Newport Beach Finals

January 19th, 2016

Newport Beach finals are coming, are you ready? Here at Study Hut Newport Beach, we are prepared to help students ace their exams and achieve their goals. With tutors coming from top colleges and graduate programs, we are prepared to help students in a large variety of subjects. Our tutors are not only experienced in multiple content areas, but are experts in study habits and test taking strategies as well. At Study Hut Newport Beach, we seek to create positive study habits that will follow students throughout their academic careers. As the new year begins and finals are approaching there is no better time to get started!

Newport Beach Finals

How do I get started? Give us a call or shoot us an email! We will pair you with a tutor that is an expert in the subject you’re looking for. We believe in providing students with a one-on-one service. This allows the tutors to target the student’s strengths and weaknesses and to focus on each student’s individual needs. Going into Newport Beach finals we want to ensure that each student gets the information and skills they need to succeed.

When should I get started? The sooner the better! Cramming for an exam is never a good idea. Students should be going into an exam prepared and confident. The sooner we start, the sooner we can fill any gaps and give students helpful strategies tailored to them. We see the best results with students who consistently come in week to week. Tutors are able to track their progress and get them ready for the test. As Newport Beach final get closer, our schedule tends to fill up, so call ahead!

So whether it’s physics, chemistry, math, or even Spanish, we are ready to help! Study Hut Newport has you covered for all of your tutoring needs. It’s time to buckle down and start studying.

A Newport English Tutor’s Grammar Guide

November 10th, 2015

Having trouble with common grammar rules? Come see a Newport English Tutor for help today! While it is easy to rely on spell check for corrections on papers and emails (we’re all guilty of it!), you will look very silly if you make these common mistakes. Spell check won’t catch them for you because they ‘look’ right to spell check. 

  1. Using I and me in the wrong places.
    It’s as simple as this: I is a subject, me is the object of a prepositional phrase. What’s a prepositional phrase? Glad you asked. This Newport English tutor loves a good prepositional phrase. A prepositional phrase starts with a preposition and gives descriptive information like location: under, over, within, outside of, by, about, etc. Here’s a good website for more information about prepositions. 
           I am the subject of this sentence.
           This sentence is about me.

  2. Confusing there, their, and they’re.
    This is something learned in the third grade, so you should be very embarrassed if you make this mistake in a high school paper. There refers to place (it has the word here in it!!) They’re is a contraction meaning they are (the apostrophe ‘replaces’ the a!). Their is the possessive.
         The best Newport English tutors are found there.
         They’re going to eat all the turkey without me!
         Their mom really knows how to fill their bellies on Thanksgiving.
    *You’re (contraction for you are) and your (possessive) fall prey to this same mistake.

  3. Using ‘could of’, ‘should of,’ or ‘would of’ instead of ‘could have,’ ‘should have,’ or ‘would have’
    This actually comes from lazy speech patterns. When someone says ‘could’ve’ (the contraction for ‘could have’) many people hear ‘could of’. THAT’S NOT WHAT THEY’RE SAYING–or if it is, they’ve fallen into the trap as well. Don’t be lazy, people.
        “I wish that we could have gone to the World Series this year.”-a grammatically correct (and sad) Mike Trout

  4. Mixing up its and it’s.
    One is possessive and one is a contraction. It’s means it is, its means belonging to it.
        It’s the number one mistake!
        The cat scratched its nose.

  5. Using commas willy nilly.
    Commas are a part of grammar and not to used on a whim. They are not for separating ideas (that’s a period), or just to show a pause in thought. They go between independent clauses, or as part of a list, or in a number of other grammatically correct places. Refer to this awesome comma guide for direction!
          After the movie tonight, the soccer star will get eight hours of sleep.

Newport English Tutor's Fave Comic

Newport beach tutors

April 30th, 2012

Study Hut Tutoring has just opened a new location in Newport Beach. Located at 1600 West Coast Hwy, we are in the ideal location for students in the Newport Beach School District. We look forward to tutoring the students at nearby schools, such as: Newport Harbor High School, Ensign Intermediate School, and Newport Heights Elementary. Study Hut specializes in subject tutoring and test prep (SAT & ACT), and can help with the stressful college admission process.

Study Hut is a place where students of any age come to work one-on-one with a tutor. This allows for a student to receive the individual attention that they need but may not be able to receive elsewhere. Our philosophy is to encourage a lasting motivation in our students so that they can achieve all of their current and future academic goals.

High School, Middle School, and Elementary School students alike will find great service from Study Hut’s knowledgeable and enthusiastic tutors. We strive to help students succeed academically, not only by teaching concepts, but also by encouraging the organization and consistent study habits necessary to succeed in any level of schooling.

The Study Hut Tutoring offices are not your average, everyday cubicle work station. Each nook at the Hut is quite chill, allowing students to dominate in their natural state. In this space, fresh with plants and wood tones, frustration levels are at all time lows while comprehension and retention foster strong grades. It’s pretty epic. For example, one room is called the [Marine Layer]. You can see the ocean! They have a cool effect on the wall that really ties the whole room together; it definitely lives up to it’s name in a cloud layer of its own.

Tutoring in Newport Beach is about to be invigorated with the local beach spirit and culture of Study Hut Tutoring. One big high five, a snack, and some knowledge will fire up anyone, especially young people. We work with students with different personalities, different goals, and different learning styles. That’s why Study Hut Tutors tailor to each one of it’s students