Subject Tutoring

Until the end of eighth grade, schoolwork builds at a pretty reliable pace. Sure, each year runs quicker and tougher than the last, but not drastically. The subjects become a little harder, the homework hours a little longer, the teachers slightly less forgiving, but the transitions are smooth. Not so in high school! You’ve probably noticed by now that the passing of one year to the next brings a sudden spike in the mass and difficulty of schoolwork. And with college coming into focus in the distance, the pressure gathers and piles up. Do it, and do it right, the order seems to be, for your skills will be sharply tested later. Even the best students are known to feel intimidated.

High School Tutoring


As menacing as this pressure is, it’s not unfounded. If you leave high school still unable to structure an argumentative essay, this deficiency will bear upon you even more heavily as you head into college. So if you struggle with any of your subjects or worry about your overall academic performance, now is the time to ask for help. At the Study Hut, our high school tutoring staff is equipped and enthusiastic to help you in any of the major high school subjects. In mathematics, we help students through all levels of algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, trigonometry, calculus (AP), and statistics (AP). In science: biology (AP) and marine biology, chemistry (AP), earth sciences, anatomy and physiology, and physics (AP). In history and the social sciences: geography, ancient and modern world history, European history (AP), United States history (AP), government, and economics. In English: all levels of general CP English, essay writing and prose mechanics, reading comprehension and vocabulary, and advanced language and literature (AP). Our high school subject tutoring covers every topic you can imagine.

Some of our AP subjects

Maybe you struggle with several subjects. Maybe only one. Maybe only one aspect of one subject. Maybe you love reading books for your English class but panic when the essays are assigned. Maybe algebra is a breeze, but you’re done in by the weird mechanics of logarithms. Don’t think your problem is too big or too small for us to help you through it. The sooner you are willing to ask for help, the better. And, call us optimistic, but a pleasant thing might happen: you’ll find your tutor’s enthusiasm contagious. Perhaps you’ll feel more in control of your education. Perhaps you’ll find yourself looking forward to college more.