El Segundo Summer Math Tutoring

May 14th, 2018

El Segundo summer math tutoring is often a necessary endeavor for all ages of kids. Most topics introduced in lower level math classes are reintroduced in more advanced courses. Because of this, it is crucial for students to stay on top of the basics of math and engage in quality and conscientious El Segundo summer math tutoring, that isn’t a one-size-fits-all method. At StudyHut El Segundo, we offer 1-on-1 El Segundo summer math tutoring for all ages in order to prepared for the next year and years to come. Our tutors will help students get ahead by solidifying fundamental concepts and learning new ones.

We offer a variety of workshops in our Summer math tutoring that include: Arithmetic, Pre-algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry. These workshops prepare the student by providing an introduction for the next year. Tutors will teach the Semester 1 material to the student that will give the student insight on how to prepare for the upcoming year. Along with introducing the new concepts, tutors will solidify fundamentals the student will need to succeed in the class. It is highly recommended for students to stay on top of older material to thrive in higher level math classes.

The Summer math tutoring is perfect for students struggling with current math classes that are a preparatory course for the upcoming year. For example, students struggling with Pre-algebra as an 8th grader that plan to take Algebra as a Freshman. The course will review topics from Pre-algebra the student struggled with and go over the first section of Algebra to get ahead. By enrolling the Summer math tutoring, students are taking initiative in preparing for all future math classes.

Upper level math courses expect students to remember all material from previous courses without any review. This often leaves students overwhelmed and leads to them struggling throughout the whole course. By reviewing fundamentals in Summer math tutoring with StudyHut El Segundo, the student will be more confident with older material which will allow them to focus strictly on the new material.


The Best Palos Verdes Algebra Tutor

November 15th, 2017

Are you looking for a top-tier Palos Verdes algebra tutor?  If you are, you’ve come to the right place. The following article will give both students and parents a firsthand breakdown, top to bottom, regarding the important elements that a Palos Verdes algebra tutor will need in order to equip students.

Palos Verdes Algebra tutor

First of all, we need to have our basics down. It’s a lot less painful to practice math when we aren’t stumbling over the little steps that are present in every topic. We’re talking about order of operations (PEMDAS)—mastering it to understand how to simplify expressions and manipulate equations with confidence—as well as how positive and negative numbers interact under different situations. This second area—knowing how negative numbers add and multiply— provides a necessary foundation for mental math and logic.

The struggles that, we, as a collective Palos Verdes algebra tutor see most commonly with algebra students arise when adding/subtracting integers (as well as multiplying/dividing them), combining terms, and factoring goes awry. These struggles happen all across the student spectrum: we see them in students who are struggling in their classes, and with students who are doing amazingly well. If math is difficult for you, I really recommend you call Study Hut Tutoring, just down the hill in the Redondo Riviera to pair up with a top tier Palos Verdes algebra tutor.  Take time to go over the basics as you encounter them again in your current material and repair those long-forgotten errors. Review whenever you feel yourself struggling with anything you have done in the past; the more recently you originally learned it, the easier it will be cement it. If you’re a student who does well in math, make sure to be careful with the small things: as you move on from one step to the next, be cautious of small mistakes.

Most of the issues that algebra students tend to have, though, stem from a larger mistake: not showing all of their work. Forgot to add a like term or distribute a negative somewhere? Neglecting to properly write out each step was likely a cause. Made a calculation error somewhere along the line? Locating the mistake is going to be a lot easier if you’ve shown all your work. The reasons that students refrain from showing certain steps vary, as do the errors that tend to plague them as a result of it. But whether it stems from students’ overconfidence in their abilities with mental math or simply a lack of diligence in writing everything out, the result is always the same: red marks on tests and quizzes that could likely have been avoided had all of the work just been written out.

Math Tutoring in El Segundo

September 12th, 2016

Math Tutoring in El Segundo

Why is Math considered to be the hardest subject out of the sciences?

Of course, it is hard when you don’t understand what’s going on.
Math is all logic, and thus requires logical thinking. Unfortunately, that’s something that many people seem to lack nowadays.

Why are Gundo’s Math tutors better than all the other math tutors?

We are not just here to show your student how to solve the problem like the teacher often does in class. We won’t let your student leave the Hut by just doing the homework. We are here to make sure your student fully understand the materials and walk out the door with confidence in Math.


How do we assure about that?

First, we do a small analysis of your student’s behavior and personality, so that we get to know his or her styles of learning Math. As we all come from different backgrounds, there are students who prefer learning Math in many different ways: visual; you prefer using pictures and images, examples; you prefer learning by doing similar problems, and real life examples; you prefer knowing how to transform Math into real life situation. Our Gundo Math tutors are highly well-experienced and they all come from diverse background. Our goal is to clear the pathway of any obstacles in the way of mastering Math.

No worries! If your student doesn’t like doing Math; most likely they don’t understand what’s going on. Our Gundo Math tutors are well prepared in their specialized subjects; in fact, they are here to clarify your student’s confusion in Math. Since Gundo tutors are mostly college grads, your student will get along with them easily. We offer the following subjects in Math:

Elementary Math
Middle School Math
Algebra 1
Algebra 2

You might be wondering, “my kids are pretty smart and they are doing fine in Math.” Why should I send them to see Gundo’s Math tutor?
Well, we provide, especially for those kids, advanced tutoring service which enhances a student’s knowledge and helps maintain their grade at the top of the class.

Back to School Tutoring

August 16th, 2016

This week, Manhattan Beach Study Hut welcomes back many of its returning students as they begin back to school tutoring!

Like summer and fall tutoring, back-to-school tutoring serves a unique purpose. Our tutors help students wrap up summer assignments, while prepping them for the year ahead. Our Manhattan Beach tutors are especially suited to this task because they are familiar with the local schools’ books, teachers, and yes, rubrics. As I write, our expert English tutors are busy guiding kids from MBMS and Mira Costa through their summer reading assignments.
Manhattan Beach English Tutor
What can students expect to get from back-to-school tutoring?

Back-to-school Tutoring helps students relax into the new year and approach their classes with confidence.

The first week of school is super busy. For many classes, homework starts on day one, even if the student hasn’t yet found time to do the work. Our veteran science tutors can help answer those important questions, like how many hours to set aside each week for biology or chemistry. With our help, the student set a good pace from the get-go, so they won’t have to play catch up before mid-terms.

We can also help kids in grades K-12 schedule their commitments (and their fun time), so they don’t end up having to drop a favorite club or sport. Our goal is to coach students in how to handle all of their school commitments, and August is like our pre-training season.

While it’s smart to get a head start in all your classes, it’s especially important in cumulative subjects like math. Having a few extra weeks can make a big difference, especially as the learning curve gets steeper. Each year, the students learn not only new algorithms, but also new vocabulary and symbols. Geometry opens with proofs and logic problems; Algebra, with properties and proportions. All that newness can be overwhelming. With our experienced math tutors, students can familiarize themselves with the textbook, and develop smart study strategies before a clock starts counting down to the first test.

If you are a new student, there is an additional advantage to starting in August. The student and tutor can build up a good rapport, figure out how they work best together, and establish a good routine before school starts.

So, welcome back to those who’ve been coming for years! Welcome to the newbies!

And good luck all with the year ahead!

Math Proofs

May 20th, 2010

Many people think math is really boring. This is because, for the most part, teachers are lame and don’t make the material interesting. There is a lot of cool and weird mathematics out there that kids unfortunately are not exposed to. Here are a couple of interesting mathematical oddities that will hopefully spark some interest in math:

You want to find the sum of the infinite series 1-1+1-1+1-1+1-… This pattern repeats forever. At first glance, you would likely say (1-1)+(1-1)+(1-1)+… = 0+0+0+0+… and conclude the sum is 0. At second glance you may say the 1+(-1+1) +(-1+1) +(-1+1) +(-1+1) = 1+0+0+0+0+… = 1. Turns out both of these are wrong and the sum turns out to be ½. Here is why:

Let’s call the sum of the series S, whatever it may be. So, S = 1-1+1-1+1-1+1-…

Now, look at 1-S. We get 1-S = 1- [1-1+1-1+1-1+1-…] = 1-1+1-1+1-1+1-… = S. This is the same as our original series. We just showed that 1-S = S which means that 1=2S or that S=1/2. Pretty crazy that you can add 1 and -1 infinitely many times to get ½.

Here is another cool little proof why 1=2:

Let a =b. Then a2 = ab.

So, a2+ a2 = a2+ab or 2a2 = a2+ab.

Now, Subtract 2ab from both sides of the equation. Doing so, we get:

2a2 -2ab= a2+ab-2ab

So, 2a2 -2ab= a2-ab

Now, we factor out a 2 from the left side of the equation which leave us with:

2(a2+ab) = a2+ab

Divide both sides by a2+ab leaves us with:


Take a close look though. While everything seems to be right, we all know 2 does not equal 1. Can you find the erroneous step? If not, come to the Study Hut and we can show you what’s up.

Successful Math Tutoring for an MCHS Girl

May 10th, 2010

April has been the boldest month of 2010 at the Hut. To motivate students to finish out the year strong, we have turned up the heat and let loose the competition. Study Hut’s “Student of the Month” award has just been instituted and the first draft winners have been chosen. Our high school winner was one of my most successful students because she has shown such vast improvement in the short amount of time I have tutored her. Paige first came to me with unspeakable grades in her algebra class. At first, I was confused because she understood most of her homework but showed a plethora of poor test grades.

Through talking to her about her thought process, we discovered that she had a mild form of test-taking anxiety. After consulting my boss about an effective approach with Paige, we went to work. She increased her visits from one to three sessions per week with me in order to allot time for timed practice tests. My approach was to do her math problems alongside her and compare our answers instead of watching her do all the work by herself. She worked exceedingly well with my “team” approach because it helped her correct her own mistakes and take control of the session.

After working with Paige for several weeks, I have seen rapid improvement in her comprehension, retention, and esteem. She craves the practice problems because she has seen the positive results for herself. After she brought in her first ‘A,’ I jumped at the chance to nominate her for this award. Since then, she has walked through the door with two more ‘A’ test scores and higher expectations for herself. I look forward to our sessions and when she brings in her tests, I vicariously feel like an ‘A’ student all over again. Students of the month keep this job rewarding and engaging. Keep the good grades rolling!


April 14th, 2010

After missing a few consecutive days of school due to illness, a local Manhattan Beach Middle School Student (who shall go unnamed) was inundated by a surge of school work. Having missed many critical days of instruction, his class left him behind and he didn’t have the study skills to catch up on his own. He failed his first quiz after returning and wrestled with hopelessness and despair.

He met his teacher after school, but still couldn’t quite understand the lessons completely. Lacking confidence in his understanding of the material, he turned the tv on…and yes, mom was well aware. Stressed and working a full schedule herself, his mom was unable to help him understand his math concepts and therefore she couldn’t help him catch up. Struggling to keep his head above water, the student was desperate to find help. After talking to some teachers and parents, Mom heard about the Study Hut… and not a moment too soon!

After only two hour-long visits, the student caught up on all his school work, and felt confident working with the material. After two more visits, he was able to get ahead of the curve by mastering the math concepts from the chapter that his class had yet to cover!

Working with the same tutor each session, the student was able to master his homework as well as develop concrete study skills that he will use for the rest of his student career. Today, his scores and self-esteem are on the rise his and new study skills have given him the confidence to study on his own.

After a month of working with a personal tutor at Study Hut, he’s come from teetering on the brink of failure to blossoming. His scores have risen steadily and now he is a leader in class.

…Study Hut to the Rescue!

Palos Verdes math tutoring

April 20th, 2009

Attention Palos Verdes students: Are you struggling with math, or  more specifically with algebra? Well at Study Hut Tutoring, we have plenty of well qualified tutors that can assist you with this difficult and frustrating subject. Study Hut Tutoring has assisted several students from Palos Verdes High School in all areas throughout a year’s worth of algebra 1 and 2. Whether it’s analyzing inequalities, graphing linear functions, or the dreaded factoring of polynomials, Study Hut Tutoring will not only teach students the proper steps to solving problems, but will help point out more efficient approaches to problems, so that algebra students don’t get stuck working on a problem for five minutes when it could have been done in 30 seconds!
Here at Study Hut Tutoring, students typically bring in their daily homework and work one on one with an experienced algebra tutor. Read the rest of this entry »

Redondo Union High School Spanish Tutoring: Finals time

April 16th, 2009

Spring is in the air in the South Bay, and finals are right around the corner at Redondo Union High School. As tutors, we know that one of the subjects that requires the most practice and review is Spanish, especially around finals season! With our one-on-one sessions, we not only help students understand supplementary vocabulary, but we also help students get a better handle on how to properly execute correct grammar. With the year coming to a close, the newest material is often the hardest to understand in the least time to understand it. Read the rest of this entry »

Algebra: a solid understanding

December 2nd, 2008

Algebra is one of the most fundamental subjects in a student’s education. Throughout the course a student will build a foundation that is imperative for, not only subsequent math classes, but most science classes as well. This is why it is essential for a student to develop a solid understanding of Algebra, so that they are able to be, and will continue to be, successful throughout their educational endeavors. Read the rest of this entry »