SAT II’s [subject tests]

Study Hut Tutoring provides [1-on-1] SAT II (SAT Subject Test) tutoring.  We offer single [2hr] sessions and 3 different packages.  Students will usually choose 2 subject tests to complement a strong SAT/ACT score.  The Cal States and the UC universities do not require SAT Subject Tests, however there are a number of schools, like Boston University, that do.

In order to determine the best course of action, it is highly recommended you come into the Study Hut for a free diagnostic test.  We offer free bi-monthly exams and free post-test consultations.   Typically, students prefer to take the official SAT II after their most rigorous classes in the spring of their junior year.  June is usually a good time to take the SAT Subject exam; SAT II’s cannot be taken at the same time as an SAT exam.

Call or email Study Hut Tutoring to set up your free diagnostic test and free consultation.  Our goal is to keep you up-to-date, informed, and well prepared!

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