Peninsula SAT Prep

September 19th, 2016


Peninsula SAT prep at it’s finest! Like the ACT better? Peninsula ACT Prep has never been better.

Welcome back to school We are so pumped that Peninsula AVID is back up and running in full swing. Study Hut has been collaborating with the AVID program and delivering tutorials to the AVID students for many years now. AVID takes place every Thursday from 10am-12noon with six tutors from our Redondo Beach Location that are hand picked to attend the AVID and test prep training and help students improve upon their test prep skills. We have all four grade levels that participate and each grade level has two class periods for AVID since Peninsula has a block schedule.

During the AVID classes, each student comes prepared with their tutorial form filled out with their question or information that they want to review or understand better. Each student has a chance to get up and present their question to their small groups and then the tutor will help answer any questions needed while the other students take notes and participate in the discussion. Each student gets about 5-6 minutes for their individual question which makes the hour go by quickly once each student has presented.


We are able to track students progress and the students get points for their achievements, being engaging and participating in the group lessons. Another awesome collaboration we have going on with Peninsula is that a Study Hut manager along side a teacher lead Peninsula SAT prep as well as Peninsula ACT prep.

There are about 25 students that are taught by one manager and one teacher that receive instruction and receive homework assignments to complete and to help track their growth. The sophomores receive test Peninsula SAT prep once per month and the juniors receive Peninsula ACT prep help once per week. We use an online system that we use in office that helps track progress and makes for a smooth class and easy way to generate the information needed. The manager will help with the Math portion of the test prep and the teacher will help with the English portion of the test prep. We are very excited for the school year and to see many familiar faces around campus!

Free Practice SAT and ACT Exams

August 18th, 2016

Practice SAT and ACT Exams

Study Hut Tutoring offers free practice SAT and ACT exams. It is important to know that tackling the SAT or ACT can be a daunting challenge for many students. Performing to the best of one’s availability is vital in order to strive for acceptance to increasingly competitive colleges and universities. Students are often unaware of how to effectively prepare for the SAT or ACT. Rest assured, Study Hut Tutoring in El Segundo is here to offer guidance and support through tailored test prep tutoring and free SAT and ACT practice tests.

In order to provide our students with specialized, tailored test ACT and SAT tutoring sessions, we encourage our students to complete a full length, free SAT or ACT practice test. We then critically analyze the results and prepare a tutoring plan tailored to our students, emphasizing focus on areas of potential improvement. As we move through scheduled tutoring sessions, students will return to take additional free SAT or ACT practice tests, which allows us to check our progress in real time and shift focus when the need is indicated by performance.

In addition to reviewing specific concepts and learning new strategies and test taking techniques, exercising to build test taking endurance is crucial. The SAT and ACT are each about four hours long. No matter how you cut it, four hours is a long time to maintain focus, flex cognitive abilities, and perform at a consistently high level. By completing free SAT or ACT practice tests, Study Hut students develop their ability to persevere through mental fatigue. Without a simulated experience made possible by full length practice tests, improving endurance is difficult, and Study Hut is pleased to offer this service to our students.

The fall SAT and ACT are approaching quickly, and here at Study Hut we are eager to see the performance of our prepared students and to observe them flourish. Having completed a personalized test prep plan, in conjunction with effective independent study and the completion of multiple SAT or ACT practice tests, our students will be confident and prepared to rise to the challenge on test day and endure through fatigue and difficulty.

Free SAT ACT Practice Tests

July 22nd, 2016

Study Hut Tutoring offers free SAT ACT practice tests. The South Bay is filled with a variety of companies that offer training for the SAT, ACT, ISEE, HSPT, SSAT, GRE, LSAT, and every other kind of test you can imagine. Some offer just group classes, others do one-on-one. Some will come to your house, while many will hold lessons in their office. Curriculums change, strategies differ, and all of them have their pros and cons. However, one thing cannot be ignored no matter what kind of training you seek: Make sure you are given plenty of full length practice tests!


Whether you are training for a test or preparing for a marathon, you cannot adequately improve unless you first know where you are starting. For test training, it is imperative that you take an actual certified test (whichever one you are preparing for) so you get a good sense of what the test is, and we get an accurate reading of where you are starting. At Study Hut, we call this a Diagnostic Test. Armed with this report of your greatest strengths and most glaring weaknesses, we can create a tailored curriculum and study plan that fits YOU! This will mean a much more efficient use of both our times, and maximize our results.

Throughout your training, it is paramount to take officially sanctioned, full length practice tests every few weeks. Not only will this help us track your progress toward your ultimate score goal, but it gives you a safe arena to practice the concepts and strategies that we have been teaching you. It’s like sparing for a boxer, or a fully-padded practice for a football player! We can then analyze your performance, question by question, to see where your breakdowns were. This “game tape” will then be used to show you the benefits of what we are doing, and show you the dangers of falling back into old habits.

Long-story-longer, any training regimen, be it academic or athletic, needs to be anchored with an initial Diagnostic Test, and a healthy amount of Practice Tests. They are the only way to ensure broad and efficient training, and a high quality result. Study Hut offers free diagnostic and practice tests for every standardized test you can imagine. To sign up for one, just fill out a contact form on the right, and a manager will call you shortly.
Happy Training!


July 21st, 2015

What is the deal with the New SAT?

Timeline: the revised SAT, or [rSAT], will be offered 7 times a year beginning March, 2016. The upcoming PSAT in October will be a shortened version of the [rSAT]–this PSAT is optional and scores come back 6-8 weeks after the test is administered at your high school.  Study Hut will offer the new [rSAT] in the fall alongside the ACT so students are able to experience the style of the new exam.

How can Study Hut Tutoring help?

Study Hut Tutoring offers free practice tests for the new SAT.  This means that once you fill out our contact form or give a call, we can sign you up for a free, full-length new SAT exam.  Once you’ve completed the exam, you get to go home, hang tight, and wait for us to grade the exam.  Don’t worry, we will call you once the exam is graded to set up a free 20-30 minute consultation to go over the entire exam.  During the meeting we will look at all of your strengths and weaknesses, and recommend the best course of action for you based on your score goal, your desired university you would love to attend, your current schedule, and how long you wish to train for the test.  We look forward to getting you geared up and ready for test day.

Content changes (the [rSAT] is now a lot like the ACT):

1.  The elimination of difficult vocabulary

2.  Added Emphasis on command of evidence

3.  Essay Analyzing a Source

4.  Math Focused on Three Key Areas

5.  Problems Grounded in Real World Contexts

6.  Analysis in Science and Social Studies

7.  Emphasis on Founding Documents and Great Global Conversation

8.  No Penalty for Wrong Answers

9.  Feel free to hit-us-up for more info or: https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/

Now what?

Stick to the ACT.  Study Hut offers practice tests (previously proctored real ACT exams), free post-test consultations, small group-courses, and tailored one-on-one training. We know your kiddo, we’re masters of the ACT, and we’re here to help because we’ve been there and done that.

The New SAT

The New SAT


A Year in Review for PV and RB

June 30th, 2015

It has been yet another successful year at the Study Hut in Redondo Beach.  We saw improved grades, great SAT and ACT scores, and admissions to awesome colleges all over the US.  From the schools in Palos Verdes (PVHS and Peninsula), to RUHSD, and all the Torrance schools in between (South and West mostly), all our beloved Hut kiddos have truly set the bar in the South Bay.

For instance, Darrian went from getting D’s in her freshman year, to getting B’s this year after getting routine subject tutoring. Thomas was able to raise his worst subject, Spanish, from an F to a B! We were also ecstatic to see Austin raise all of his grades to A’s and B’s this year with tutoring twice a week after getting straight C’s last year. Austin’s mother has told us that her relationship with Austin has improved dramatically since they no longer have fights over his grades anymore! Connor stunned his mom and brought his tutor to tears of joy when he earned straight A’s both semesters of his junior year after receiving straight C’s during his Freshman and Sophomore years.

Many of our students demonstrated exceptional improvement on their SAT and ACT scores. Connor raised his ACT score from a 20 to a 29 in just three months after coming in for ACT tutoring twice a week. Sophia juggled her hectic life of AP classes, club soccer, and numerous school clubs by coming in once a week for four months for ACT tutoring. Sophia raised her score from a 29 to a 35, which secured her early admission to one of the most prestigious academic institutions in Massachusetts, Wellesley College. Shivani not only scored an outstanding 2300 on her SAT, but used test preparation at Study Hut to ace her SAT 2 tests as well in Math and English.

We could not be more proud of the incredible college acceptances our students earned after getting college guidance with their tutors. Olivia was not only admitted to every college she applied to, but got into her dream school, USC, to pursue studies in Marine Biology. Kelley was accepted to the incredibly competitive music industry program at USC, which only admits thirty students annually. Hayley will be attending one of the most impacted schools in California, San Diego State, which has been her dream school since she was in sixth grade. Eliza and Mollie will both be attending the most impacted college in the country, UCLA, in the fall.This Year's Favorite Books Tutor Appreciation was high this year SAT/ACT/College Success this Year

High School Standardized Test Prep

April 20th, 2015

With the competition for college admissions getting more and more competitive by the year, high scores on the SAT and ACT standardized tests are becoming increasingly important.  At Study Hut, we offer SAT and ACT small group classes that are limited to no more than ten students, as well as private one-on-one tutoring.  For students who get easily distracted in a group environment or for those who just want extra practice, one-on-one tutoring is a great route.  

Melanie came in once a week to work with her tutor Charlsey.  She quickly realized that the time she was meeting was too late, and she was too tired to focus properly.  She switched her time to earlier in the week with Laura.  Laura and Melanie covered basic strategies for the critical reading, math, and writing sections, as well as the general structure for an SAT essay.  She took a diagnostic test a few weeks into her test preparation package and she had already gone up one hundred points.  

Allie worked with her tutor Charlsey to work on raising her SAT score.  She originally was debating between the SAT and ACT and ended up settling on the SAT.  She had good scores but wanted to work on fine tuning some of her weaker topics.  She came in every week and did her online homework.  She took regular diagnostics to see how her score was rising.  She took the real SAT and saw her score on the math section improve by over one hundred points!  She plans on taking another SAT after she completes her test preparation package so she can improve her scores further.    

Amazing ACT Prep

January 20th, 2015

Many times, students do not consider doing preparation and tutoring for standardized tests.However, prep is important in improving a student’s overall score.

Our student Grace is a shining example. Before she started her ACT test prep with her tutor, Jason, Grace scored a 28 overall on the ACT. She received a 25 in English, 28 in Math, 34 in Reading, and 25 in Science. Jason and Grace worked through all of the Study Hut ACT materials. These include a menagerie of strategies to help you improve your score on the ACT. From ways to avoid falling into trap answers, to key words to be on the look out for in questions, as well as time management tricks, everything is covered in our one-on-one ACT tutoring. Jason gave Grace practice sections in all the areas where her score could be improved. Afterward, they would go through her answers together and go over what she missed, and how she could improve on her next run through. They did more practice sections in the areas that she was weaker in. Alongside practice ACTs, Grace also took custom quizzes with the concepts that she was consistently weakest in. Being familiar with the content also boosted Grace’s confidence in taking the test, which is a huge factor for any student’s success. After finishing all of her prep, Grace took the ACT again. She raised her English score 9 points to a 34, her Math score 3 points to a 31, her Reading 2 points to a PERFECT 36 and her Science by 1 to a 26, bringing her overall score up 4 points to a 32!


December 17th, 2012

The differences between the SAT and ACT are noticeable and students should make an informed decision as to which test is the right fit. Historically, the SAT has been the west coast college admissions exam and the ACT has been its fledging east coast twin. Each company has its origins rooted in their respective coasts, however, today, both exams are now universally accepted at almost every university nationwide. Yet, the big question on everyone’s minds still remains: which exam is the right fit for me?

In order to make that decision, it is wise and recommended to take each exam for a test drive. Take a practice diagnostic test for each exam. Study Hut Tutoring offers diagnostic testing for both exams on a bi-monthly basis for no cost. After each exam is scored, Study Hut will schedule a free consultation with you in order to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses on each exam. After reviewing both exams, you will have all the information to make a calculated decision. After all, it is recommended that students train more heavily for one exam in order to maximize scores.

At the end of the day give us a call and we will help guide you down the path of least resistance. We are available by phone, in person, or via email at any one of our four locations.

SAT and ACT Prep for Juniors

October 21st, 2012

Junior year is a very important year for any high school student.  They learn to drive and start venturing out into the world.  Academically, it is probably the most difficult of their high school careers.  It is the time where they need to start seriously thinking about their future college plans.  This means more than researching potential schools.  The SAT and ACT are the tests that play an integral role in the college application process.  What many people don’t know is that they should actually be preparing for these tests in their junior year.  While they need their final SAT and ACT scores until their senior years, their junior years are the most important for actually preparing for outstanding performance.  There are other benefits to early SAT and ACT preparation, including improved performance in the reading comprehension and writing and exciting scholarship opportunities.

It is common knowledge these days that the SAT and ACT are very important for getting into a good college.  It is also true that college entrance has become very competitive.  Students need an edge to get into their schools of choice.  This can come in the form of early SAT and ACT preparation.  The earlier a student starts preparing for the SAT and ACT, the more time they have to improve their scores.

As they prepare for the SAT and ACT, parents might see an unintentional bump in their kids’ English or math grades.  It may come as a surprise to some that material covered on the SAT and ACT is not mutually exclusive with high school curriculum.  The preparation for the SAT and ACT can also function to improve and reinforce math, writing, and reading comprehension skills.

The PSAT is administered to students in the fall of their junior year.  This is a great way for students to be introduced to the style of the SAT.  However, there is also the possibility of an extra bonus of receiving a National Merit Scholarship.  These are rewarded to the highest performing students on the PSAT.  Students who have had previous SAT and ACT preparation have a big advantage over those who have not. As a general rule of thumb, it is critically important to start preparing your child for the SAT or the ACT as early as possible, particularly in the beginning of their junior year!



Big tests coming up!

April 26th, 2012

As some of us are starting to wind down with summer on the horizon, some of you are getting ready to take the big test, the admissions killer, the SAT. It may sound overwhelming to balance school, extra curriculars, and studying for the SAT, but there are steps you can take to make it easier on yourself. Keep a balance to your life, and get help if you are struggling or just want to make things easier. At the Study Hut, we can give you that extra help you need. We’ll help you manage your time, stay ahead in your classes, and we also offer premium SAT tutoring if you want that 2,300 score. SAT time in high school is a stressful period, but get the help you can and come out on top. College is right around the corner and this is the last stretch, give it your all!

Some you may also be taking AP Tests. At the study hut we are offering a free AP Practice Test in the subject of your choosing this Saturday the 28th from 8am to 11am. If you are interested in taking it, which you should be if you’re planning to take the AP test in May, shoot Sam an email at Samantha@studyhut.com and specify the test you wish to take.

Remember, these tests may be overwhelming at first, but through slow and steady practice, improvement will show, and your confidence will rise. Once you have confidence that you are going to do well, the rest is cake, so use every resource at your disposal and ensure yourself the best score possible. Good luck!