College Apps

“My friend got all B’s his junior year and still got into Georgetown”

-Senior, Mira Costa Costa High School

No joke, this student earned acceptance to Georgetown; a school with some of the toughest admissions standards in the country.  Georgetown, for those who don’t know, turns down 4.0 students every year.

How did he do it with all B’s his junior year?  Come meet with us for free and we’ll pull back the curtain for you.  In truth, the answer is multifaceted.  Our goal is to inform you and guide you through these facets so you can make the best decisions about each element of the application.

The admissions process can be really complex.  That’s why we’ve simplified it for you.  We contract some really excellent software to help streamline the whole college apps process, as well as help brand your student as a stellar candidate.  This involves a unique discovery process that illuminates your student’s true strengths.

We can also help you by applying for scholarships, grants, and take some tests for college credit if that’s something you are looking for.

This goes to show every student that College Admissions is about the total package and articulating one’s strengths in the right way;  it’s more than strong SAT/ACT scores and GPA.

Study Hut Tutoring provides [one-on-one] college apps guidance and training for applications to any school in the world.  We walk through everything you’ll need to do in order to measure up with the top candidates: college essay, resume, timelines, deadlines, the actual application, letters of recommendation, transcripts, majors, and scholarships.  The college apps process can be different depending on the school you are applying to, and we’re ready to help with the nuances of each application.


Transform your college apps with your own admissions expert by your side.