Q:  How many times a week should we come to tutoring?

A:  We tailor to each individual which means the amount of tutoring depends on the goals of each student.  A student who struggles with homework every night in three classes might need a different amount of time than a student who is preparing for exams every two weeks.  Each student is informally evaluated by the tutor during the first session, and a recommendation is made.  Some SAT students require 2x/week and others require 1x/week.  Let us help you tailor the best schedule to achieve the best results.

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Q:  Is it better to call as needed or get a weekly time?

A:  There are advantages to having weekly times.  Students who have the same times with the same tutors each week, even if it’s only 1x/week, have the luxury of knowing their tutor is there for them, and not working with someone else.  In addition, students are able to establish continuity with regards to completing their short and long term goals.  Accountability checks with a tutor/mentor who keeps you on track is a real asset.  Another benefit is taking advantage of studying proactively; chipping away at that next tough chapter would serve any student during the rigorous school year grind.

Q:  Which Hut is the best?

A:  Each Hut has its own unique strengths.  El Segundo is the most gorgeous Study Hut, vaulted ceiling, blossoming palms, and a courtyard, while Newport Beach is closest to the ocean.  Manhattan Beach boasts a cornucopia of themed rooms, high content tutors, and credentialed teachers.  The Redondo Hut is emblematic of synergy.  It’s team members are like peas and carrots, and it shows each hour.  It’s no mystery why they win the company kickball game every year.

FAQs- SH Kickball Winners

SH Kickball Winners

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