Manhattan Beach History Tutor

March 10th, 2019

Are you looking for an experienced and qualified Manhattan Beach
History Tutor? Study Hut Manhattan Beach is the best and most unique
place to go. Not only do we provide exclusive one-on-one tutoring in a
variety of subjects, but on top of that, we can definitely help your
child get on a good track in his or her History class.

Manhattan Beach History Tutor

Achieving good grades in a History class usually has a lot to do with
planning, study skills, and constant organization, because of the
magnitude of information students are required to master. Thus, we
place a huge emphasis on these areas of focus and will make sure your
child is never in a place where they are not prepared. Study Hut
students make and study tools like flashcards, outlines, or timelines.
Our Manhattan Beach History tutors aren’t just successful with
students because they know the material involved. Our tutors excel in
teaching and helping the student feel independently confident about
their own abilities.

Whether your child is struggling or just wants to bump up his or her
grade a little bit, our Manhattan Beach History tutors are available
to help. We’re here to guide note taking, help make flashcards, explain
difficult concepts, make quizzes, and anything else you might want
help with. The first step in improving a grade is admitting that you
need help, and Study Hut Manhattan Beach is as welcoming and friendly
a place as ever, so we are excited to hear from you about how we can
meet your needs and raise those grades!

How to conquer the ROK

May 24th, 2012

Studying for any test all begins with organization. Compiling all your notes, classwork, homework, quizzes, etc into one concise organized study guide is a great way to start! You want to make sure to keep everything as tidy and ready to find as possible in a logical order in your notebook. Then when it comes time to start studying you won’t have to freak out! Pull all the vital information from all your resources and compile them into your study guide. Keep this as neat as possible as well and in a logical order. Outline form works great, separating material into separate sections in each chapter. Make flashcards for all important terms, people, dates an other key facts and review daily!

Preparation is also key. Make sure to start preparing at least 2 weeks before the test. Even studying for half an hour each day will help you be prepared by test day. Make flashcards each week and review your notes each day. As the test gets closer and closer get a game plan together of when, how long and what you will study each day. For example, what sections you will take notes on, create a part of your study guide for, and make flashcards. Never wait until a day or two before the test to start your reviewing and studying! Cramming will not be effective and will leave your brain overwhelmed.

Studying in groups by quizzing each other is also very effective. Once everyone has a good grasp on the material, get together with a few friends and quiz each other on the info. This will get your brain thinking in different ways and really test to see if you know the information. Anything you are rusty on, go back to the book and review the concepts, take notes, and answer the question you missed. Review, review, review in an organized fashion, make study guides, and prepare early! You will be in a spot to conquer the Rucker Rok!

Massive Finals Prep at West High!

February 10th, 2011

What began as a modest, experimental finals-season gesture became one of the busiest and most auspicious events that the Study Hut has ever participated in. Early in January, the Hut got in touch with Mary Lou Cordaro, who works with the library at West High School. The Hut volunteered its services for any West students ambitious enough to sign up for extra tutoring on the Friday and Saturday (January 21 and 22) before exams. A few tutors from each of the Hut’s branches signed up to work at “stations” according to subject, which students could move among during the three hours per day that we would be there. We expected a slight crowd, an atmosphere perhaps even casual (or as casual as possible with finals looming ahead). But Mary Lou, one of the most enthusiastic educators we have ever had the privilege to work with, tirelessly promoted the event until the roster had racked up the names of over one hundred students eager for all the help they could get their hands on.

Suddenly, it was all hands on deck. Subject stations were set up throughout the library’s spacious first floor. Textbooks were handed out. The library doors opened like floodgates, and the place was teeming with students. All grades were represented, and for three hours each day the students moved among the tables and classrooms to garner whatever study tips they could. To those students who stayed long, paid attention, and were reluctant to leave even at the two-minute warning, tutors passed out vouchers for free hours of final exam tutoring. Thanks to the students, tutors, and of course, Mary Lou, those were two of the most fruitful days in Hut history. After it was over, many students redeemed their vouchers before their exams, and several of them have begun to stay on for regular help.

Before January 21, while we had been looking forward to the event, we had not expected such bewildering success. It was a great educational experience, not only for the students, but also for the tutors, many of whom had never worked with such large groups before. And it was fun, to boot! As the Hut plans for its future, we are looking forward to many more tutoring opportunities like it. Thank you to the Mary Lou, the tutors, and the students who made this first one so great!

History Tutor: AP European History

March 19th, 2009

History is a demanding subject, particularly when it comes to AP European History. History in itself is basic memorization and correlations, but the key to succeeding in this class is good organizational skills. With the right study habits, any student can be guaranteed a passing AP score. Study Hut Tutoring has the ability to provide students with the necessary regimen that will lead to a three or above!
The first step is to read the entire chapter and outline it. The act of writing and reiterating the main points allows for better memorization. It is important for an outline to highlight key events and contain the important W’s (who, what, where, when, and why?).  The outline should be followed up by a constructed time-line and flow chart that presents the main ideas of the chapter. This will provide the student with a big picture and will aid immensely in future studying for any class tests and the AP test itself. Read the rest of this entry »

Signing up at Study Hut

October 15th, 2008

HutOnBeachwww.StudyHut.com has a contact page!  Click to fill it out, and we can call you!

If you are having trouble in school or even just one class, the tutors at Study Hut can help you get organized and improve your grades so you can understand more and reduce stress. Read the rest of this entry »