Why is Study Hut Effective?

Study Hut offers students a relaxed atmosphere by the beach with young and energetic tutors, most of whom have grown up locally and gone to the same schools that our students attend. Of course, the advantage of any tutoring center is clear: an environment devoted entirely to studying breeds enthusiasm for school and sets students free of the distractions that might beset them in other places, like TV, phones, friends, et cetera. What the Study Hut offers in particular is its casual and fun approach. We’re not corporately owned or clinically standardized. We do what the corporations do — we just do it in flip-flops.

Our tutors are college graduates, most of them rather fresh from school and all still attuned to the routines and tricks of studying (one thing that most of us have found is that from elementary school to university, while the material changes, the strategies for handling it remain fairly constant). Each tutor comes to us with a comprehensive knowledge of all core subjects in primary and secondary school curricula, as well as expertise in one or two areas. When a student comes to us needing especially rigorous help in a subject, we find the tutor who knows it inside and out.

We know parents and students alike expect results, and we are dedicated to delivering them. Yet more importantly, we want to instill a sense of agency and authority in our students — to allow them to see education as something they control, rather than the other way around. So of course, with help from the Study Hut students can anticipate better grades and higher scores, but they also may surprise themselves when they discover that they care about achieving them.