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Many of our students come for math tutoring between 6th and 8th grade. Middle school is often a time when young math students really start to get challenged and find topics that they struggle with. Sometimes that can be because of poor teaching at the elementary level or earlier, the new workload, or difficult new concepts. That’s because middle school math is really a transitionary period between the lower concepts of arithmetic and other basics and the higher concepts of algebra. As algebra is the basis for learning higher, advanced math like Precalculus and Calculus later on in High School and College, the concepts and skills that you learn in middle school are among the most important of any mathematical level. Given we only work one on one with students, we offer a great way to really make sure your student keeps up and becomes the math expert he or she is capable of being, whether you’re looking for a 6th, 7th, or even 8th grade private math tutor.


The Perfect Time to Hire a Math Tutor


Middle School is probably the most important time to try out private math tutoring, especially if it’s a first for your family. This is because most latent issues that before could be ignored or fudged in earlier, more simple math classes will begin to pop up if they were not properly understood and mastered. Middle school math is more of an application of multiple concepts that teachers expect students to not only know by then, but have practically mastered for previous years. These include, but are not limited to: 

  • Long division, 
  • Decimals, 
  • Fractions, 
  • Whole numbers, 
  • Addition and subtraction, 
  • Multiplication, 
  • Basic word problems, 
  • Percentages, 
  • Graphs, 
  • Perimeter, area, and other basic geometrical concepts like units and measurement


The combinations of these concepts are what usually surprise students. In one algebra problem, for example, one may be asked to read a word problem, extrapolate an equation or two given variables, and then be required to do multiple arithmetical functions like division, addition, etc., which may include fractions and decimals, to reach their final answer. If there is any weak link there, it is unlikely the student will be able to get the correct answer and show the proper work. 

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How we Tutor Middle School Math at Study Hut

We always work one-on-one with our students. We find this is the best way to tutor for a few reasons: 

Relationship Building & Trust 

First and foremost, it’s the easiest way to build a relationship with a student. This is an important aspect of learning, and can help a student feel comfortable and confident that their questions are being answered. 

In-Depth Knowledge Assessment 

Second, it allows us to quickly identify some of the weak areas like those listed above. We usually do this with a combination of questions, quizzes, and guided homework problems. We can teach a concept from scratch if necessary as well. 

Personalized Study Plans

Third, once we’ve established what’s lacking for each student, we create a unique study plan to help each student succeed in the way that’s best for them. This will be totally unique for each student, because everyone has learned material differently and has different gaps in understanding, study habits, organization, and motivation.


Schedule Your Middle School Math Tutoring Session Today

We find success with students at every level of proficiency and age, but Middle School is a great time to start asking questions about improving your math grades on tests and in class, and perhaps learning how to prepare and study for a test for the first time, or just get homework done every night! 

Having briefly gone over our methodology and why we believe in it, I’m sure you may have other lingering questions. So, we’d be happy to take your calls or an email and even set up a meeting with one of our tutoring professionals to discuss further how we can help you in your math situation.

Whether you are located in El SegundoManhattan BeachRedondo Beach, or Newport Beach, our experienced middle school math tutors throughout the South Bay can help you or your child reach your full potential.