Back to school!!

September 3rd, 2014

Back to school!

It’s that time of year again! School bells are ringing and classes are officially back in session. Sharpen your pencils, change your calculator batteries and dust off your backpack. Check the shopping list from your teachers and fill in any gaps.  Some important things to remember:

-A planner! Arguably the most important thing you need for the year. A planner will keep you organized and ahead of the game all year, and take the stress out of trying to remember assignments and due dates.

-Highlighters. These are great for critical reading when you need to mark passages or important quotes, or for marking your answers in math

-Sticky Notes. Need to remember a page in a textbook? Mark a date in the planner? Make a to-do list? Remind yourself about anything? These will do the trick without damaging your books.

-Hole punch. Papers aren’t going to fit in your binder without one of these! Really useful if you hate your assignments flying out of your binder or getting crumpled in the bottom of a backpack.

-Colored pens. Using different colors to make notes or color coding your outlines and flashcards will keep you organized and help with recall later.

And most importantly, schedule your tutoring sessions! The Study Hut is gearing up for the school year, with some fresh new faces and a lot of new school supplies. Things are already getting crazy here, the first round of tests are coming up fast!  Whether you need an extra push with schoolwork or want to practice for standardized tests, we are here for you. We have several diagnostic tests coming up for SATs and ACTs, as well at tutoring in all subjects. Need help in math? Got an essay to write and don’t know where to start? Just want to get ahead? Come on by! Our goal is to help students be successful.

Do I need my daily planner?

January 10th, 2013

Do you need your daily planner? The answer to that is an easy one and the key point is organization.

Organization: The structure or arrangement of related or connected items.









A daily planner is always useful and can be a great way to keep organized depending on the type of person you are.

Having a daily planner can always come in use. Since daily planners are usually small, you can carry them in your backpack, a purse, or other small places.

Here are different ideas of things you can write down in your daily planner:

– Homework or assignments from class.

– Meetings or appointments you have scheduled: Dentist, doctor, tutoring, sports games or practices, meetings for an organization like band or a club, study groups, and so on.

– Phone numbers for friends and classmates – that way you can have a copy of their numbers in case you lose your cell phone. It is recommended that you have a study buddy for each class, that way you have someone to contact in case you miss a class or need information about something your teacher said.

– Your planner is also a great place to write down your class schedule.

– Notes that come up during the day. A planner is always handy so you can write things down and always have a piece of paper to write on. Some people use their planner to scribble down information that they don’t want to forget during the day… i.e: Song names, lyrics to songs, directions, plans you made with friends for after school or on the weekends, and other crucial information.

If you don’t want to use a planner, there is always the option of buying a desk calendar or one that you can hang on your wall. Being organized can be very helpful and make your day a lot more efficient.

Now that finals are OVER, a Few Musts:

January 30th, 2012

It’s a happy time of year, that time of year where you can finally relax and say to yourself, “At least I’m done with finals.” Hopefully you all did well, and if not, take solace in the fact that you made the effort to do well- by coming in to tutoring and studying hard. So give yourself a pat on the back.

This time of year also presents itself with a fresh start. Everybody inevitably finds themselves playing catch-up during the semester, but you can minimize the level of catch-up by making an effort to plan your studies more and doing a little everyday, rather than procrastinate and cram. So take this opportunity to start fresh with your tutor as well. Keep your planner updated and make a thorough game-plan as to how you’re going to study for your various tests. Hold yourself accountable to get what you need to get done before going out or playing video games. We all know the pleasure from those little things is no where close to the stress you feel when you have a chemistry test and you’ve forgotten what a nucleus is.

The message is this: whether you’re in middle school, high school, or college, the method to doing well in your classes is the same. It all comes down to a daily balance. Yes, a balance, between work, school, and personal time. To succeed in the school part, you have to balance it, not cram it, and make sure you save time for yourself in the process, because no one can ONLY work or study.

So grab this opportunity by the reigns, follow your planner, and use your tutor as a resource and guide to both success, and having a good time.