My tutoring session today!

April 5th, 2013

Today I tutored a third grade boy who goes to Hermosa Valley School. He is on Spring Break but his mom brought him in to work on multiplication and division problems for math. Usually we work on his homework but he was caught up on his homework for the following week so we concentrated all on math.

We did not have any division flashcards in the office, but we did have multiplication ones so we worked on multiplication first. I let my student study the flashcards for 15 minutes and then I quizzed him on the answers for 15 minutes and re did the ones he was not sure about. I wrote down the ones he got wrong so he could study them at home. 8 x 7 = 56 was the hardest one for him to remember.

He knew most of the answers, the easiest being the 1’s times tables – 5 times tables. He knew all the tricks like using your hands for the 9s times tables.

When he didn’t know any answer or did not want to figure it out, he would just guess, even though I knew that he knew the answer. I then made him fill out a worksheet of multiplication tables that he got to take home and look over after his session. The ones he really struggled with were the 12s times tables, which are difficult for any 3rd grader.

Then we moved on to division. I printed out worksheets since we did not have division flashcards, so we went over different worksheets. He struggled more with division, but he said he enjoyed division more than multiplication.

I let him have 15 minutes to fill out the division worksheet and then we went over it for 15 minutes. It was perfect timing. It took him a little longer on the division since you have to think backwards in a sense. He was in great spirits and knows that if he thinks about it, he can get the answer right.

Finals Season coming to an end…

January 29th, 2013

We did it! We made it through finals season!! Last week was a long week here at the Study Hut.

Last week we went to different schools and helped them study after school for a few hours.

We went to  Peninsula High for 3 hours and at Palos Verdes High for 5 hours and the weekend of  the 19th/20th – we went to West on Friday afternoon, West again on Saturday morning and  then to South on Sunday for free Finals Tutoring in the library.

We had such a great turn out at  each session.

I tutored in Spanish on Friday afternoon from 3 to 6 in the library at West. There were over 100 students who came and another 100+ on the waiting list to participate in the free tutoring.

When the students came into the library, there were signs hung up on both the 1st and 2nd floor of the library, with the names of all the different subjects that we helped tutor in. The High School also sent some of their students to help tutor as well with us which was greatly appreciated.

We tutored in multiple subjects – Algebra 1 & 2, Trig, Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Spanish – just to name a few.

Each student chose to either be tutored in one subject for all three hours – or be tutored in three subjects, one subject per hour.

For my first hour I had about 6 students – 2 in Spanish 1, 2 in Spanish 2, and 2 in Spanish 3. Then for my 2nd hour – 5 of the 6 students went to a different subject so I tutored a student one-on-one. Lastly, for my final hour, a few more students showed up and I finished with 5 kids. My subject was one of the smallest groups. I enjoyed having a small group since I was able to help each student individually.

Both the Science and Math subjects had about 30+ students in their group.

We always enjoy going to other schools before finals to help them study and we also helped many AVID classes study for their finals – including Newport and PV High.

This finals season went really well and we are proud of all the students!!