Students entering High School next year


One-on-one summer program for 8th graders entering High School
As the end of the school year nears, it’s time to start thinking about the transition into a new high school. Bigger classes, different teachers for different classes, more homework, and more difficult material can be overwhelming if a student is not prepared to handle the stress of a new high school. Now is the time for eighth graders to sharpen their organization skills and develop new study tactics so they can stay on top of their work as they smoothly transition into ninth grade.

At Study Hut, we are starting a one-on-one summer program for 8th graders to help prepare them for the big transition ahead. These classes will equip students with the core reading, writing, and math tools they need to excel in a new high school, as well as the confidence they need to live up to their potential.

ONE-ON-ONE summer program focuses on:

Organizational skills

Time management

Focus on algebra and geometry

Essay writing workshop

Breaking down the toughest chapters

Test taking strategies

Students will have the chance to develop important skills in a comfortable environment with one-on-one tutoring by local, young, college graduates. This is the time to prepare for ninth grade. Come see why this program is invaluable to students who want to succeed in high school.

Package Options:

10 [1hr] sessions: $375

20 [1hr] sessions: $695

Pre-Select your dates and times that match up with Study Hut’s hours of operation:

July 6th- August 28th

Monday-Thursday: 9am-Noon and 4pm-8pm

Friday: 9am-Noon

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