El Segundo Spanish Tutor

April 14th, 2016

¿Que onda, guey? Basked in the warm golden sunlight of Alta California lies Study Hut, El Segundo. If you are seeking a professional El Segundo Spanish tutor, look no further. Study Hut offers one-on-one Spanish tutoring to break down and simplify the complex concepts that students will encounter as they take on their Spanish course, be it introductory or AP (advanced placement).

El Segundo Spanish Tutor

Learning a foreign language can seem a formidable task, but it is indeed a conquerable undertaking, and the route is without a doubt smoother with the assistance of a professional tutor. Study Hut will provide a highly qualified El Segundo Spanish tutor to assist students in their grasping of concepts such as: vocabulary, verb conjugation, the subjunctive mood, and comprehension. Additionally, we are able to assist students with engaged speaking and listening practice, translating their efforts and studies into real-life application.

Becoming proficient in a new language requires time, effort, practice, and, perhaps most importantly, engaged exposure. Having the resource of a personal Spanish-speaking tutor allows students to enhance their understanding of Spanish, and achieve a higher level of success in the classroom.

El Segundo Spanish Tutor

Thinking ahead, students who complete the AP Spanish course and test during their high school career will enter college ahead of the pack and with less of a burden of completing foreign language units. In addition to this, students who are confident in Spanish will be more open and apt to seeking out opportunities to study abroad while in college.

Whether your student is striving to hit that 5 on the AP test, or pushing for an “A” in an introductory class, Study Hut in El Segundo is ready to provide the tutoring that you need.

A Year in Review for PV and RB

June 30th, 2015

It has been yet another successful year at the Study Hut in Redondo Beach.  We saw improved grades, great SAT and ACT scores, and admissions to awesome colleges all over the US.  From the schools in Palos Verdes (PVHS and Peninsula), to RUHSD, and all the Torrance schools in between (South and West mostly), all our beloved Hut kiddos have truly set the bar in the South Bay.

For instance, Darrian went from getting D’s in her freshman year, to getting B’s this year after getting routine subject tutoring. Thomas was able to raise his worst subject, Spanish, from an F to a B! We were also ecstatic to see Austin raise all of his grades to A’s and B’s this year with tutoring twice a week after getting straight C’s last year. Austin’s mother has told us that her relationship with Austin has improved dramatically since they no longer have fights over his grades anymore! Connor stunned his mom and brought his tutor to tears of joy when he earned straight A’s both semesters of his junior year after receiving straight C’s during his Freshman and Sophomore years.

Many of our students demonstrated exceptional improvement on their SAT and ACT scores. Connor raised his ACT score from a 20 to a 29 in just three months after coming in for ACT tutoring twice a week. Sophia juggled her hectic life of AP classes, club soccer, and numerous school clubs by coming in once a week for four months for ACT tutoring. Sophia raised her score from a 29 to a 35, which secured her early admission to one of the most prestigious academic institutions in Massachusetts, Wellesley College. Shivani not only scored an outstanding 2300 on her SAT, but used test preparation at Study Hut to ace her SAT 2 tests as well in Math and English.

We could not be more proud of the incredible college acceptances our students earned after getting college guidance with their tutors. Olivia was not only admitted to every college she applied to, but got into her dream school, USC, to pursue studies in Marine Biology. Kelley was accepted to the incredibly competitive music industry program at USC, which only admits thirty students annually. Hayley will be attending one of the most impacted schools in California, San Diego State, which has been her dream school since she was in sixth grade. Eliza and Mollie will both be attending the most impacted college in the country, UCLA, in the fall.This Year's Favorite Books Tutor Appreciation was high this year SAT/ACT/College Success this Year

Foreign Language Tutoring

February 27th, 2015

Students can see a lot of benefit from getting tutoring for their foreign language classes. While the material may seem simple in class, retaining the information is the challenging part. This is especially true once students get to the second, third, and even fourth years of their language. Seeing a tutor for their foreign language is beneficial for may reasons.


  1. Because they are with a tutor, the student will get more one-on-one time than they would with a teacher. A tutor can make sure the student is working on their pronunciation correctly, getting their accents right, and using the appropriate tenses. It is hard for a student to get the one-on-one attention they need in a class with thirty other kids who are all learning the same language. They may not know they are doing something wrong until they lose points on their test.
  2. Practice conversation with a tutor will be much more helpful than the conversation practice they get in the classroom. Sometimes students may be paired up with students who cannot even make it through a sentence properly, or take a long time to even think of a response. Having conversations with someone who actually knows the language will help your student conjugate quickly and correctly, and be able to quickly form sentences out of their ideas.
  3. A tutor will be able to find a way to explain tenses to your student that actually makes sense to him or her. Often times teachers explain the concept thoroughly, but it just doesn’t click with a lot of students.
  4. The extra practice will help your student’s memory stay fresh. They will be able to distinguish between which words have masculine and which words have feminine articles, and irregular verbs will hardly present a challenge.

Getting Spanish

January 26th, 2015

Joey started coming in to Study Hut because he was really struggling in his Spanish 3 class. All semester he had not been getting the grades that he wanted on tests and large assignments. He worked hard in class and did all of his homework, but he still did not seem to really understand the material. As much as he practiced it just did not stick.


Joey worked on Spanish 3 with his tutor Ana. The concepts became easier and he began to fully grasp the material thanks to the practice he was getting outside of the classroom. They worked on pronunciations, how to write using multiple different tenses, and how to make sure his grammar was perfect. Joey was really worried about his final because so much of the semester had not made sense. He put a lot of effort and work into studying and preparing for it. The final was an oral recitation with a lot of difficult future tense and new vocabulary. He and Ana spent a lot of time making sure that he was pronouncing all of his verbs correctly and that all of his irregulars were conjugated the right way. They also paid close attention to making sure that Joey remembered to follow the accents when he was giving the words emphasis.

Joey ended up getting a 95% on his final. He was incredibly proud of himself, and Ana was proud of him, too!

Spanish Success

January 15th, 2015

Quite a few students come to Study Hut to work on their foreign language classes. It is especially helpful to get tutoring in a foreign language because the more you use it, the easier it is. One of our Spanish tutors, Laura, was able to help her student Connor raise his grade by ten percent with his final, bringing his final semester grade up to an A!

Connor came in twice a week to work on his Spanish with Laura. They would always go over his homework, as well as reviewing the content that he had learned in class earlier that day or that week. They extensively went over conjugating verbs, especially irregular verbs such as ir and tener. Connor practiced writing each conjugation over and over until he could do it for each subject with no mistakes. Laura and Connor also worked on improving his sentence composition and structure. They meticulously went through all the paragraphs that Connor had to write for homework and made sure that everything was correct. It does not help to slack on homework because doing things incorrectly on the homework will translate to doing it incorrectly on the test as well.   Connor booked extra time before tests and when large assignments, such as essays were due.   All their diligence and hard work paid off in the end. The final was an absolute breeze and Connor ended the class with an A, which he was a lot easier thanks to all of his hard work with Laura!

Best Ways to Prepare for a Language Test

November 10th, 2014

Foreign language classes never fail to be a little more difficult than all of a student’s other classes, especially once they have advanced past the first year. Learning a language is a bit different from other subjects though, and requires some extra effort and patience to truly master it.


First, master your conjugations. Conjugating verbs is one of the first things you learn in a language, and that’s because you are going to use it in every single thing that you do. If you know that certain verbs are going to be on an upcoming test, make sure that you know how to conjugate and correctly spell them for every form, especially if they are irregular verbs.


Know exactly what each tense is used for and how to use it. A lot of language tests will cover any new tenses you have learned in the class and when to use them over other tenses you have previously learned. If a tense just doesn’t make sense to you and your teacher can’t clear it up, see a tutor! They can walk you through exactly what each tense is used for and will explain it in a way that your teacher hasn’t.


Make sure you know the difference between masculine and feminine words. In some languages the gender of the object will affect its adjectives and how the verb in the sentence is spelled.   Some teachers will count each of these things for separate points, so make sure that you know them!

Do Not be Fooled by Manhattan Beach Middle School students

January 4th, 2012

Dont let these Manhattan Beach middle school students fool you. Please stay active with them and keep them engaged.

Go through his “edline” acct with him and talk to him about each of his grades. He could use practice quizzes and he can make them himself.

He needs to focus on his daily planner too, as do ALL of our middle schoolers, and even most of our high schoolers, and have all his tests written on the day they will be given, and have a detailed study plan written out for the days leading up to his test(s).

The study tasks should say, “Make 20 flashcards for spanish verbs” and that would be on Monday for example, even if his test isnt until friday. The next day should read, “review flashcards for 2 [20min] chunks”…. you can make him difficult practice quizzes where you will be able to see if he is not only comprehending the material, but retaining it.

You’re def going to want to make mini quizzes (they can be as small as 3-5 questions based on the material he just covered). If no practice quiz is given, there is no real way to ensure comprehension.

He can work on HW, but that shouldnt be his number 1 or even number 2 priority, unless the difficulty of the assignment is a pressing concern. He needs some management help, and probably a little conceptual help, you can evaluate the needs of all this at the beginning with an interview process. You will be able to gauge and feel more comfortable after working with him a second time…that kind of thing builds as you get to know your student.

Learning Spanish is Critical

September 22nd, 2011

Currently in the U.S. 35.5 million people’s first language in the home is Spanish, and the number is increasing daily. This is why it’s very important to know the language these days. What better place to start learning than in high school? In high school we are forced to learn a language, which of course comes with benefit to us, if we pick the one that will be used most often. What is the probability of speaking Japanese or French on a daily basis in the U.S., if your family is not from either of these places? Probably slim to none. The chances for using Spanish on a daily basis are more probable, as more people are bringing it out of the house and speaking it in the workplace. Also, the more enmeshed our cultures become with Hispanic culture, the greater the need for our increased knowledge and awareness of the Spanish language.

As teachers and tutors, we have a responsibility to the youth of America to instill a language, and the positive points of knowing Spanish as a second language. Whether it’s from the basic greetings of “hola, me llamo . . .” (Hello, my name is…), to the complex of being able to say what you did last night, any little bit may prove to be useful. Here at Study Hut we strive to enforce the learning of a new language in terms and ways that are easier to understand. We employ the use of flash cards, and some of us even go as far as to role-play and use different voices. We like to make it fun, because that’s what learning a new language should be! Adios!

Announcement: Study Hut El Segundo is here

February 9th, 2011

Study Hut Tutoring is proud to announce the opening of its newest location. Study Hut El Segundo will be having its soft opening on Monday, March 7, 2001, at which point students will begin subject tutoring and SAT tutoring as usual.

We already have a small client base that will be starting immediately. These students currently attend El Segundo High School, El Segundo Middle School, Richmond Street School, Center Street Elementary, Arena High School, St. Bernard High School, among other schools.

Study Hut Tutoring El Segundo will be staffed by young, local tutors, fresh out of college. We specialize by subject, and can handle almost any class through the high school level. We can tutor almost every AP class, and we also tutor Loyola Marymount students in select subjects. Finding a good LMU tutor can prove to be difficult, and our students are always ecstatic about the service they receive.
Here are a few of the subjects that we tutor at Study Hut Tutoring:

– Math tutoring: algebra; geometry; trigonometry; pre-calculus; AP Calculus; AP Statistics.
– English tutoring: All levels, K-12th grade, and college.
– Science tutoring: biology; chemistry; physics; marine biology; physiology.
– History tutoring: world history/European history; U.S. history; geography; economics; government
– Spanish tutoring

We also provide one-on-one SAT tutoring in El Segundo, as well as training for the SAT 2s, PSAT, ACT, PLAN, HSPT, COOP, TACHS, and ISEE.
For pre-enrollment and guaranteed placement in a preferred time slot, or for general questions before March, please call our Manhattan Beach office at 310-546-2408, and ask for the owner, Rob. We will add the El Segundo phone number to the website as soon as it becomes available.

Planning Makes for Better Scores

May 13th, 2010

At The Hut, we know that all students learn differently and come to tutoring with unique expectations. For those high achieving high school students who are immersed in Advanced Placement courses, SAT practice, and extracurricular activities, time management is key.

Junior and senior year of high school are the most academically demanding years of the four. This is the time when students are mastering those tough classes (AP Euro, Bio, US, Chem, Spanish…) and special skills (soccer, music, community service…) that will make them competitive at the university of their choice. With little sleep and less free time during the day, what these teens need is a schedule.

Mira Costa junior Danny came to The Study Hut in need of a little planning. With a full schedule of electives and extracurriculars, Danny had no trouble learning the material; he just needed to find the time to do it. During tutoring sessions, Danny and I spent time organizing his schedule for the week – ensuring that he would have time to do the activities he loves as well as the focused studying that he needs to ace information-dense AP Biology. With a realistic amount of time blocked out every day for biology review, and the creation of specific goals for the completion of assignments, Danny’s test scores immediately improved. With the continued use of these organization techniques, as well as weekly concept review at The Study Hut, Danny’s grades are steadily improving. By the time of the AP Biology exam, he had drastically improved his grade in the class and his ability to retain large amounts of information.

One hour of one-on-one tutoring for high school students is not only an excellent way to clarify difficult concepts, it is also a way to keep busy students on track all week long. Short-term study techniques will prepare a student for an upcoming test, but organization and planning skills with a long-term focus are the key to improving a student’s ability to learn information, retain information, and succeed in the analytic-based learning that is in their future. The commitment to a regular schedule allows students to anticipate assignments and plan their schedules accordingly. This reduces stress, which in turn makes test-taking less of an ordeal. Less panic means better decisions and higher scores. Period.

If a student can stick to a study plan and stop relying on last-minute cramming, they are guaranteed to see positive results. And a little more sleep never hurts either…