Transitioning Schools: Summer Workshop

May 6th, 2019

Transitioning from 8th grade to high school is one of the biggest hurdles in the life of an elementary student. Incoming freshmen face many challenges, not normally seen in 8th grade. As freshmen, they find themselves tasked with tackling harder concepts, with more note taking, more work, and more responsibilities and expectations, all the while trying to adjust to the new social aspects of high school. 

Here at Study Hut, we understand this transition extremely well and offer an answer to help incoming freshmen start the new school year off strong and confident, rather than unsure and anxious. 

Study Hut Tutoring proudly offers Summer Transitional Workshops for 8th graders transitioning into their freshman year. The workshops are 6 weeks, 8 weeks or 10 weeks long during the summer before their freshmen year. The workshop is completely curtailed to the individual student. Our sincerest goal is to make sure each student has the skills necessary to excel and succeed in their new high school environment. 

During the workshop, we mentor your student on proper study skills, the correct way to take notes on subjects, how to prepare for harder concepts and how to effectively handle the increase in workload. We teach these skills to your transitioning 8th grader by using the concepts they may have had difficulty with during their 8th-grade year as the guide. By applying Study Hut’s techniques on proper study skills and note-taking during the summer workshop, your student will master the concepts and subjects they once had problems with. We also analyze which new subjects and concepts your 8th grader will be introduced to as freshmen. We then build the workshop around introducing the new concepts they’ll encounter and then learning and applying the proper study skills to those subjects and concepts to set them the path of success.

The transition from 8th grade to high school can set the tone for your child’s entire high school career; we at Study Hut Tutoring strive to make the transition a time of growth, focus, and success.

Transition Year Tutoring at Study Hut

October 14th, 2018

Transition Year Tutoring

Transitioning into middle school or high school can be a scary prospect. Fortunately, Study Hut is here to help! The Summer can be a great time to learn or enhance those skills that will be critical to success at a new school. Students often find the expectations at their new school to be higher than what they’re used to. Study Hut will work with your student to create organization skills that will keep them on track and completing work on time. We’ll teach them how to set up an effective planner to stay on top of their work.

In this age of technology, we often find that students are resorting to taking photos on their devices instead of taking traditional notes. Study Hut will spend time with your student to help them learn to take effective electronic or paper notes, so they’ll get the most out of their lectures next year. We’ll also spend some time perfecting study skills so students can be studying for their classes in the most effective way possible and make the transition year as smooth as possible.

Transition Year Tutoring

In addition to higher expectations, students may also face harder content than they were used to in fifth or eighth grade. Study Hut can help your student get a jump start on some of the material they’ll face when they start school. Whether it is math, science, reading, or writing for future middle schoolers, or biology, algebra, geometry, or english for future high schoolers, we can help! We’ll start out with an assessment in their subject area to locate the areas that need the most work, and we’ll work through the Summer to build a solid foundation for the subject. Your student will be able to start the first day feeling confident and familiar with the material.

Study Hut knows it can be intimidating to start a new school with new classes and new material. Fortunately, Study Hut can alleviate those fears and get your student ready for the next few years in a new environment.

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Students entering High School next year

April 1st, 2009


One-on-one summer program for 8th graders entering High School
As the end of the school year nears, it’s time to start thinking about the transition into a new high school. Bigger classes, different teachers for different classes, more homework, and more difficult material can be overwhelming if a student is not prepared to handle the stress of a new high school. Now is the time for eighth graders to sharpen their organization skills and develop new study tactics so they can stay on top of their work as they smoothly transition into ninth grade. Read the rest of this entry »