Newport Beach Math Tutor

December 10th, 2015

Study Hut Tutoring is a place where students can come to reinforce math topics. All sessions with the tutor are tailored to the needs of each student. Whether they are looking to prepare for a upcoming test or if they wanted to review problems they had in the past, we will make sure that all their needs are met with the Newport Beach math tutors.

Newport Beach Math Tutor

The local tutors make sure that each session goes at a comfortable pace for any student. This is especially important during one-on-one appointments because this will allow the student to absorb the material completely. Many times in a classroom setting, the teacher will either go too quickly or they will be unable to explain a concept clearly enough for everyone to grasp. Our tutors do not move on until they are sure the student has mastered the topic.

Not only do our Newport Beach math tutors help students with math concepts, but they also teach study skills that will help students in future chapters so they can be better equipped and prepared to tackle any daunting math problem. This includes formatting math problems neatly and clearly to eliminate any errors due to misreading and having a very organized planner so that homework isn’t overdue, quizzes aren’t forgotten, and tests are not ill-prepared.

Newport Beach Math Tutor

Finally, our tutors put a lot of effort to ensure that Study Hut is a place where students can be both at ease and focused. We want to have a relaxing atmosphere where students love to come because they feel accomplished by the time they leave. Tutoring is effective only if the student likes to come initially, and has a level of trust with their tutor.

Contact a Newport Beach math tutor today so we can get a feel for how your student is progressing. We can work together to provide the skills necessary so they can become a successful math wizard!

Newport Beach Math Tutor

September 23rd, 2015

Math Tips from Newport Tutors

Despite what most students think, a new year of math is an exciting thing; every Newport Beach math tutor would agree.  No, we’re not saying cosine functions and slope-intercept form are anything to get amped about. What is exciting is that September brings with it a clean slate and a chance to get ahead early. What you learn in September and October can set you up for a really great year. Here are some tips for building a strong foundation this year.


It is time to start bringing your multi-colored pens to math. Write down definitions. Copy examples from the board. Highlight things that your teacher says are “important.” This will help you in the short term with homework, but also in the long term when you look back at these notes to review for the midterm and final.

Do the Assigned Homework

While doing 30 problems a night does not sound as fun as watching latest episode of Scandal or following Trout and the Angels battle for the Wild Card spot, it is of tremendous benefit to you to practice the concepts until you can do them in your sleep. Plus, homework grades are easy points if you just do it.

Ask Questions About the Homework

If something stumped you on the homework, chances are, it stumped somebody else too. Plus, asking a question shows your teacher that you put in the time, and that you are invested in the class.

Learn Your Teacher

Listen-really listen-to your teacher. When he or she uses words like “important” or “key concept” HIGHLIGHT whatever he or she says next. Another important skill is to learn how your teacher tests. Do they give partial credit for showing work? Do they tend to review homework problems that will show up on tests? Learning to catch this stuff will make you a better student, not just in math, but in all of your classes.

Make a Standing Appointment with a Tutor

We all get by with a little help from our friends. At Study Hut, we are here to support your individual needs and hold you accountable. We have been through the Common Core curriculum at every level, and are familiar with the local teachers. Whether you need support in biology, algebra, APUSH, calculus, or even SAT/ACT test prep, making Study Hut a part of your weekly routine will help establish good habits that will maximize your potential.


A day at Study Hut Tutoring in Newport Beach

A day at Study Hut Tutoring in Newport Beach



New Study Hut Location In Newport Beach

April 11th, 2012
Call Us: (949) 226-1573

Attention! Study Hut Tutoring is now offering local one on one tutoring to High School, Middle School, and Elementary School Students in Newport Beach. We offer subject tutoring, test prep (SAT) (ACT) and College Admissions Packages.

We are open Monday through Thursday from 3:30pm to 8:30pm and Sunday by appointment only.

Our tutors are fresh out of college and we connect well with the kids. From your stressed out AP athlete, to your unenthused 5th grader, our staff tailors each hour of tutoring to meet your needs. We are enthusiastic and passionate about tutoring– this culture sets us apart. Come check out the cool vibe at the Hut!

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