Study Hut College Tour

February 26th, 2018

This past Presidents Day Weekend, some of Study Hut’s top tutors, counselors, and test prep gurus embarked upon our first annual Study Hut College Tour.  To call the trip a success would be an understatement, as we learned a plethora of new information about colleges that some of us knew very little about.  We wanted to visit a range of different types of universities, and our only criteria for year 1 was to visit local universities that most of the counselors had not visited before, so as to make the experience as new as possible for as many members of our team as possible.  The universities that we chose to visit do not reflect a judgment or position on behalf of our organization as to the admissions standards, prestige, academic quality, etc. of these universities, but rather as a starting point for conversation and exploration, and a launching point for knowledge gathering.

Study Hut College Tour

The Study Hut College Tour began on Friday at CSU Fullerton, the largest Cal State campus by student population.  Although Fullerton is a commuter campus, the on-campus housing was a pleasant surprise: it seemed like the type of place that most of us would love to live!  The facilities exceeded expectations, and we could not believe how much action there was on campus, even on a Friday.

Next, we hopped onto the freeway and checked out Cal Poly Pomona, one of the CSU system’s two polytechnic universities, which is nestled in the San Gabriel foothills.   With an emphasis on math, hard sciences, and engineering, among other popular majors, the oasis that is Cal Poly Pomona has quaint charm to it, especially given how close to Los Angeles the campus finds itself.

We continued the Study Hut College Tour by taking a tour of UC Riverside.  Overlooked by some of our students during the college application process, UCR students have several major advantages over students at other UC schools, namely that none of its majors are impacted.  Ease of access to classes is a major plus for many students at UCR.

To finish off the first annual Study Hut College Tour, our group decided to enjoy a self-guided bike tour of the Claremont Colleges, which turned out to be a fantastic decision.  We managed to tour all of the different schools on the campus, and the facilities were world class.

If you are interested in more details about our trip, please feel free to email rob@studyhut.com.  Also, please keep an eye out for more blog articles on this front; we plan to go into more detail about each school in the coming weeks.

Admissions into Four year Universities

November 19th, 2011

Getting into colleges and universities is becoming more and more difficult nowadays. The mean accepted GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and the number of extra-curriculars expected are becoming more difficult every year. Although all these elements are critical in one’s application, another important but often forgotten aspect is the personal statement. Not only can the Study Hut help you with your GPA and standardized test scores, but we’re also prepared to help you write the best possible personal statement you can. We tutors have been in your shoes before, we’ve all gone to college, and some are also in the process of applying to graduate schools. Needless to say, we’ve all written personal statements in one form or another, and know what colleges and universities are looking for in their candidates.

However, coming to the Study Hut for help on your personal statement does not mean we are going to write it for you. Rather, we are going to guide you as to the rules and tactics of writing a good personal statement, and give you the tools to make the perfect personal statement for yourself. A good personal statement has multiple aspects to it. It is both professionally written, but also genuine and personable. You are telling the admissions committee what makes you YOU, and why they should want YOU to study at and represent their institution in the future. All this may seem like a tall order for a one or two page statement about yourself, but with the right guidance, it’s very possible to do. So feel free to stop by the Hut at any step in your process, from planning your essay, to a final review before you submit it.