An Hour in the Life of a Manhattan Beach Spanish Tutor

March 8th, 2016

First Steps

During the first session it is important to establish the areas in which the student needs help the most as well as to reassure them that Spanish is not impossible and is something that can be attained through practice. In this first session, it’s important to discern the student’s learning style and objectives. It is equally as important to express our enthusiasm for Spanish. Each Manhattan Beach Spanish Tutor has not only excelled in the subject, but has found an appreciation for the language that we hope to communicate to our students.

Specific Targets

The next step is to ask questions about the curriculum, what they are learning at the moment, and which concepts they struggle with the most if they indeed have problems. Your Manhattan Beach Spanish Tutor is not here to teach the student what we think is important. While we can mix this into the lessons, the key is to help the student excel in their class. So teaching in line with their current teacher’s lessons, but approaching it in a new way, is essential. If they tell me specific lessons in grammar that they do not understand I will go over the lesson and explain it in my own way, in simpler terms, so that the student can understand.

Benefit of the One-on-One Model

I then will give them several examples relating to what we are discussing so that they can fully understand how a certain verbs are conjugated, how certain tenses work, and whatever rules in grammar they have trouble coming to terms with. If they continue struggle grasping the lesson, I will continue to go over the given tense or whatever concept we are looking at until they fully understand it. Then I will give them sample questions relating to the lesson for them to conjugate or answer appropriately. Your Manhattan Beach Spanish Tutor will stay on the concept until he or she is confident that the student fully understands it. With our attention solely focused on the one student, we can ensure that their needs are met.

Beyond the Hour

Afterward, I’ll give the student online resources so that they can review the lesson at home as well as test what they learned through quizzes my resources provide them. These resources contain explanations and examples so that they can continue their lessons daily so that when they see me again, they will have a better understanding and can move on to more complex ideas. Manhattan Beach Spanish Tutors are here to make sure that our students are better prepared to tackle new material. We provide skills and tools to make our students stronger, more independent students.


We are here to help! Call 310-546-2408 or email us at Kristen@studyhut.com to meet one of our excellent Manhattan Beach Spanish tutors!

Newport Beach Spanish Tutor

February 28th, 2016

Need a good Newport Beach Spanish Tutor?

Spanish class can be tough and overwhelming for many students.  Between vocabulary, grammar, writing, speaking, and listening there is a lot to learn in a short amount of time.  Study Hut Newport Beach is here to help!  We offer experienced tutors who are knowledgeable in all of these areas and know what to exactly what to expect.

Why Study Hut?

Our Spanish tutors here at Study Hut Newport Beach are trained to target a student’s strengths and weaknesses and provide personalized help.  Our tutors can provide extra support and insight with learning and study strategies specifically geared toward the student’s subject and learning style. We are experienced in breaking down complex content into simple building blocks needed for learning a language.  We provide one on one tutoring so that that our staff can cater to your student’s individual needs.  We offer Spanish tutoring from Spanish 1 all the way to AP Spanish.  We have Newport Beach Spanish tutors who know the curriculum and know how to help students meet their goals.

How many sessions do you recommend?

We see the most success with our Newport Beach students who come in on a weekly basis.  While a review session before the big test can help, we see more success with students who are consistently working with a tutor each week.  Spanish can be tricky, and like any language, practice makes progress.  The more time a student can get with a tutor on a regular basis, the more likely they will reach their desired goals.    Consistency is KEY when it comes to Spanish tutoring.

How do I get started?

Give us a call or send us an email!  We will pair you up with a tutor that fits your student’s needs.  We have a fantastic staff of tutors who are ready to help!

Palos Verdes Spanish Tutor

November 12th, 2015

Struggling to understand Spanish? It used to be easier, right? But then all of a sudden, you get dumped with a mountain of new verb conjugations, subjunctive moods, grammar and vocabulary, and even though you try really hard to understand the material, it’s just not clicking.

Well, your worries are over: come down to Study Hut Redondo Beach to see a Palos Verdes Spanish tutor! Located on the outskirts of the Riviera on Avenue I, we’re ready to get you back on track to ace every Spanish test and to boost your confidence in your writing and speaking abilities. Even if you feel like there’s no way that you can catch up–that there’s so much material and you don’t know where to begin–don’t doubt yourself! You can do it, and we want to help.

Palos Verdes Spanish Tutor

The Study Hut is a tutoring organization that has coached Spanish students in the South Bay for years. We employ local college graduates well-versed in the language, and thanks to their expertise and dedication to the students, we have seen many success stories. Most recently, one of our current seniors, Joey, was struggling in Spanish 3 for most of his junior year. He fell behind early on, and felt that he couldn’t catch up.

BUT, once he started coming in to see a Palos Verdes Spanish tutor once a week, then twice a week, and finally three times a week, he improved dramatically! We boosted his grade from an F to a B in just a few months, and by the end of the year, he could conjugate the preterite, imperfect, present perfect, past perfect, conditional and future tenses no problem. Apart from conjugations, Joey also learned to how and when to use the subjunctive mood, and increased his efficiency in remembering new vocabulary. Over the course of a semester of working with a Palos Verdes Spanish tutor, he not only grew more confident in using Spanish, he also acquired crucial study skills that transferred over to his other classes, and will continue to assist him throughout his education.

So, do you want to improve? Think you’re willing to give us a chance? Go ahead and fill out the contact form on this page or give us a ring at (310)540-5888. We’re looking forward to meeting you and helping you succeed! ¡Suerte!

Buckle down and prep for Finals in advance

November 26th, 2012

The four weeks between Thanksgiving and the winter holiday break can be the toughest lap of the academic race for many students. Everyone loves to buckle down and cram for the “last lap” before Finals in January, but this “second-to-last lap” in December is brutal. With tons of distractions, from family coming into town, holiday shopping, and making sure to enjoy the holiday spirit, it comes as no surprise that many students have a tough time focusing on their tests and assignments.

But this is not the time to be distracted. In fact, this is the most crucial season of all. These four weeks are a perfect time for teachers to play catch up. Oftentimes, teachers will try to cram in two full chapters or units during this brief period, and the effects on students’ grades can be tremendously impactful. Some students will be distracted and choose to focus time and energy on interests other than school. These students will pay the price come January, and many grades will be far too low going into the break to be brought up. Other students will realize the incredible opportunity in front of them. They will buckle down, hit the books, and earn excellent grades on the tests, quizzes, and assignments offered.

For math classes, including geometry, algebra, trigonometry, and calculus, the methods and concepts discussed this month will probably be the toughest content you will see on your first semester Final Exam. Keep this in mind, even if you are feeling overwhelmed by the material. If you can master these tough concepts now by studying in advance and working with your tutor, your holiday break will be significantly less stressful, and your Finals preparation in January will be a much easier process. This holds true for other classes too, including history, Spanish, English, biology, chemistry, physics, and even your elective classes.

Do Not be Fooled by Manhattan Beach Middle School students

January 4th, 2012

Dont let these Manhattan Beach middle school students fool you. Please stay active with them and keep them engaged.

Go through his “edline” acct with him and talk to him about each of his grades. He could use practice quizzes and he can make them himself.

He needs to focus on his daily planner too, as do ALL of our middle schoolers, and even most of our high schoolers, and have all his tests written on the day they will be given, and have a detailed study plan written out for the days leading up to his test(s).

The study tasks should say, “Make 20 flashcards for spanish verbs” and that would be on Monday for example, even if his test isnt until friday. The next day should read, “review flashcards for 2 [20min] chunks”…. you can make him difficult practice quizzes where you will be able to see if he is not only comprehending the material, but retaining it.

You’re def going to want to make mini quizzes (they can be as small as 3-5 questions based on the material he just covered). If no practice quiz is given, there is no real way to ensure comprehension.

He can work on HW, but that shouldnt be his number 1 or even number 2 priority, unless the difficulty of the assignment is a pressing concern. He needs some management help, and probably a little conceptual help, you can evaluate the needs of all this at the beginning with an interview process. You will be able to gauge and feel more comfortable after working with him a second time…that kind of thing builds as you get to know your student.

Learning Spanish is Critical

September 22nd, 2011

Currently in the U.S. 35.5 million people’s first language in the home is Spanish, and the number is increasing daily. This is why it’s very important to know the language these days. What better place to start learning than in high school? In high school we are forced to learn a language, which of course comes with benefit to us, if we pick the one that will be used most often. What is the probability of speaking Japanese or French on a daily basis in the U.S., if your family is not from either of these places? Probably slim to none. The chances for using Spanish on a daily basis are more probable, as more people are bringing it out of the house and speaking it in the workplace. Also, the more enmeshed our cultures become with Hispanic culture, the greater the need for our increased knowledge and awareness of the Spanish language.

As teachers and tutors, we have a responsibility to the youth of America to instill a language, and the positive points of knowing Spanish as a second language. Whether it’s from the basic greetings of “hola, me llamo . . .” (Hello, my name is…), to the complex of being able to say what you did last night, any little bit may prove to be useful. Here at Study Hut we strive to enforce the learning of a new language in terms and ways that are easier to understand. We employ the use of flash cards, and some of us even go as far as to role-play and use different voices. We like to make it fun, because that’s what learning a new language should be! Adios!

Announcement: Study Hut El Segundo is here

February 9th, 2011

Study Hut Tutoring is proud to announce the opening of its newest location. Study Hut El Segundo will be having its soft opening on Monday, March 7, 2001, at which point students will begin subject tutoring and SAT tutoring as usual.

We already have a small client base that will be starting immediately. These students currently attend El Segundo High School, El Segundo Middle School, Richmond Street School, Center Street Elementary, Arena High School, St. Bernard High School, among other schools.

Study Hut Tutoring El Segundo will be staffed by young, local tutors, fresh out of college. We specialize by subject, and can handle almost any class through the high school level. We can tutor almost every AP class, and we also tutor Loyola Marymount students in select subjects. Finding a good LMU tutor can prove to be difficult, and our students are always ecstatic about the service they receive.
Here are a few of the subjects that we tutor at Study Hut Tutoring:

– Math tutoring: algebra; geometry; trigonometry; pre-calculus; AP Calculus; AP Statistics.
– English tutoring: All levels, K-12th grade, and college.
– Science tutoring: biology; chemistry; physics; marine biology; physiology.
– History tutoring: world history/European history; U.S. history; geography; economics; government
– Spanish tutoring

We also provide one-on-one SAT tutoring in El Segundo, as well as training for the SAT 2s, PSAT, ACT, PLAN, HSPT, COOP, TACHS, and ISEE.
For pre-enrollment and guaranteed placement in a preferred time slot, or for general questions before March, please call our Manhattan Beach office at 310-546-2408, and ask for the owner, Rob. We will add the El Segundo phone number to the website as soon as it becomes available.

Spanish tutoring for middle school students

June 3rd, 2009

Many students come to Study Hut because they are struggling with Spanish. They struggle with the verbs since they forget how to conjugate all the verbs they have been learning throughout the year, and they also forget their vocabulary.
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Redondo Union High School Spanish Tutoring: Finals time

April 16th, 2009

Spring is in the air in the South Bay, and finals are right around the corner at Redondo Union High School. As tutors, we know that one of the subjects that requires the most practice and review is Spanish, especially around finals season! With our one-on-one sessions, we not only help students understand supplementary vocabulary, but we also help students get a better handle on how to properly execute correct grammar. With the year coming to a close, the newest material is often the hardest to understand in the least time to understand it. Read the rest of this entry »


November 17th, 2008

Manhattan Beach kids have all kinds of commitments-chances are your son or daughter’s on a sports team, taking music lessons, or staying on campus for Madrigals or Model UN. More and more busy students find that a weekly appointment or two at the Study Hut keeps school on the agenda. That’s because Hut tutors are committed to your son or daughter’s academic success.

Our energetic young staff comprises recent college graduates who grew up in the South Bay and attended Grand View Elementary, Meadows Elementary, Pacific Elementary, Pennekamp Elementary, Robinson Elementary, Circle of Love, Manhattan Academy, Del Sol, American Martyrs, Rolling Hills Preparatory, Manhattan Beach Middle School, Chadwick, and Mira Costa. Not only can our tutors explain trig functions, but we know what you mean when you say Mr. Rucker’s the hardest teacher at MBMS-and we know just how to prepare your daughter for his multiple choice. Read the rest of this entry »