach office at 310-546-2408, and ask for the owner, Rob. We will add the El Segundo phone number to the website as soon as it becomes available.