Online Courses

The online course is an especially ambitious undertaking for a high school student. It demands a college-level intellectual maturity: the student must be able to absorb information in lecture-style presentations (without the benefit of question-and-answer time), as well as concentrate all knowledge into a few assignments or tests which determine his or her final grade. No easy task!

An online course also poses a hazard for a student who has a hard time with motivation and discipline, as without the weekly routine of attending classes and doing short homework assignments to test his understanding, the undisciplined student sinks quickly.

Tutoring at the Study Hut addresses both of these major risks. Our sessions provide a substitute for the ritual of going to a classroom, and our tutors can also help with the material, explaining difficult concepts when no teacher is available to fill in the gaps of a student’s understanding. Thus an online course program at the Study Hut involves establishing long-term plans and setting deadlines, working through tough material, and conditioning the student for the proctored final exam.

If you are still in high school and have decided to take an online course alongside everything else, we greet you with praise and caution. Online courses can enrich your education and distinguish your résumé, but they can begin to work against you quickly if you have a hard time taking things into your own hands. If you’re worried about the latter part, don’t hesitate to ask for help. We have helped students succeed admirably at this.