Success Stories

Feedback is an essential part of what we do here at Study Hut. Below are a few of the success stories that we have been privileged to be a part of over the years.

Study Hut is a great place to get help on any subject that you’re struggling in. They have a lot of different tutors who have experience in any class you need. One day you can get help on spanish or history the next day you can work on chemistry or algebra. There’s no other tutor around that can provide specialized help for any class in high school like that. They also have an awesome SAT prep course which really helped me get a high score. I had taken it two times already and not done too well, but after taking the Study Hut course I got a much higher score and it really helped me get into the college I wanted to go to. But I would mostly recommend Study Hut because of the people working there. Not only are they really fun people who make the experience very fun, but they really try hard to make sure you stay motivated and work your hardest to succeed in classes that you’re struggling in. Study Hut helped me in every class I got tutored for and I really felt like it improved my performance every time. They really are the best tutors I’ve ever seen.

John Burke, 12th grade Mira Costa High School, George Washington University

This year, I decided the best way to approach leaving high school was to swamp myself in AP’s. I took seven separate tests this year, and without Study Hut, I would have gotten killed on at least half of them. That’s why Study Hut was the best place to go to in order to prepare for that much coursework. I had a tutor with me who knew what he was doing, and because it was a one on one session, we were able to burn through what we needed for each test. That place really did save me, both in money and grades. I got fours and fives on each of those seven tests (making me eligible to enter UCLA halfway done with sophomore year), and that accounts to thousands of dollars saved in classes that would be taught at the school. I also understood the material well, graduating high school with a 4.3 GPA, and I can thank Study Hut for that. Beyond helping me with the rigor of my coursework, Study Hut created a culture of relaxed intelligence for me to work in. Unlike the competition found in high school, Study Hut approaches tutoring and academics in a whole different manner. All of the tutors I had knew what I was going through, but from the perspective of a Med school student. They knew how to have fun, talk about high school and college with me, and study, but in the most relaxed and calm manner possible. Because they had been there only a couple years ago, college applications and discussions were also a common topic. My tutors also helped me go through the application process just by being there, giving me insight to what college is like and how to apply to schools I wanted to go to correctly, and in my case especially, it worked. Study Hut Tutoring is a great place to get help with school for two main reasons; they get the job done, and they do it without me realizing how much work I just did. A combination of the relaxed environment with knowledgeable, young tutors, was a blast, and really helped me prepare for my future and for UCLA. Thanks Study Hut!

Joe Lopilato, senior, Mira Costa High School, UCLA

I spent my whole life trying out different tutors and when I came to Study Hut freshman year, I thought that it would kind of be just another tutoring place that would try to teach me everything I needed to know but would still get D’s. When I started attending more religiously, I realized that these tutors really got to understand me on a personal level and therefore helped me learn in a way that was easy for me to learn making it fun to learn and also made school a lot more fun and a whole lot easier. The Hut helped me a lot with my college decisions. I feel like i owe a lot of my success to them. Without Study Hut, I don’t think I would be a University of Arizona Wildcat! The tutors really do care about your success and thrive on good grades and happy kids that come in and out of the hut every day. Every single one of the tutors has a wonderful and unique personality that will always brighten your day. Study Hut truly made my high school experience that much better and to be honest… who doesn’t like getting good grades and having fun doing it?

Malorie, Senior, Mira Costa High School, University of Oregon

Our three kids have been attending Study Hut consistently since 2007. They have received personal one-on-one help in all core, academic high school subjects. Due to the Hut’s attentiveness and ability to adapt to each of our kids’ different learning styles, their grades have jumped in some cases by a full grade point! Our kids have also attended both group and individualized SAT prep at Study Hut which was highly effective. Their SAT scores increased to the level that a merit scholarship was offered. They were accepted into excellent colleges around the country. Added benefits of our kids attending the Hut are the organizational skills they were taught and acquired from their regular attendance. The owners and staff have always been accommodating with our family’s busy schedules. They are professional, very competitively priced– and have the coolest tutors around. Hut tutors are young (college age), bright, energetic and engaging. The owners and staff are tremendous role models in the community as well as in their unique, effective educational environment. We are lucky to have them as such positive influences on our teens. Thank you Study Hut for all that you have given to our family.

Granow Family

Our kids have benefited greatly from tutoring at Study Hut. It has been an excellent source of individualized attention and focus and has had a very positive impact on their grades and their study habits.

Janet and Jim Z., Manhattan Beach (son (MBMS) and daughter (MCHS), grade 8 and grade 10


Study Hut is the place to get tutored! Every person you work with is always on time and ready to help. Ever since I’ve gone to Study Hut, I have received A’s on test and couldn’t be any happier with my results. I’m always learning new things when I walk into Study Hut, and when I leave I have a new grasp on what I needed help on. Every staff member you work with is always friendly and makes tutoring fun! I brought my AP Bio grade from almost a D to a B, and I will be attending the University of Colorado at Boulder in the fall, which is awesome, because it’s my number one choice!

Kailie, Mira Costa High School, Senior

Study Hut! You’ve definitely helped immensely. Although Erich didn’t always appear to be taking advantage of the organizational advice you gave him, it surely made an impression and hopefully he’ll call upon that knowledge to manage his time and workload in the future.

Our main goals for Erich this semester were to get him out of RUHS where he wasn’t thriving, to ensure he passed 9th grade, and to be guaranteed enrollment at DaVinci Design for 10th grade. Enrolling him in the Innovation Academy may not have been the perfect answer, but with Study Hut and your help, we accomplished it all. By the way, although he was very apprehensive about it, Erich did well on his Presentation of Learning yesterday. We don’t know his final score yet, but he definitely passed and he said his teachers mentioned that all the students got at least 85%! Here’s a picture of him looking very relaxed and relieved, AFTER it was all over! Thank you for your dedication and best of luck in your future endeavors. Cheers!

-Judy (son Erich, Davinci Design, grade 10)

Study Hut Tutoring, I just wanted to thank you for all your help this year, you are so amazing at what you do. Nichole is almost done with her finals and thanks to Study Hut and their great tutors she felt very prepared and confident. Again thanks for all your help. Nichole earned straight A’s this year! Have a great summer and we will see you again next year. Nichole is now almost done with school and will be back with Study Hut some time in mid to late august. Take care and enjoy your summer, best wishes,

Mimie. (Nichole, Notre Dame Academy, grade 10)

I have gone to Study Hut freshman through senior year. Science has always been a struggle for me. From Biology to Physics to Physiology, I have always loved the help I’ve gotten from knowledgeable tutors at Study Hut. Now I am proud to say that I will be entering Loyola Chicago in the fall as a Nursing Major. I could not feel more confident in my study habits and ability to succeed.

-Mary, Mira Costa High School, senior