Hut Culture

The Hut is a cozy and cool place to learn.  The relaxed environment and the efficient Study Hut team foster the perfect balance of chill vibes and a result oriented group of mentors.  Study Hut provides an environment full of lush plants and natural light–a Hut Culture that is easy on the eyes in order to keep you relaxed and focused.  Students know it’s great to get away to a place that doesn’t look like school.  Our unique Study Hut culture stems from our staff and our owners.

We exude a relaxed yet goal oriented life style.  Students see first hand how accountability and determination lead to completing goals and doing more, all with less stress.

Our Study Hut team is unique:  we are brainy and adventurous.  While we’ve been mastering our tutoring for our k-12 students, we’ve mastered graduate entrance exams (MCAT, GRE, LSAT, GMAT and even The Series-7 exam) and some even cooler outdoor stuff: spear fishing, the Iron Man, and summiting Mount Baldy (we’re eager to add Mount Kilimanjaro to the list!)

Our goal is to deliver the most direct, straight-forward approach to school, tests and exams, and the admissions process.  We do it in a laid back beachy way, so you can absorb the tailored lessons each session.  We achieve this goal by helping you break down the toughest concepts, strategies, and all the individual rigors you may face.