Summer Tutoring in Manhattan Beach

June 21st, 2015

After a fantastic 2014-2015 school year in Manhattan Beach, Mira Costa students are about to enjoy some fun in the sun.  While many have finished their SAT and ACT exams, others are starting summer school.  So for those of you who have to spend some morning time in the classroom, Study Hut Tutoring is here for you after class, at our new summer location: 1208 Artesia Blvd. in Hermosa Beach, across the street from Mira Costa High School.

Our geometry tutors are standing by– we are available for hourly sessions Monday through Friday from 9am to 7pm.  Whether you are getting ahead and taking Modern World History or US history, we have the local experts and books you need in order to earn A’s over summer.  It is important to get off on the right foot because the summer classes are especially condensed, often only 4-6 weeks long.  If it’s algebra tutoring you need, our top people are locked and loaded, ready to go.

Mira Costa High School isn’t the only school letting loose.  Students from Manhattan Beach Middle School are “free at last” from the rigors of Mr. Rucker’s Boulder, Mrs. Luke’s math homework and early morning tutoring sessions on Late Start Wednesdays.  Now that school is out, a lot of students are coming to Study Hut Tutoring for summer tutoring in Manhattan Beach to brush up on their pre-algebra skills, five paragraph essay writing, and Spanish verbs.  These basics are quintessential to earning top marks in the fall.  While buoy swims are equally as important for the body, the mind requires specific tuning in order to test well in early September.

For those students who have just wrapped up their last days at Grandview Elementary, Pacific Elementary, Robinson Elementary, and Pennykamp Elementary, there is a real transition that lies ahead as they enter into Manhattan Beach Middle School.  Now more than ever, incoming 6th graders will be put to the test.  But not to worry, Study Hut Tutoring is in your corner, having just helped a plethora of students with wide ranging needs, we are ready to help you tackle these challenges: we have the books, we know the curriculum, and you’re going to have a ton of fun knockin’ it out with us. Come in for engaging summer tutoring in Manhattan Beach to keep your mind fresh!


Mastering Spanish – Outside the Classroom

February 7th, 2012

An over welling majority of students in California wind up taking Spanish for a foreign language requirement or some other reason. And not surprisingly a large portion of these students taking Spanish in our middle and high schools struggle to master the language almost 44% of the Los Angeles speaks Spanish as either their first or second language. Yet instead of immersing our students with all the available Spanish speakers living around them, most schools spend a majority of class time learning vocab words and verb charts. While learning vocab words and memorizing verb charts and grammar rules are necessary to learn how to speak and perfect any language, the additional practice of working on actually using the Spanish learned in the classroom is the path to good grades and speaking the language the best. Many people say the most effective way to learn a language is to live in a country that speaks that language mostly exclusively and we are almost at the majority here in LA so what better place.
With so many primarily Hispanic and Latino areas in Los Angeles its easy to drive 30 minutes (well maybe an hour with traffic) anywhere into LA and find some area that speaks mostly Spanish. Once you find your place, just immerse yourself in the culture and language, try and only speak using the spanish that you know and like everything practice makes perfect. Another great place to practice your Spanish verbal skills is to come into the Study Hut and just have a conversation in spanish with one of our fantastic tutors here. We have multiple tutors here with the ability to carry on a great conversation with you. And if you were to atleast practice your spanish communication skills just once a week, I can guarantee a vast improvement in not only your speaking skills, but also your reading and writing spanish abilities. To improve you spanish you need to practice and use the language as much as possible, so why not use the vast amount of resources in our county of Los Angeles or here at the Study Hut.