El Segundo Algebra Tutor

January 20th, 2019

Who you are: A parent looking for an El Segundo algebra tutor.

Who we are: A tutoring center offering one-on-one sessions that utilize students’ strengths and gives them the academic and organizational skills they need to succeed in class — aka Study Hut El Segundo!

El Segundo algebra tutor

Q: Why Study Hut?

A: Many of those big tutoring companies think that a one size curriculum fits all, but we don’t! Our El Segundo algebra tutors offer tutoring that is individually tailored to suit each of our student’s needs. We emphasize empowering students with the specific tools they need to excel in algebra or in any class they need extra support in.

Plus, we work out of the comfort of our relaxed, cozy office conveniently located in downtown El Segundo. Whether they need help understanding trigonometry graphs or the quadratic equation or just need help keeping tracking of assignments, we got you covered!

Q: What are Study Hut tutors like?

A: All of our El Segundo algebra tutors are locally-based, college graduates that are experienced with tutoring key math concepts to students in easy to digest ways. Our goal is to break down the toughest concepts and strategies step-by-step, so your student knows the most straightforward way to solve any math problem without all the stress.

Our work is always a team effort. In order for your student to achieve the best results possible, our team is always in communication with one another, so they get the most out of their sessions with us.

Q: How does the whole process work?

A: For more information, please fill out the contact form on this page and we’ll get back to you by phone or email. We offer a free, 20-minute consultation where we can determine the best plan of action to help your student succeed with our El Segundo algebra tutors. Our approach is completely tailored to suit our students’ academic goals and needs, so we look forward to learning about how we can give you a helping hand.

With our El Segundo algebra tutors, students will not only get help with key math concepts that they’ll use for the rest of their academic careers, but they’ll also learn the tools that will help them stay organized and on top of their assignments. With Study Hut, we’re positive that your student will walk into their next algebra test feeling confident and assured!

El Segundo: New Location!

May 8th, 2016

We’ve moved! We couldn’t be more thrilled to officially announce our new address at 529 Main Street. We are happy to sit on the cozy corner of Main Street and Imperial. We are surrounded by other great El Segundo businesses and restaurants, and we are excited to get to know our neighbors.


Our new location is within walking distance of El Segundo High School, so our students can easily mosey down Main Street and grab a bite to eat before coming to their appointments at the Hut. This makes it more convenient than ever for our ESHS students to get homework help, study for that big test, or prepare for the SAT/ACT, especially for our students who aren’t driving yet.

In addition, our new location is bigger! The newly improved Hut can accommodate twice as many desks, meaning students have more access to the wonderful El Segudno staff. With more room for whiteboards, more room for computers, and more room for snacks, the new Hut is better than ever.

Our new location is also easy to spot. It is literally a Hut on stilts! Just look for our signs in the window! Our stilted hut looks over the park across the street and has parking accessible below the building. So our students who do drive, have an easy place to park their cars. Even though our address has changed, our services have not. We still offer all of the Study Hut classics; like K-12 subject tutoring, ACT and SAT prep, private school entrance exam help, college admission counseling, and free diagnostic exams and consultations. Our same great El Segundo branch’s staff of tutors will be there and maybe even a few new ones. We are excited to have a bigger and more convenient space to help our El Segundo students succeed. Come down and check it out. Better yet, give us a call and get started today!

529 Main Street, El Segundo CA


El Segundo Math Tutor

October 15th, 2015

Are you looking for a local, professional, and accommodating math tutor in El Segundo? If so, Study Hut is here to help!

El Segundo Math Tutor

El Segundo Math Tutor

Many students, ranging from elementary to high school, face new challenging concepts each day in the math classroom, and know that if their understanding of a single concept is faulty, then understanding upcoming concepts can become a nightmarish math experience. Here at Study Hut El Segundo, we are committed to providing our local students with the help that they need to reach their own personal academic goals. Our highly qualified tutors create a tailored individual tutoring experience, honing in on specific concepts to make the most of each and every tutoring session.  You won’t find a better El Segundo math tutor elsewhere.

Our approach to tutoring emphasizes the importance of addressing each student’s individual needs. Some students come to Study Hut seeking help with comprehension and clarification of complex concepts, others come for assistance with assignment completion.  Moreover,  students focus on enrichment and moving ahead of the class, giving them exposure to new concepts before they see them in the classroom. Whatever the specific need of a student may be, the advantages of individualized tutoring cannot be understated.

Here at Study Hut, your own El Segundo math tutor is available to help students at all levels of mathematics. Whether your student is beginning to learn the fundamentals of algebra, engaging in the complex reasoning involved in geometric proofs, understanding dimensional analysis in calculus, or scrutinizing circumstances with statistics, we are equipped for the job and are eager to see progress.

If your student is feeling the pressures of math class, give us a call and we can discuss a plan of action to help your student reach their potential.  We are looking forward to equipping you with your very own top-notch El Segundo math tutor!

New tiki Hut puts a twist on outside tutoring

July 23rd, 2012

Need to get some schoolwork done but don’t want to sit inside? Well The Study Hut in El Segundo has something new and it’s very exciting! What is it you ask? A TIKI HUT! The Tiki Hut was hand built by SP, Justin, Taylor, Adam, and Sam.  It’s located on the North Patio of the Hut and is a perfect studying atmosphere for the students! For those that enjoy being outdoors, the hut is a great opportunity to enjoy being outside and still getting that wonderful beachy feel. The students at the El Segundo Study Hut are truly enjoying this one of a kind creation. The Tiki Hut is also a great place for students to take a break from their work and be able to hang out with the other students. When you enter the Tiki Hut, you can feel the tropics at your fingertips. Having the Hut on El Segundo’s Patio is like taking a mini vacation on a regular old study break. This new addition was lit up last weekend with tiki torches and and welcomed with a limbo contest. If you have not had the chance to see the Tiki Hut, you can’t miss it. This creation was a perfect match for the El Segundo Study Hut and truly gives it that relaxing tropical feeling. The Tiki Hut is a positive impact for the Study Hut and hopefully is around for a long time.

El Segundo Tutoring spreads its Wings

April 6th, 2012

Today, two bright-eyed and bushy tailed owners, actually, we had some scruffy scraggles left on the face from Spring Breaking, and it was pretty early at 6am so we weren’t too bright eyed, embarked on a journey to have breakfast. Our Destination: the Hacienda Hotel. Our reason: to join the elite do-gooders of El Segundo for their 45th annual Mayor’s Breakfast. 100% of the proceeds will be going to benefit the El Segundo Teen Center and the El Segundo Ed foundation. The El Segundo Rotary Club makes this all possible, among others. It was a quite a treat if I dont say so myself. I had pancakes, bacon, hashbrown cakes with lox, and coffee, with chocolate creamer. It was heart-stopping. We heard a motivational speaker, and listening to him made we almost want to put down my fork and head to the gym. Apart from the food, we met some wonderful individuals. We met the heads of the local churches and school board, and they were thrilled to meet some fellow educators who were also passionate about El Segundo middle school tutors. They quickly acknowledged that tutoring in El Segundo was something that was recognized as fruitful and important. El Segundo high school students need tutoring in chemistry, biology, algebra, geometry and specific training in preparation for the SAT tests. Moms and dads in El Segundo were encouraged to know that Study Hut Tutoring provides a reliable and local tutoring service to the students at both El Segundo Middle School and El Segundo High School. Parents were eager to send their students to Study Hut tutoring for chemistry tutoring because they know how tough that class is, and how difficult the college application process can be with a low mark in that class.

Announcement: Study Hut El Segundo is here

February 9th, 2011

Study Hut Tutoring is proud to announce the opening of its newest location. Study Hut El Segundo will be having its soft opening on Monday, March 7, 2001, at which point students will begin subject tutoring and SAT tutoring as usual.

We already have a small client base that will be starting immediately. These students currently attend El Segundo High School, El Segundo Middle School, Richmond Street School, Center Street Elementary, Arena High School, St. Bernard High School, among other schools.

Study Hut Tutoring El Segundo will be staffed by young, local tutors, fresh out of college. We specialize by subject, and can handle almost any class through the high school level. We can tutor almost every AP class, and we also tutor Loyola Marymount students in select subjects. Finding a good LMU tutor can prove to be difficult, and our students are always ecstatic about the service they receive.
Here are a few of the subjects that we tutor at Study Hut Tutoring:

– Math tutoring: algebra; geometry; trigonometry; pre-calculus; AP Calculus; AP Statistics.
– English tutoring: All levels, K-12th grade, and college.
– Science tutoring: biology; chemistry; physics; marine biology; physiology.
– History tutoring: world history/European history; U.S. history; geography; economics; government
– Spanish tutoring

We also provide one-on-one SAT tutoring in El Segundo, as well as training for the SAT 2s, PSAT, ACT, PLAN, HSPT, COOP, TACHS, and ISEE.
For pre-enrollment and guaranteed placement in a preferred time slot, or for general questions before March, please call our Manhattan Beach office at 310-546-2408, and ask for the owner, Rob. We will add the El Segundo phone number to the website as soon as it becomes available.