Study Hut Tutoring offers [1-on-1] HSPT tutoring to students who are planning on applying to Catholic High Schools.  The High School Practice Test is a 2hr. 30min. exam designed to test core areas in vocabulary, reading, writing, and math.  Like any multiple choice exam, it is crucial to analyze each student's strengths and weaknesses.

HSPT Packages

The first step for every HSPT student is to take a free diagnostic exam.  The Hut proctors free exams twice a month on weekends at 8:00 a.m.  Students need to bring a snack and a calculator and arrive on time.  After the exam has been graded, Study Hut Tutoring will call you to set up a time to go over the results.  It is important that student and parent attend the consultation.  During the consultation, we will review everything under the sun, from admissions to scores, questions and gameplans.

HSPT Tutoring

Please let us know if you wish to sign up for a free diagnostic test!


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