Study Hut Tutors: Where are they now?

March 21st, 2019

Hey Hut Fam,

It has been awhile since I said that! My name is Laura and I worked at the Redondo Beach Study Hut for three years after I graduated college. Not to get all emotional and cheesy, but it is kind of crazy to think that if I never worked at Study Hut, I probably would not be chasing my dreams while living in Europe today.

Like many fresh college graduates, I finished undergrad without a clear plan, which can be really intimidating when it seems like everyone around you does. I majored in History and minored in English, so I was toying between the stereotypical projected careers for those majors: do I go to law school or do I become a teacher? While debating these two options, working at Study Hut almost fell into my lap as I was recommended by a good friend who worked there.  To be honest, I went into the job thinking I would only work there for a couple months, but ended up falling in love with tutoring and “Hut Life” culture, and ended up rising to second in command as the assistant manager. Study Hut’s work environment that somehow blends being laid-back with working hard was the perfect fit for my personality, and honestly that “energy” is something I have yet to find anywhere else.

Study Hut truly is a job where the more you put in, the more you get back. When I was first hired, I was cautioned that it might be difficult for me to keep a full working schedule since I could not tutor high level math and science courses, which are obviously the most requested appointments. However, after just a couple months, I became consistently one of the most booked tutors because I was able to cultivate such positive relationships with my students. The “team” dynamic you build with your students becomes something you look forward to every week, and their victories to an extent feel like yours. Over time, seeing that “Aha!” moment when you help your student finally understand a concept that has been troubling him or her for weeks becomes something you look forward to. Watching your students succeed on any level, whether it’s an A on a test or getting into their dream colleges, is a level of job satisfaction that is hard to describe if you have not personally experienced it.

Study Hut Tutors, where are they now?

After about a 18 months of tutoring, I began pursuing my teaching credential, which was surprisingly easy to balance with Study Hut’s flexible hours. To be completely honest, I used every excuse I could to delay earning my credential because I loved working at Study Hut so much and did not feel ready to settle into a permanent teaching career at a nearby high school. I also knew that Study Hut’s great relationships with local schools and my participation in tutoring AVID in the Palos Verdes school district would be extremely helpful when my permanent teaching job search began. Long story short, I got such cold feet about starting a local teaching career that I started thinking about other options…really really far away options.

With love and encouragement from my Study Hut boss/bff Justin, I chased after one of my life-long dreams to work abroad and applied to a program to teach English in Budapest, Hungary. In a matter of weeks, I landed a job teaching at one of the best high schools in Budapest and was on a one-way flight before I really had time to reconsider.

I taught in Budapest for two years and fell in love with my new life, career, and city. Along the way, I was also able to travel to places in Europe I never imagined I would be able to visit, including cities I did not even know existed. Since international moves and career changes are now apparently my thing, I recently moved to Warsaw, Poland to accept a job working in marketing for a tech company that produces fitness club management software. This new job is definitely outside of my comfort zone compared to tutoring and teaching, but I am learning so much and finding new ways to utilize the English skills I taught my former students every day. I have no idea if this is going to be my permanent career or city, but I do know that I’m happy figuring it out one day at a time as I’m making this new country my home.

In retrospect, I don’t know if I would have had the courage to finish my application to teach in Hungary if Justin had not been my cheerleader along the way. I will never forget how supportive all of Study Hut’s management team was about my decision to leave, which definitely speaks to the culture of how Study Hut treats its employees. As a tutor, Study Hut will bend over backwards to help you grow within the company, but if and when your career pivots in a new direction, you will receive the same degree of unwavering support.

Working at Study Hut gave me so much than exposing me to my love and natural talent for teaching: it taught me how to work in a collaborative environment, how to multitask between my managerial and tutoring responsibilities, and how to channel my creative side in a business setting. Even when my schedule was stacked with back-to-back appointments of ACT Tutoring and College Application writing, I still genuinely loved going to work every day. Apart from seeing work as “fun,” I developed great friendships with colleagues and students alike, many of whom I still keep in contact with all the way from Poland.

So if you’re looking for the perfect post graduate job while you figure the rest of your life out, don’t sleep on Study Hut. Also, Justin, if this whole Poland thing doesn’t work out plz give me my job back.

When Should I Stop Tutoring My Child Myself?

January 17th, 2018

When should I stop tutoring my child myself?

When a child first enters school it is usually easy to help him or her out with homework.  Parents often plan on continuing to provide after-school help for as long as possible.  The question then becomes: when should I stop tutoring my child myself?  While there is no one correct answer to this question, we have put together a list of red flags that it may be time to look into getting outside help.

  1. School has become a source of conflict in your relationship.  Many parents are intellectually capable of doing the school work their child is asked to complete at home.  Issues can arise however, when the student is not receptive to the parent’s teaching style.  Parenting is a job that requires wearing many hats.  From convincing kids to consider the benefits of leafy greens to early bedtimes, most seasoned parents agree that it is important to pick one’s battles.  If homework and grades are causing stress and arguments, tutoring can be a tool that not only addresses academics, but also prevents additional strain on the parent-child relationship.
  2. Academic goals are not being met.  Report cards have just come out – and the results are in.  If your child’s grades did not reflect his or her intelligence or potential, it is time to rethink learning strategies.  A tutor can take a global look at a student’s strengths and weaknesses to pinpoint what is going wrong.  Is the child unprepared for tests? Disorganized and missing assignments? Or maybe he or she is bored in a group setting and needs more personalized attention in order to engage in the material?  Whatever the case may be, disappointing grades are a sign that it is time to take a different approach.
  3. Too many time constraints.  Juggling a household full of busy schedules is no easy feat.  Between soccer practice, the orthodontist, and getting dinner on the table, the remaining time left in the evening is nothing short of a precious commodity.  If your family has a lot going on in the after-school hours, if you feel like you are spreading yourself too thinly between your children, work, and maintaining a household, help is out there.  People delegate tasks to house cleaners, dog walkers, gardeners and personal chefs not necessarily because they are incapable of doing it themselves, rather it is a choice that frees up valuable time.  With the help of a tutor families can continue to prioritize academics without having to run themselves ragged fitting in all the many competing after-school time commitments.

The Best Palos Verdes Algebra Tutor

November 15th, 2017

Are you looking for a top-tier Palos Verdes algebra tutor?  If you are, you’ve come to the right place. The following article will give both students and parents a firsthand breakdown, top to bottom, regarding the important elements that a Palos Verdes algebra tutor will need in order to equip students.

Palos Verdes Algebra tutor

First of all, we need to have our basics down. It’s a lot less painful to practice math when we aren’t stumbling over the little steps that are present in every topic. We’re talking about order of operations (PEMDAS)—mastering it to understand how to simplify expressions and manipulate equations with confidence—as well as how positive and negative numbers interact under different situations. This second area—knowing how negative numbers add and multiply— provides a necessary foundation for mental math and logic.

The struggles that, we, as a collective Palos Verdes algebra tutor see most commonly with algebra students arise when adding/subtracting integers (as well as multiplying/dividing them), combining terms, and factoring goes awry. These struggles happen all across the student spectrum: we see them in students who are struggling in their classes, and with students who are doing amazingly well. If math is difficult for you, I really recommend you call Study Hut Tutoring, just down the hill in the Redondo Riviera to pair up with a top tier Palos Verdes algebra tutor.  Take time to go over the basics as you encounter them again in your current material and repair those long-forgotten errors. Review whenever you feel yourself struggling with anything you have done in the past; the more recently you originally learned it, the easier it will be cement it. If you’re a student who does well in math, make sure to be careful with the small things: as you move on from one step to the next, be cautious of small mistakes.

Most of the issues that algebra students tend to have, though, stem from a larger mistake: not showing all of their work. Forgot to add a like term or distribute a negative somewhere? Neglecting to properly write out each step was likely a cause. Made a calculation error somewhere along the line? Locating the mistake is going to be a lot easier if you’ve shown all your work. The reasons that students refrain from showing certain steps vary, as do the errors that tend to plague them as a result of it. But whether it stems from students’ overconfidence in their abilities with mental math or simply a lack of diligence in writing everything out, the result is always the same: red marks on tests and quizzes that could likely have been avoided had all of the work just been written out.

Redondo Beach Algebra Tutor

November 1st, 2017

Looking for a Redondo Beach Algebra tutor?  We definitely can help.  In this article, we explain how Study Hut Tutoring helps students with the specific rigors of Algebra:

Algebra.  The basics.  A foundation for all math to come after it.  The critical cornerstone that all students must overcome.  It’s no wonder your average kid is afraid of the stuff!  But that’s exactly what an algebra tutor is for.

Have you or a loved one ever suffered from taking Algebra?  Are you suffering right now (in the vicinity of Redondo Beach)?  No longer!  We’ve got great Algebra tutors in your area who can not only make algebra bearable, but unleash math powers that you never knew you had.

Work with a Redondo Beach Algebra tutor at Study Hut and we’ll take you through drills and flash cards; we know how to break down problems for maximum understanding.  And this isn’t like a classroom setting, where the teacher can’t spend time on every kid.  At Study Hut, we’re designed to focus on one kid at a time.  We’ll figure out how you best learn algebra, and help you translate from “what the heck?” to “I now know everything.”

To the moms and dads and legal guardians out there: Come down to the Redondo Beach Study Hut and we’ll match your student with an algebra tutor based on what areas they need the most work on and the personality they work best with, as well as what schedule best accommodates you.  All of our tutors are college graduates who have mastered the subjects they’re tutoring.  Not only do they know their material well, but they are friendly and encouraging with kids and motivated to boot.

We strive for an environment that’s comfortable, but productive.  We want students to feel relaxed and successful, and for that feeling to carry over into the classroom so that they can perform at the advanced level that we know they’re capable of.  A Redondo Beach algebra tutor at Study Hut will provide you with everything you need to know about

We’re proud to have helped years of students reach their very best potential.  We want your student to reach theirs as well – so if like what you’ve read, fill out the form below or give us a call at (310) 540-5888.

Happy Go Lucky

November 12th, 2015

It’s the best way to be!

Study Tips from a CDM Math Tutor

October 29th, 2015

Having a hard time studying for your math test? One of our tutors from the Newport Beach/CDM Study Hut shares her study tips!

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition
See what I did there? Math is about learning the steps. This holds true for Algebra, Geometry, Stats, and even Calculus. You have to be comfortable with what you’re doing at each step, no matter what curveball is thrown. Think of a baseball player who spends hours in the cage, or a basketball player who finishes every practice with 10 made free throws (Kobe Bryant has actually been known to come to the gym early to make 800 jump shots before practice)! The more practice you put in, doing the problems over and over again, the easier it will be and the better you will do on the real thing.

Give It a Scent
While you’re studying for that Geometry midterm or Trig final, or another subject for that matter, chew a unique smelling gum, or spray a new perfume/air freshener. Then, while you’re taking the test, chew that same gum, or spray that same scent. The smell will trigger your memories of studying and improve your performance!

Study Somewhere New
While it is great to have a spot where you always study (it has everything you need and a comfy chair!) it’s good to mix it up sometimes. Go to the local library, Starbucks down the street, or just a new spot in the house. Just like with the new scent, your memories of studying will be linked with the feel/look of the new study spot.

This CDM math tutor's favorite mnemonic.

This CDM math tutor’s favorite mnemonic.



Create Mnemonics
While it is rarer that you need to memorize lists in math, memorizing formulas can be daunting. Using a common mnemonic can ensure that you commit that bad boy to memory. For example, many people like to use Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally to remember the order of operations (Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication and Division, Addition and Subtraction). The only thing better than using a common one like this is making one up for yourself, because then it has personal meaning and you are more likely to remember it.

Ask for Help
No one can do it alone! Tutors at Study Hut have been collecting tips and tricks like these for years, and would love to share them with you! Call today to start building strong study habits and acing those tests!

El Segundo Math Tutor

October 15th, 2015

Are you looking for a local, professional, and accommodating math tutor in El Segundo? If so, Study Hut is here to help!

El Segundo Math Tutor

El Segundo Math Tutor

Many students, ranging from elementary to high school, face new challenging concepts each day in the math classroom, and know that if their understanding of a single concept is faulty, then understanding upcoming concepts can become a nightmarish math experience. Here at Study Hut El Segundo, we are committed to providing our local students with the help that they need to reach their own personal academic goals. Our highly qualified tutors create a tailored individual tutoring experience, honing in on specific concepts to make the most of each and every tutoring session.  You won’t find a better El Segundo math tutor elsewhere.

Our approach to tutoring emphasizes the importance of addressing each student’s individual needs. Some students come to Study Hut seeking help with comprehension and clarification of complex concepts, others come for assistance with assignment completion.  Moreover,  students focus on enrichment and moving ahead of the class, giving them exposure to new concepts before they see them in the classroom. Whatever the specific need of a student may be, the advantages of individualized tutoring cannot be understated.

Here at Study Hut, your own El Segundo math tutor is available to help students at all levels of mathematics. Whether your student is beginning to learn the fundamentals of algebra, engaging in the complex reasoning involved in geometric proofs, understanding dimensional analysis in calculus, or scrutinizing circumstances with statistics, we are equipped for the job and are eager to see progress.

If your student is feeling the pressures of math class, give us a call and we can discuss a plan of action to help your student reach their potential.  We are looking forward to equipping you with your very own top-notch El Segundo math tutor!

Manhattan Beach tutor

October 5th, 2015
Manhattan Beach tutor

I love my job at Study Hut Tutoring… and this Portuguese Water Dog!

Being a Manhattan Beach tutor at Study Hut Tutoring has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I’ve always been drawn to the idea of working in education because of my own educational experience, which I believe was excellent, and made me want to be able to give as many Manhattan Beach students as possible the help that they need to have an equally excellent educational experience.  Each time a student comes and sits with their favorite Manhattan Beach tutor, me, I am reminded of the joy I get when I foster that eureka moment in my student.  It is so satisfying to see the light-bulb go on as a result of my instruction!

One of my favorite topics as a Manhattan Beach tutor at Study Hut Tutoring is lower level math because I feel that many students often get pushed away from math early on because they see very few practical applications for what they are learning. In order to combat this I do my best to explain to my students from Manhattan Beach Middle School (MBMS) and the other Manhattan Beach schools how what they are learning now will eventually be applied to their future studies. I believe that I am a unique pre-algebra and algebra 1 tutor because I have been exposed to higher level math (such as multivariable calculus and linear algebra) so I am able to explain what by Manhattan Beach students are studying in a great deal of depth and give them an idea of how what they are learning now will be applied later.

In addition to tutoring math, I also love to tutor history. I absolutely love history and love being able to see students become engaged in what they are learning. As a Manhattan Beach tutor, specifically for history, I do my best to place as much emphasis as possible on the story rather than the tedious task of memorizing dates and facts. The stories really are compelling.  Once students connect to the emotion of where we are, memorizing is so much easier.  I find that those come much easier when intertwined into an engaging story. Being able to spark an interest in a Mira Costa or MBMS student in history for the first time is absolutely amazing.

Newport Beach Math Tutor

September 23rd, 2015

Math Tips from Newport Tutors

Despite what most students think, a new year of math is an exciting thing; every Newport Beach math tutor would agree.  No, we’re not saying cosine functions and slope-intercept form are anything to get amped about. What is exciting is that September brings with it a clean slate and a chance to get ahead early. What you learn in September and October can set you up for a really great year. Here are some tips for building a strong foundation this year.


It is time to start bringing your multi-colored pens to math. Write down definitions. Copy examples from the board. Highlight things that your teacher says are “important.” This will help you in the short term with homework, but also in the long term when you look back at these notes to review for the midterm and final.

Do the Assigned Homework

While doing 30 problems a night does not sound as fun as watching latest episode of Scandal or following Trout and the Angels battle for the Wild Card spot, it is of tremendous benefit to you to practice the concepts until you can do them in your sleep. Plus, homework grades are easy points if you just do it.

Ask Questions About the Homework

If something stumped you on the homework, chances are, it stumped somebody else too. Plus, asking a question shows your teacher that you put in the time, and that you are invested in the class.

Learn Your Teacher

Listen-really listen-to your teacher. When he or she uses words like “important” or “key concept” HIGHLIGHT whatever he or she says next. Another important skill is to learn how your teacher tests. Do they give partial credit for showing work? Do they tend to review homework problems that will show up on tests? Learning to catch this stuff will make you a better student, not just in math, but in all of your classes.

Make a Standing Appointment with a Tutor

We all get by with a little help from our friends. At Study Hut, we are here to support your individual needs and hold you accountable. We have been through the Common Core curriculum at every level, and are familiar with the local teachers. Whether you need support in biology, algebra, APUSH, calculus, or even SAT/ACT test prep, making Study Hut a part of your weekly routine will help establish good habits that will maximize your potential.


A day at Study Hut Tutoring in Newport Beach

A day at Study Hut Tutoring in Newport Beach



Keeping Up With Homeschool

January 17th, 2015

Keeping up with homeschool can be difficult. There is no regularly scheduled class that you have to attend every day, your teacher is just a strange, faceless online entity, and the classes are rarely as interactive as ones in a traditional school environment. All these factors, combined with the fact that most students find it very difficult to teach themself new material, make it very easy to fall behind. At first, it can seem like a harmless thing to do. “Oh, I’ll just make up that day tomorrow.” But soon one day behind becomes two, then three, and suddenly you are fifteen class days behind and the end of the semester is just two weeks away. It is important to remain diligent in keeping up with your homeschool classes. There are a few things that you can do to make sure that this happens.


Try to have the work completed by the day that is assigned, or the date it is scheduled to be done. If you know that you will not have any time to log in to your online class on a certain day or week, get it done beforehand and be ahead instead of waiting until after and struggling to play catch up. Schedule a regularly recurring appointment with a tutor twice a week if you cannot motivate yourself to keep up in classes, or if the material is challenging to teach to yourself. Our one-on-one tutors will make sure to keep you on track, and make all the material easy to understand.