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The Planner

September 17th, 2018

The planner.  The agenda book.  “My scheduling book”.  It has many names, but that doesn’t preclude the planner from being the most effective academic tool in your backpack.  If we can learn anything from onion-cutting goggles, the Porsche Go-Kart, or air-conditioned shoes, it’s that technology isn’t always necessary. When it comes to academics, here at the Study Hut, we’re all for useful technology in the classroom. We love tools like Quizlet, iPads, and smartboards that help kids learn in tactile, innovative ways. But in this technological era where phones are near-sentient entities and our universe fits inside our pockets, one age-old academic ally goes shamefully ignored. We’re talking, of course, about the humble planner. When it comes to tracking assignments and mapping out a study schedule, there’s no replacement for the planner.

the planner

Here’s why:

Let’s say there’s a seventh grader named Johnny. Johnny’s math teacher posts the homework on eBackpack. Johnny’s English teacher posts the homework on Canvas, another online academic resource. Johnny’s Spanish teacher is old school, and writes the homework on the board. Johnny takes a picture of this. Johnny’s social studies teacher uses Google calendar. Now, Johnny has to check multiple sources to make sure he’s up-to-date on his studies, making it easier for assignments to slip through the cracks. What’s more, he hasn’t written out a day-by-day breakdown of how he plans to knock out his homework, study for tests, and chip away at his long-term projects. Some online resources alert students via notifications, texts, or emails when an assignment or test is coming up. This passive, automated way of planning is helpful, but it requires no initiative from the student, and still leaves the student without a means of viewing all of their assignments in one place.

We at the Study Hut strongly believe students need to use their planner. Our tutors begin every session with a planner check. We make sure students are not only writing their assignments down, but creating detailed study schedules. We help our students use their planners to avoid cramming for tests last minute. We teach our students to strategize about which material they’ll study on which day, taking into account their unique schedules. We help students keep track of long-term assignments using their monthly calendar section. This section has one page dedicated to each month, which helps students keep track of how their academic year stacks up.

In conclusion, if it has a screen and a charger, it’s not as good of a planning tool as the old school agenda booklet.  Here at the Hut, we have plenty of complimentary planners on hand, and we enjoy teaching students to make the most of them!

Back to School Newport Beach Tutoring

September 10th, 2018

Are you looking for back to school Newport Beach Tutoring?

Back to school newport beach tutoring

While our local Mater Dei, Sage Hill School, and other local private school students have been back in full swing for several weeks, Labor Day Weekend marks the official end of summer for our Newport-Mesa USD students.  Accordingly, this has been a busy week at Study Hut for students from Corona del Mar, Newport Harbor High School, and Ensign Middle School.

As we see each and every year, the advantages of getting off to an early start are numerous.  There are a lot of students that begin back to school Newport Beach Tutoring at Study Hut on day one because of the many benefits.  The points earned on homework assignments, tests, and quizzes in September are worth just as much as the points earned during Final exams in December and January, so there is no reason for nonchalance.  Quite to the contrary, students who put their best foot forward early and often almost always reap the benefits of being prepared.

That is why top students at Ensign, Newport Harbor, and Corona del Mar have been on the waiting list here at Study Hut Newport Beach for several weeks, and they are now all filing in for their preferred weekly times.  As the semester carries on, these students will have their first-choice days and time slots permanently throughout the year, even if they need to cancel one week for one reason or another.  They will also be entitled to priority booking when it comes to Finals tutoring, which is always our most in-demand time of year.


Whether your son or daughter is in need of single-subject tutoring at Newport Harbor High School in an area like biology or geometry, or he or she needs help across the board as a 7th grader at Ensign with organization, study skills, and exam preparation, we are here to help you at Study Hut Newport Beach with all of the tools and expertise that keep our students coming back year after year.

For appointments, please email

MBMS Study Skills

August 22nd, 2018

Are you interested in signing up for MBMS Study Skills afters school program?

MBMS Study Skills sign-ups are already underway for the 2018-2019 school year.  For the 4th consecutive year, Study Hut Tutoring and the MBMS PTA have partnered to deliver 3 -1hr sessions, after school in room 109.  The sessions are separated by grade level.  Each grade level meets from 3-4pm for three consecutive weeks on the same day each week.  Below you will find the 8th, 7th grade flier, and the 6th grade flier, respectively.

MBMS Study skills 8thMBMS Study Skills 7th MBMS Study Skills 6th

To sign up for the 2018-2019 MBMS Study Skills program, you can go to or call (310)546-2408 or email

You’ll notice that the sessions are non-transferable and non-refundable with no-makeups.  Sign-ups for the MBMS Study Skills program are on a first come first serve basis, and space is limited to 30 students per grade level.

Based on the popularity of the program in previous years, it is strongly advised that parents sign up quickly to reserve their spot.  The price is $125 and includes all materials.  The group program is led by one of the owners of Study Hut Tutoring, on campus, in room 109 at the Manhattan Beach Middle School.  Topics will include the big picture, which includes goal setting, class expectations, and a school timeline.  We will also cover how to effectively track and record homework, tests, quizzes and due dates in the daily planner.  Moreover, we will dive into how to create an effective 5 day study plan for each of the core academic classes.

The keys to developing effective study skills go beyond tools and tasks.  It is important that the student is not only persistent but also adapts to feedback from educators that are trying to help.   A big part of developing effective study skills is to block out times on the days leading up to an exam or a quiz.  Brain science has told us a lot about the power of bite size nuggets of information sprinkled in each day, with good nights of sleep in between.  For more information, please call Study Hut for a free consultation–there is no obligation to sign up–we want to clue people in with respect to the most effective methods to execute your student’s specific goals.  After all, this process is both highly personal, individualized, and tailored based on a number of unique factors.

Cognitive Skills Workshop

June 6th, 2018

The Cognitive Skills Workshop at Study Hut Tutoring is the Gold Standard in reading and writing workshops.  Nothing is more vital to success in school than the ability to read and write. From English papers to lab reports to college essays, students are frequently asked to express their thoughts in clear and concise language. Of course, writing well can be challenging for students, and doing so requires consistent practice. That’s where the Study Hut comes in! Our summer Cognitive Skills Workshop helps students drastically improve their reading comprehension and writing.

So what exactly does our Cognitive Skills Workshop entail? We tailor our programs to cater to students from elementary school through high school. With our younger students, we read through books and stories and work on activities that will strengthen their reading comprehension, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. We teach them the basics of essay writing, and practice structuring a solid five paragraph essay. Students have a blast reading engaging stories and learning to find their voice!

With our older students, we dive into more complex textual analysis, grammar, and essay writing. We teach students how to write a fabulous thesis statement. Our team of enthusiastic, experienced tutors works closely with students to teach them how to write topic sentences, find useful evidence to support their claims, and write effective supporting details. We also practice vocabulary with our students, which helps them prepare for the SAT and ACT. What’s more, we arm students with note-taking techniques that help students process information. Almost every teacher asks students to take notes, but rarely do they teach students how to take notes well!

There’s no doubt that reading and writing are incredibly vital skills inside and outside of the classroom. Here at the Study Hut, we believe that every student has the ability to read well and write beautifully. Our Cognitive Skills Workshop gives students the tools to feel confident when they put pen to paper. The amazing thing about writing is that it teaches students to express themselves. Nothing is more rewarding than being able to express one’s thoughts as they were meant to be heard!

ISEE and HSPT Tutoring

June 6th, 2018

Are you applying to a private high school and you need ISEE and HSPT tutoring ? If the answer is yes, chances are you plan on taking ISEE or the HSPT, which Study Hut offers for free. There is a lot more that goes into acing private school entrance exams than people think. With extensive vocabulary assessment, rigorous reading comprehension, geometry, algebra, and an essay section, the ISEE and HSPT are like baby SATs. Even incredibly high-achieving students have trouble keeping up with the test’s time restrictions, and the fatigue that sets in from taking a test for hours on end.

isee and hspt tutoring

Was that a lot to digest with respect ISEE and HSPT tutoring? Have no fear. The Study Hut’s got you covered. Our ISEE and HSPT tutoring program has helped countless students dramatically increase their scores and get into the school of their dreams. Here’s how our program works. We begin by giving our students a complimentary practice exam. Our experienced team of tutors analyzes the results, assessing students’ strengths and weaknesses. Then, our students and their parents meet one-on-one with a tutor to discuss the test results. Our team creates a unique plan for every student based on his or her individual needs.

Another thing that sets the Study Hut’s ISEE and HSPT tutoring program apart is that we provide students with their very own practice test booklets. For the ISEE, we have our own unique Study Hut practice booklet, complete with comprehensive practice drills. Many of our students hadn’t taken Geometry before working with us, but we taught them everything they needed to know! What’s more, our ISEE booklet comes with test-taking tips to arm students with strategies for every section and provide helpful techniques to fend off fatigue! For the HSPT, we provide a Kaplan brand textbook, complete with six full-length practice tests. Whether you’re taking the ISEE or the HSPT, you’ll be given one-on-one support and guidance from an well-trained, seasoned tutor.

Here at the Study Hut, we understand the importance of getting admitted to the high school of your dreams. We make it our personal mission to help students reach their ideal educational path. With the Study Hut’s ISEE and HSPT tutoring program, your private school entrance exam scores are guaranteed to improve!

El Segundo Summer Math Tutoring

May 14th, 2018

El Segundo summer math tutoring is often a necessary endeavor for all ages of kids. Most topics introduced in lower level math classes are reintroduced in more advanced courses. Because of this, it is crucial for students to stay on top of the basics of math and engage in quality and conscientious El Segundo summer math tutoring, that isn’t a one-size-fits-all method. At StudyHut El Segundo, we offer 1-on-1 El Segundo summer math tutoring for all ages in order to prepared for the next year and years to come. Our tutors will help students get ahead by solidifying fundamental concepts and learning new ones.

We offer a variety of workshops in our Summer math tutoring that include: Arithmetic, Pre-algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry. These workshops prepare the student by providing an introduction for the next year. Tutors will teach the Semester 1 material to the student that will give the student insight on how to prepare for the upcoming year. Along with introducing the new concepts, tutors will solidify fundamentals the student will need to succeed in the class. It is highly recommended for students to stay on top of older material to thrive in higher level math classes.

The Summer math tutoring is perfect for students struggling with current math classes that are a preparatory course for the upcoming year. For example, students struggling with Pre-algebra as an 8th grader that plan to take Algebra as a Freshman. The course will review topics from Pre-algebra the student struggled with and go over the first section of Algebra to get ahead. By enrolling the Summer math tutoring, students are taking initiative in preparing for all future math classes.

Upper level math courses expect students to remember all material from previous courses without any review. This often leaves students overwhelmed and leads to them struggling throughout the whole course. By reviewing fundamentals in Summer math tutoring with StudyHut El Segundo, the student will be more confident with older material which will allow them to focus strictly on the new material.


Middle School Organization Tutoring

May 7th, 2018

Are you looking for middle school organization tutoring?  We can definitely help.  At the Study Hut we get an insider’s look at how students transition from elementary to middle school.  One general theme that has become second nature for us to address is organization with a little middle school organization tutoring.

Middle school organization tutoring

Kids get to middle school and have to adapt to having more teachers, assignments, and methods of learning.  A lot more is expected of them and sometimes there can be an unspoken assumption that students have all the tools to stay organized and on-task.  What we’ve noticed is that there is often a disconnect between the organizational skills they’ve acquired in elementary school compared to the level of organization required to be successful in middle school.

Middle schoolers have to work hard to adapt to all the changes that come with transitioning schools and increased expectations.  This transitional time is an excellent opportunity to get the help in the form of middle school organization tutoring.  On top of that, they are also expected to navigate a large variety of electronic and traditional methods and materials.  Some teachers have really embraced new technology and created a digital relationship with their students where notes, homework, supplemental learning tools, power points, quizlets and study guides are all available through apps like notability or e-backpack that kids access on tablets.  Other teachers may feel like they have a great system in place using old fashioned pencil & paper, the whiteboard, photocopies and a text book to teach their material.  In the midst of getting accustomed to their new learning environment, students are caught between two very different teaching styles.

This can result in confusion and missed assignments, especially if the student does not have a reliable way to stay organized.  And while there are many great tools and apps out there that lots of kids are quick to embrace, at the Study Hut we stress the importance of working with an old school spiral-bound planner.   We stand behind this method for many reasons.  Planners create a central focal point where kids can write down daily homework assignments and upcoming tests or quizzes.  We also teach students to use their planners for extracurriculars, sports, family events, vacations and other times commitments to help them learn the skill of time management.

In the case that the teacher uploads assignments to an app, making a “mental note” to check notability later simply does not have the same impact as creating a habit of writing down homework assignments in each subject’s designated space in a daily planner.  Even if the homework has not been uploaded by the time school gets out, we’d rather see a student take the time to jot down “check notability” in her planner than take our chances with the kid who leaves that box of his planner blank assuming he will remember to go on notability.

Research supports writing information down by hand after studies have shown that participants retain content better if they have written it down compared to typing it out.  So even if an assignment is written down on an app on a student’s tablet, that same student’s classmate who wrote down the assignment statistically has a better chance of remembering to do it.

After seeing many kids transition from feeling stressed and overwhelmed by school to gaining a sense of competence and self-reliance, it is not an exaggeration to give much of the credit to a functioning organization system.  And while it is important to remain open to the new ways that technology is being incorporated into education, a paper planner is still the best tool for a kid to use  while he or she is figuring out a system to stay organized in middle school.

April 24th, 2018

April 24th, 2018

April 24th, 2018