Summer Math Tutoring in Manhattan Beach

October 9th, 2018

Manhattan Beach Summer Math Tutoring

Math in the summer can sometimes feel like a drag. We get it! You’d rather be outside enjoying the beach and soaking up the sun. The truth is though, it doesn’t have to be so hard. At Manhattan Beach Summer Math Tutoring we give you an empowering math experience without all the gloomy pressure of a forced study session. We embody the laid back but professional vibe of all the beach communities in everything we do. Palm trees, snacks, and laughs are seen and heard all around because we make learning a fun community experience. All of our tutors work extremely hard to bond with students and make them feel comfortable, prepared, and confident with all the math skills in the book.

Why not just wait for the year to roll around? During the school year teachers are rushed and overloaded and it’s easy for them to fall behind. News flash, it happens to well-meaning students all the time and it happens to the best of teachers too.  At Manhattan Beach Summer Math Tutoring we’re all recent college grads who’ve taken those same classes, had all the hard teachers, and understand the struggles of math in school. We remember a little trick that might have been missed or a small detail not quite relayed and we can catch those errors before they become learning roadblocks. We see it every year! A little extra help in the summer can oftentimes be the difference between a year of profound growth and a flurry of stress-induced headaches.  What’s the difference between a hyperbola and a parabola? How much is 4 times 13 really? We cover it all, from a to z, with a joy for learning and an openness to help you succeed.

Summer math tutoring in Manhattan Beach

At Manhattan Beach Summer Math Tutoring we want more than anything to help make your learning experience memorable, successful, and enjoyable. It’s so easy to ensure a great year by taking the time to invest in your skills this summer! Check out our summer page to learn more!

El Segundo Summer Math Tutoring

May 14th, 2018

El Segundo summer math tutoring is often a necessary endeavor for all ages of kids. Most topics introduced in lower level math classes are reintroduced in more advanced courses. Because of this, it is crucial for students to stay on top of the basics of math and engage in quality and conscientious El Segundo summer math tutoring, that isn’t a one-size-fits-all method. At StudyHut El Segundo, we offer 1-on-1 El Segundo summer math tutoring for all ages in order to prepared for the next year and years to come. Our tutors will help students get ahead by solidifying fundamental concepts and learning new ones.

We offer a variety of workshops in our Summer math tutoring that include: Arithmetic, Pre-algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry. These workshops prepare the student by providing an introduction for the next year. Tutors will teach the Semester 1 material to the student that will give the student insight on how to prepare for the upcoming year. Along with introducing the new concepts, tutors will solidify fundamentals the student will need to succeed in the class. It is highly recommended for students to stay on top of older material to thrive in higher level math classes.

The Summer math tutoring is perfect for students struggling with current math classes that are a preparatory course for the upcoming year. For example, students struggling with Pre-algebra as an 8th grader that plan to take Algebra as a Freshman. The course will review topics from Pre-algebra the student struggled with and go over the first section of Algebra to get ahead. By enrolling the Summer math tutoring, students are taking initiative in preparing for all future math classes.

Upper level math courses expect students to remember all material from previous courses without any review. This often leaves students overwhelmed and leads to them struggling throughout the whole course. By reviewing fundamentals in Summer math tutoring with StudyHut El Segundo, the student will be more confident with older material which will allow them to focus strictly on the new material.


The Best Palos Verdes Algebra Tutor

November 15th, 2017

Are you looking for a top-tier Palos Verdes algebra tutor?  If you are, you’ve come to the right place. The following article will give both students and parents a firsthand breakdown, top to bottom, regarding the important elements that a Palos Verdes algebra tutor will need in order to equip students.

Palos Verdes Algebra tutor

First of all, we need to have our basics down. It’s a lot less painful to practice math when we aren’t stumbling over the little steps that are present in every topic. We’re talking about order of operations (PEMDAS)—mastering it to understand how to simplify expressions and manipulate equations with confidence—as well as how positive and negative numbers interact under different situations. This second area—knowing how negative numbers add and multiply— provides a necessary foundation for mental math and logic.

The struggles that, we, as a collective Palos Verdes algebra tutor see most commonly with algebra students arise when adding/subtracting integers (as well as multiplying/dividing them), combining terms, and factoring goes awry. These struggles happen all across the student spectrum: we see them in students who are struggling in their classes, and with students who are doing amazingly well. If math is difficult for you, I really recommend you call Study Hut Tutoring, just down the hill in the Redondo Riviera to pair up with a top tier Palos Verdes algebra tutor.  Take time to go over the basics as you encounter them again in your current material and repair those long-forgotten errors. Review whenever you feel yourself struggling with anything you have done in the past; the more recently you originally learned it, the easier it will be cement it. If you’re a student who does well in math, make sure to be careful with the small things: as you move on from one step to the next, be cautious of small mistakes.

Most of the issues that algebra students tend to have, though, stem from a larger mistake: not showing all of their work. Forgot to add a like term or distribute a negative somewhere? Neglecting to properly write out each step was likely a cause. Made a calculation error somewhere along the line? Locating the mistake is going to be a lot easier if you’ve shown all your work. The reasons that students refrain from showing certain steps vary, as do the errors that tend to plague them as a result of it. But whether it stems from students’ overconfidence in their abilities with mental math or simply a lack of diligence in writing everything out, the result is always the same: red marks on tests and quizzes that could likely have been avoided had all of the work just been written out.

Math Tutoring in El Segundo

September 12th, 2016

Math Tutoring in El Segundo

Why is Math considered to be the hardest subject out of the sciences?

Of course, it is hard when you don’t understand what’s going on.
Math is all logic, and thus requires logical thinking. Unfortunately, that’s something that many people seem to lack nowadays.

Why are Gundo’s Math tutors better than all the other math tutors?

We are not just here to show your student how to solve the problem like the teacher often does in class. We won’t let your student leave the Hut by just doing the homework. We are here to make sure your student fully understand the materials and walk out the door with confidence in Math.


How do we assure about that?

First, we do a small analysis of your student’s behavior and personality, so that we get to know his or her styles of learning Math. As we all come from different backgrounds, there are students who prefer learning Math in many different ways: visual; you prefer using pictures and images, examples; you prefer learning by doing similar problems, and real life examples; you prefer knowing how to transform Math into real life situation. Our Gundo Math tutors are highly well-experienced and they all come from diverse background. Our goal is to clear the pathway of any obstacles in the way of mastering Math.

No worries! If your student doesn’t like doing Math; most likely they don’t understand what’s going on. Our Gundo Math tutors are well prepared in their specialized subjects; in fact, they are here to clarify your student’s confusion in Math. Since Gundo tutors are mostly college grads, your student will get along with them easily. We offer the following subjects in Math:

Elementary Math
Middle School Math
Algebra 1
Algebra 2

You might be wondering, “my kids are pretty smart and they are doing fine in Math.” Why should I send them to see Gundo’s Math tutor?
Well, we provide, especially for those kids, advanced tutoring service which enhances a student’s knowledge and helps maintain their grade at the top of the class.

Manhattan Beach Algebra Tutoring

April 7th, 2016

Whether it’s extra help for a really hard test the next day, some tricks on how to factor quadratics, or just the peace of mind that an algebra tutor can provide, Study Hut is the prime choice for Manhattan Beach algebra tutoring. Since opening our doors in 2006, we’ve helped hundreds of students succeed in Algebra: the subject that gives them the foundation for all future math classes at high school and later in college.

Armed with advanced degrees in math and engineering, tutors like ours at Study Hut are not only qualified, but also fully dedicated to the success of our students. Besides having extensive tutoring experience, our tutors are local. This means that they went to the same schools as their students and even had the same teachers. If you want someone to give you the inside scoop on how to succeed in “the hard teacher’s” algebra class, Study Hut can help out.

Manhattan Beach Algebra Tutoring

All algebra students are paired with the best tutor for the student’s needs and preferences. All sessions include study skills and organization help and a short generic academic check-up. From there, we move on to the math. Whether it’s review, answering questions on difficult topics, or studying for a test, our one-on-one sessions are always productive. We also don’t just stress doing the algebra correctly; we really want to make sure the student understands the concepts. Short review quizzes at the end of sessions are common. If we notice any kind of red flag, we immediately get in touch with parents to devise a plan of attack. Algebra, brace yourself!

At Study Hut, we know that potential new students and their parents often have questions before starting Manhattan Beach algebra tutoring. That’s why all are welcome to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Study Hut manager. In the meantime, take a second to fill out the contact form on this page. We’d love to hear from you!

Math Tutoring: Extra Practice

May 5th, 2015

Sara works on math with Cate weekly. In addition to Cate’s homework problems, Sara also goes over additional practice problems with Cate in her textbook. Sara asks her a lot of questions along the way to problem-solving, to make sure she truly understands the process/method. The primary concern her mom had when they first came in was that she was just following along in class but not really grasping how to solve the problems. To conquer this, at the end of each session, they do the textbook's "H.O.T. Problems" (meaning "Higher Order Thinking”). Cate is also very much a visual learner, so they use models frequently. When Cate does not have homework or a particular topic to address, they work on going back through the textbook as a comprehensive review–to make sure she is totally ready with the foundation she needs for 6th grade math.

She recently took her pre-test for her upcoming chapter test in math. Cate received a one hundred percent on her test! By her teacher’s class rules, this means that Cate is excused from taking the real test and automatically gets a one hundred entered for her test in the grade book! Cate attributes her success to the extra practice that Sara makes her do during their sessions. Because they work on problems that are more difficult than the content the rest of the students do in class, math has become are breeze for Cate.

Math with Mira: Determination

April 17th, 2015

Mira began coming to Study Hut for Chemistry and Algebra 2 midway through her sophomore year. She had a decent handle on both classes, but the content was beginning to get much more challenging. She showed determination and found some extra help to make keeping her A that much easier. She worked on math and chemistry with her tutors Charlsey and Maher.

Maher and Mira worked together on her difficult chemistry homework. He taught her when to use different gas laws, and easy tricks to help her remember which was which. He also helped her through the tricky steps of finding the empirical formula for different types of chemical equations.

While Mira mostly got amazing grades in math, she bombed one of her tests on probability and permutations. It was difficult for her to determine when to use a permutation versus a combination. She was determined to ace her retake while learning her new material on sequences at the same time. She and Charlsey worked on memorizing the different sequence formulas and how to tell whether a sequence was geometric or arithmetic. Sequences were super easy for Mira, so they spent more time reviewing permutations, combinations, and other probability problems. They focused special attention on what words to look for in word problems that would signify whether Mira should use the formula for a permutation or combination. On top of that, she had to figure out when she would be dealing with repetition or not. The countless practice sheets and determination paid off, because Mira received a 95% on her make up probability test and a 97% on her sequences test!

Math Tutoring

February 25th, 2015

Britt comes in for tutoring at Study Hut once a week. She works on Algebra 2 with her tutor, Chris. Britt has excellent grades in all of her classes, but sometimes needs help working through the more difficult problem sets that her teacher assigns.

The graphs of conic sections and their transformations were challenging. It was hard to remember what the parent function looked like, and how each number in different spots could transform the graph. Chris and Britt worked on making parent function flashcards. They made sure to include how to find the vertex, directrix, focii, radius, and any axes the graph might have. Then, they went through many practice problems. Chris made Britt do problems until she was able to solve them quickly and correctly. Comparing her graphs to the graphs of the parent function also helped Britt gain a better understanding of how each transformation affected the graph’s shape and size.

Britt got a ninety-two percent on her Algebra II exam. She was selected by her high school to compete in a math competition against students from other high schools. She was given a set of problems and had a limited time to complete them. She wanted to prepare because some of the practice problems dealt with math she had never even seen before. She learned some concepts in Pre-calculus and Calculus so that she would be able to compete as best she could against her older peers. We cannot wait to hear what she placed in the competition!

Algebra 1 Tutoring

February 20th, 2015

Bryce began coming to Study Hut because he was having trouble in his Algebra 1 class. He understood basic concepts, but was having trouble applying what he learned to homework problems. This was translating into grades he was unhappy with on his tests.

He began coming to Study Hut twice a week to work with his tutor, Charlsey, on his Algebra 1 homework. He had been having a lot of trouble solving for multi-variable systems of equations. His teacher had not explained the topic very well. The practice problems that were assigned for homework did not review or explain any of the new material. Bryce quickly became frustrated because simply reading the book did not explain solving systems clearly enough.

Charlsey went through the different ways of solving systems with Bryce. First, she explained substitution. With substitution, you solve for one variable in terms of the other variable that you are solving for and then plug that back in to your second equation. Then you are left with one variable and a simple algebraic equation to solve. Bryce hated substitution though, so they went over elimination. In elimination you use multiplication or division to make the amounts of one variable equivalent in the two equations. Then you either add or subtract your equations depending on the sign, and are left with one variable to solve for. Then you use simple algebra to solve.

Charlsey sent Bryce home with extra problems to work on. When he returned for his next tutoring session, he understood how to solve systems and was confident with the material.

Middle School Math

January 25th, 2015

Grace started coming to Study Hut because she was struggling in her math class. The way her teacher taught the was confusing, and she did not help the class try and keep up. There was very little time to learn all the new concepts that were being taught before the test. The homework did not help either because the instructions were vague and there were very few problems covering each topic that had been covered in class.


Grace began coming to Study Hut twice a week to work on math close to the end of the semester. She worked with her tutors Jason and Charlsey on the homework that had been assigned that night as well as the classwork she did not understand. Her tutors made sure to go through each California Common Core Standard with her. On the math learning targets that she did not do well on, the tutors made sure to review and teach her the topic. Then they did numerous practice problems together, until Grace felt comfortable doing the work on her own on higher level of difficulty problems.


She was worried because she thought that she would not have enough time to bring her grade up before the end of the semester. She made sure to bring in her study guide each week that she had a big test. With all of her hard work, Grace was able to raise her low D all the way to a B before the end of her semester!