Online Tutoring

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While we’ve always provided online options, it hasn’t been that popular until recently.   Study Hut provides all of our 1-on-1 services online (K-12 subject tutoring, SAT/ACT & HSPT/ISEE prep, and college counseling) using Zoom.  Parents are relieved because it’s easy: we send your student a quick code, pop them into the online 1-on-1 session, and pull up homework, study guides, or tough questions to work on. 

Because our tutors are fresh out of college and experienced, they are quickly able to screen share, make corrections, and show, using a virtual whiteboard, how to do the problem step-by-step. 

Now you can go do you, knowing that you have an experienced and local South Bay tutor helping your son/daughter get their work done.  The service provides continuity and accountability and decreases the stress that will inevitably build up from ignoring online assignments.  For our weekly students, there are clear short and long term benefits to developing this mentor relationship with a college graduate who has already/recently successfully navigated their way through high school and mastered their curriculum in the area of focus you’re looking for.

Scheduling Flexibility:

Study Hut is open 7 days/week by appointment only.  We are open all morning, afternoon and evening until 9pm.  All of our online tutoring is 1-on-1 and we schedule appointments in advance.  Sessions are hours long and begin on the hour or the half hour. While the service is designed to equip students to make gains on a 2x/week basis, we tailor to each student’s needs.  For pricing and availability, please fill out our contact form and will reach out to you very shortly. 

All Subjects, all levels:

We specialize by subject.  Some of our tutors are able to tutor multiple subjects at a high level, while other Study Hut tutors have hundreds of hours of experience seeing elementary students make gains.  Because we connect with you before your first session, we are able to get things fully dialed so your local tutoring expert isn’t wasting your time.  

We will always follow up after your first session, as well as provide a periodic check-in.  We take notes after every session and track progress from one session to the next, all way maintaining a beachy productive vibe.  

Activities at Home

Tutoring also helps children to stay active when they need to be at home. Having no schedule for a short period of time might feel like fun. However, such disruptions to a regular schedule can quickly take a toll on individuals. Tutoring can help to provide kids with structure in a time when very little structure may seem to exist. Of course, you don’t want to overwhelm children by having them tutored for many hours a day, but you can integrate these lessons as a part of the day.

Academic Priority

When kids cannot attend school or traditional school for a period of time, you may become concerned that they could fall behind. In other words, you may worry that they won’t retain what they had already learned at their schools in the South Bay area. You don’t want to see regression occur. Ensuring that your kids have regular tutoring from a specialist can prevent these issues from coming into fruition. Your children can be ready when they return to school or when they take that big exam.

Speaking with a local Hut manager today can help you learn about the specific options that will best suit your family.  We are here to help equip our local students, through thick and thin, so that they are able to reach their own specific long term goals.  


  1. Fill out our contact form or call us (310) 546-2408
  2. Book a time that works for you
  3. We email you the easy 1-2-3 instructions (you download Zoom and we send you a clickable code that jumps you into the online tutoring session)