Study Hut Tutoring provides tailored [1-on-1] tutoring in preparation for the ISEE exam.  We offer free diagnostic tests and consultations which serves us in answering all the tough questions: What are the appropriate next steps?  What scores are my top choice schools looking for?  How much training might we need?

We are eager to open up dialogue and help you demystify the ISEE: it's components, what the scores mean, what are ideal scores, it's importance, and how we train our students.  Our goal during the consultation is to inform you; feel free to ask as many questions as you like.

ISEE Packages

Study Hut Test prep Packages deliver direct strategies and concepts tailored to each individual.  We also evaluate, plan, and discuss the different components each private high school evaluates when reviewing applicants: middle school grades, tests scores, teacher recommendations, citizenship, extracurricular activities, and the interview.

Give us a shout to set up your free diagnostic ISEE test.


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