Halloween Season

October 22nd, 2013
The parents and students know that we like to keep learning lively and fun at the Study Hut. We think this keeps the tutoring experience positive, and improves student-tutor relationships and communication. So, of course, the Study Hut is going to have an awesome Halloween party this year! We’re celebrating the festive occasion at our non-profit location in Lomita, and we’ll be spreading ghoulish fever throughout the day. We should have lots of candy, decorations, and games. Throughout the month, we’ve been decorating our locations with lights, streamers, skulls, and various other spooky Halloween items. For the party, our tutors are dressing up in pairs as Nickelodeon characters from the 1990s. We’ll have a judging of the best costume and prizes will be given to the best pair of characters. Tutors are already working on finalizing their costumes this week, and from the ideas I’ve heard being tossed around, there should be some excellent costumes and a fierce competition. We’ll be sure to post pictures of the winners and inspire others to express their creativity next year! Happy Halloween!!

Assistant Manager Rita

August 14th, 2013

Today we say goodbye to one of our assistant managers, Rita. Rita has worked here for years between here time in college and getting her masters – both at University of California San Diego (UCSD).

Rita received her masters in Pacific International Affairs – Economic Development and Nonprofit Management | Latin America.

Rita is born and raised in Manhattan Beach and has been through the MBUSD system. Rita attended UCSD for both her undergrad and graduate programs.

Interesting facts about Rita:

– Rita studied abroad/lived in Paris for 6 months.

– She loves Yoga and baking

– Her dream job is to travel around the world.

Rita’s memorable experiences here at the Study Hut:

– The Christmas Party, our Game Nights, and dressing up for Halloween.

Rita will be going to Hawaii this week before she moves to San Francisco to begin her new life and job.

We will miss you! Don’t be a stranger here at the Study Hut!