Hut Team

Study Hut tutors are young college graduates dedicated to enhancing the minds and education of students of all ages. We love what we do and illustrate this passion through our tutoring. Each one-on-one session demonstrates the devotion and enthusiasm we have for helping students through their academic career.

Our goal-oriented tactics have continuously produced real results. Our Study Hut Team is made up of tutors whose personalities range from cool to quirky, yet our mission is one in the same: to equip and empower our students with specific academic tools that allow them to tackle educational struggles and reach attainable goals. The unique personalities on the Hut Team enrich the vibe in the Hut. This creates a fun and vivacious atmosphere that kids love and enjoy, which in turn, produces results.

Our Hut Team is made up of people from all walks of life: from the Physics major working in engineering to the English major training to become a high school teacher – we’ve got an expert in what you’re looking for! With such a mixed bag of experiences, the Hut Team can field any questions you might have- school related or something more big picture.

Our staff is in constant communication with one another, which allows us to collaborate with each student’s needs. With everyone on the same team, the student is held accountable, and experiences a smooth transition from one tutor to the next. This collaboration with each other allows for excellent feedback, which we all know can, at times, be crucial to a student’s success or failure. Our Hut Team is well equipped to assess and acknowledge the strengths and weaknesses in a student’s academic performance. We hone in on these weaknesses and arrange proper plans for excelling in that area.