Beginning Essay Writing

There are several basic and crucial steps to essay writing that many teachers never explain. This can be frustrating because most of us are not born great writers. At the Hut, we will work on essay steps that will spell out exactly how to

checkboxAnswer the prompt.
checkboxPre-write and map out a clear thesis and supporting arguments.
checkboxAdvance writing techniques to the next level, no matter what your skill level may be.

Some people believe that essay writing is all about using big words and professing philosophical truths. In reality, your writing does not have to have a Shakespearean flourish to create an effective, and high scoring essay. There is a method to writing a strong paper, and a formula that will get you there.

At Study Hut, local tutors are well-versed in the structure of a good essay and the methodical approach necessary. For example, at any level, having a strong thesis that steers your paper gives it weight and direction. Like a good captain who’s influence can be seen throughout the ship, the influence of the thesis is woven throughout the essay.

Essay writing starts with an effective thesis, and a plan. And this doesn’t just apply to English essays! Have strong essay writing skills will help you in history, spanish, science, and even math.

Beginning essay writing is all about planning!

Beginning essay writing is all about planning!


Come to the Hut and start feeling confident writing take home essays, timed writings or even gearing up for the new essay on the ACT. Local tutors will show you how to master writing assignments in a young, and energetic environment.

Study Hut Tutoring wants to show you a planned, methodical approach that can be applied no matter what the topic. Call today to meet with a tutor who can help you build or perfect those skills that will carry you through middle school, high school, and even college.