How to prevent Senioritis

January 9th, 2013

Since we are halfway through another school year, the end is in sight and for most seniors this is when Senioritis really begins.

Senioritis!! What is Senioritis you ask? Listen up and I will explain to you all about it!

Senioritis is when you stop doing your homework,  stop going to class, staying in bed all day dressed in your pajamas and you find yourself looking at the clock every minute .Sound familiar? We’ve all been there. Welcome to the club.

Now… Whether it’s the beginning of your Senior year, the half way mark, or the very end… remember, Senior year can be one of the best years of your life, so don’t give up.
Here’s a list of ways to not get Senioritis!
1. Make sure to write down your homework and important assignments in your binder so that you won’t forget what your teachers have assigned.

2. Do your homework. I know it seems so close to graduation day but grades are still important and colleges will look at your final grades to determine if you are still accepted to their University.

3. Do something that motivates you. Exercise is a great way to get motivated. You can go to the gym, take a walk, sign up for a dance class… there are endless possibilities.

4. Keep up your routine. Making sure you stick to your routine will keep you on task.

5. Make time for fun. It is your senior year… make sure to balance fun with schoolwork. You don’t want to miss out on the fun activities at school or good times with your friends. Memories from high school and college with last a lifetime… so make sure to not take everything too seriously.

6. Get pumped for the most exciting next step… COLLEGE! Before you know it, high school will be over and you’ll be off to college. College is really important and your college application will be a reflection of your four years in high school. Your grades,  the clubs and organizations you’re involved in, and the comments your teachers write in their teacher recommendations will all impact your college applications. Your senior year can be the best year of high school – but it’s also a crucial one, so make sure to be productive, get good grades, and make every moment count.

We hope this helps!!

Finishing the Year Strong!!

November 15th, 2012

The days have gotten shorter, the air has gotten colder, and the department stores over at Del Amo are starting to bust out their most maddening Christmas mixtapes. You all know what that means: the winter season is almost upon us and our first semester is wrapping up. And along with promises of presents, great food, and the company of loved ones, the holiday season brings with it a much needed break from school. However, it isn’t time to start relaxing just yet. In addition to the fact that most of you will be spending all your time applying to college or studying for final exams anyway, your classes are still very much in session. It is very important to utilize this time and stay on top of your studies. We both know that it’s tempting to start throttling back on your work already, but ‘ain’t nobody got time for that.’ You’ve got to finish strong. At the risk of sounding like somebody’s grandpa, “you’ve got to keep your nose to the grindstone”. No one still living today has any idea where that phrase comes from, but we all (sort of) know what it means. The hard work isn’t officially over until the last bell lets you out on the last day before break (whenever that may be). The consequences of slacking off now may not seem grave, but every little bit of effort counts. Right now, your teachers are scrambling to fit in everything they haven’t taught you for whatever reason. The final part of the semester is always the most hectic. To me, it calls to mind the time when my Physics teacher tried to teach us all of nuclear physics during the half-day period on the day before break. Talk about needing a major study session! Don’t be asleep at the wheel when this (inevitably) happens to you! Keep working, and finish strong. Remember, the friendly tutors at the Study Hut are always here to help your prepare for your final exams.

Back to School Shopping

August 17th, 2012

As a kid, one of my favorite times of the year was when my parents would fork out money for me to go back to school shopping. I would go with my mom to pick out the newest styles. Requirements were new shoes, a new backpack, and at least three new outfits, one for each day of the first week of school. My brother and I would always want to wear our new shoes right away, but were forced to wait until the first day of school.

Along with the back to school shopping came orientation. Mira Costa has their orientation this week as well as Manhattan Beach Middle School. This was always exciting because the students got to see which teachers they had, and also,more importantly, which friends made it in the same class.

Now that I am no longer in school I see more of an importance on the preparation academically rather than the outfits and classes. Students are starting to trickle into The Manhattan Beach Study Hut to get their mind in gear and ready for the whirl wind to begin. Most students need refreshers on math and Spanish. It is extremely important for the seventh graders to come in and review their foreign language. Spanish, French, Latin, and even Chinese are subjects the middle school offers. These are such new topics to the students that they often forget how to conjugate a verb. However, after a simple refresher they are ready for the school year. Moral of the story, don’t forget about tutoring when you are shopping for back to school. The Hut is open for appointments!

Post Finals

January 31st, 2012

Finals are OVER! Sound the bells, raise the banner, and sing it to the heavens. That wretched time of year is gone, and shall never darken our door again! So, now you’re probably saying to yourself, “Self, you don’t need to study anymore. All the hard work is behind you, and it’s smooth sailing from here on in.” Oh, if only this was true. But, the fact of the matter is that this is when the real work begins.

Finals aren’t just an opportunity for teachers to make you nervous and lower you’re grade. (That’s only an extra perk.) Finals are also a major indicator on how well you’ve been learning throughout the first half of the year. They tell you which subjects you need to dedicate more time to, and which ones you’re clearly acing. Which means, you have a major opportunity here. An opportunity to get it all together before June comes along.

Getting a bad grade on one of these tests can be paralyzing. You see that test, and the effect is has on you’re overall average, and just assume the fight is over. Don’t give in to this feeling. Nothing’s over until you win or give up. The bad grade is in the past. There’s nothing you can do about it. But you can LEARN from it. Among the things you can do:

-Get your test from the teacher. Go through all of the wrong answers and see if you can correct them. Among other things, it makes sure you don’t make the mistakes again.

-See if there’s any relationship between the questions you got wrong. (Were they from the same chapter? Were they from a week you were absent?) Go back to the book, and relearn that material. It WILL come up later in the semester, and you don’t want to be caught twice.

-Compare what material you studied BEFORE the test, and compare it to the material that was ON the test. Did it match up?

Above all, remember this: A bad grade is not the end of the world. But it should be motivator to get your butt in gear, and make sure that the same mistakes aren’t made again. Because guess what? Finals will be back in June! The only difference is, next time you’ll know exactly what to expect, because you’ve already done it. Get mad, get mean, and get those grades up.

Why tutoring rocks

November 7th, 2011

Why Tutoring Can Turbocharge Education Outcomes
It seems obvious that having the advantage of personalized tutoring gives a student a distinct advantage. What’s better than one-on-one direction by someone who understands the educational materials and has the ability to effectively transmit that knowledge? But the benefits of tutoring actually go way beyond that. There’s a special magic in collaboration that fuels the speed of learning and the ability to retain information for longer periods of time. It’s no secret. Ever since Professor Sugata Mitra conducted his famous learning experiments in India, we’ve had definitive proof that when you introduce technology and collaboration into the learning process, something magical happens. And the reason tutors are so effective isn’t just because they’re academic superstars who relay good information and study techniques to students. Tutors are the most effective when they act in a collaborative fashion with their students. It’s less about pushing knowledge and more about providing friendly and gentle nudges toward an education outcome and then giving students the tools they need to get there.

New Tools for Tutoring
There’s been a recent trend toward online education options, especially in post-secondary education. Although touted as an alternative to traditional classroom models which offers a lot of flexibility, there’s reason to believe online learning environments actually offer a lot more than that. In a study released by the U.S. Department of Education, online learning actually came out ahead of the traditional classroom model in terms of slightly higher education outcomes. “Students in online conditions performed modestly better, on average, than those learning the same material through traditional face-to-face instruction.” But an interesting finding relevant to tutors is the results about blending an online educational aspect with the human element. A mixture of face-to-face interaction and online learning conditions provided the best outcomes of anything the study could measure. And that means that tutors have a new tool at their disposal.

The Technology Factor
Tutors can already capitalize on their unique ability to work collaboratively with students to achieve better learning outcomes than traditional classroom time alone. But what this study highlights, just like Professor Mitra’s experiments did, is that where technology and collaboration collide, magic happens. This gives tutors another valuable tool to work with to accelerate knowledge acquisition as well as long term knowledge retention. Individual students have different needs and strengths, and good tutors who are flexible can adapt strategies to accommodate that. Teachers who use Moodle in the classroom to reinforce knowledge acquisition from materials initially presented in lectures find that the online element helps cement the information in a way that lectures alone can’t accomplish. Introducing an online component to the tutoring process increases the ability to adapt and fine-tune what works best for each student. Collaboration is a huge part of tutoring success. But when good tutors use collaborative tutoring methods and introduce the technology factor inherent in an online learning environment, students will continue to perform better. And reaching true student potential is what tutoring is all about.

Falling through the Cracks

September 19th, 2011

It is not uncommon to have your local public schools fill each classroom to the brim. In a sea of 30 plus students, it’s a wonder that kids tend to fall through the cracks. The curriculum is set for each grade and the teacher attacks the lesson plans daily. In the process of introducing materials to students, a few common trends occur. The brainiest of the class rise to the top, and the material is easy for them. The lower regions of the concur phenomenon are lost and require special attention in order to not fall behind. The public school system provides after school programs, tutoring and extra time for the ones who fall behind. So where do the brainiest pupils go? They tend to finish before the class and end up staring at the ceiling, or paper. At times they tend to help other pupils who stare at them in a bewildered stare after given a recent assignment.
As recent college graduates, our tutors have experienced both extremes. We know either one is not preferred and honestly quite extreme. Here at the Hut we accept both types of students. In one corner the brainiest students come in and we push them even further than they thought they were capable of. We do this so well that in many cases they go home pondering how we managed to stump them. A particular student who has recently has been striving to be a better scholarly example is our very own Asher. Having fallen through the cracks at his school, we took this first grader under our wing and amplified his skills with every hour session. We are proud of Asher and are so very content with his improvement over the past few sessions. Upon entering first grade this year, his teacher noticed his improvement in math and has now placed him in the second grade math class! He is rock star here at the Hut!!! Students such as these are the types of students we love to help. I mean after all, we strive to better your student or bust.