Summer Tutoring

Summer tutoring time and the living’s easy…SUMMER TUTORING

This summer, Study Hut Tutoring is offering uniquely tailored one-on-one summer tutoring to students looking to get an added boost.

Yes, we all agree summer is the best time to go barefoot, to go to the beach, and to go on vacation, so please indulge.  Yet as we continue to shape the better versions of ourselves, taking advantage of prep during these longer days starts to make a lot of sense.

Summer tutoring

Summer tutoring at Study Hut provides students with the foundational and enrichment work that drive results.  Whether you need a practice HSPT exam, an ISEE test, a PSAT, SAT or ACT, we offer a complimentary summer practice test service to our clients to ensure you are up-to-speed and on track.

Our top summer tutors are ready to help you rock: whether it’s fixing a lower grade from last semester, prepping for a tough year of Spanish in the fall, or prepping for the SAT, we’ve got you covered this summer.

Summer tutoring is bittersweet; those who use their time wisely rarely need extra help in the fall.  This is because summer tutoring encapsulates nearly four months of school concepts into two months of bi-weekly sessions.  It is amazing what we are able to achieve when students are singularly focused on tutoring as opposed to six full-time classes.

Need help with summer school?  Study Hut to the rescue!  Because we just finished our tenth year of tutoring we can confidently say that no one is more equipped to help.  Armed with years of local knowledge, Study Hut’s summer tutoring has never been better.  Come see what all the buzz is about this summer as we offer our services morning, noon and night for your convenience.  Looking forward to helping you with practice tests too!  Sign-up today: www.studyhut.com/free-practice-test