1-on-1 SAT Classes

February 19th, 2015

Study Hut offers SAT 1-on-1 classes. If your student learns better in a group setting, then the class is a great choice. Ten is the maximum number of students we allow to be enrolled in the class at a time, so group sizes are small, and students can still get help if they get stuck on a concept. The class is seven weeks and meets twice a week for two hours.

One student, Erica, has already seen her score improve almost three hundred points since her first diagnostic practice test. The strategies taught in the class kept her from making silly mistakes that she had made before on previous tests. She also had a better understanding of which questions she should skip, whereas before she would go ahead and fill in an answer for every question.

Going into the test with knowledge of the strategies and the SAT layout decoded boosts confidence and helps to put even the most anxious test takers at ease. After the 1-on-1 class, our students walk into the SAT with confidence and the skills to ace it, and walk out with spectacular scores!