Amazing ACT Prep

Many times, students do not consider doing preparation and tutoring for standardized tests.However, prep is important in improving a student’s overall score.

Our student Grace is a shining example. Before she started her ACT test prep with her tutor, Jason, Grace scored a 28 overall on the ACT. She received a 25 in English, 28 in Math, 34 in Reading, and 25 in Science. Jason and Grace worked through all of the Study Hut ACT materials. These include a menagerie of strategies to help you improve your score on the ACT. From ways to avoid falling into trap answers, to key words to be on the look out for in questions, as well as time management tricks, everything is covered in our one-on-one ACT tutoring. Jason gave Grace practice sections in all the areas where her score could be improved. Afterward, they would go through her answers together and go over what she missed, and how she could improve on her next run through. They did more practice sections in the areas that she was weaker in. Alongside practice ACTs, Grace also took custom quizzes with the concepts that she was consistently weakest in. Being familiar with the content also boosted Grace’s confidence in taking the test, which is a huge factor for any student’s success. After finishing all of her prep, Grace took the ACT again. She raised her English score 9 points to a 34, her Math score 3 points to a 31, her Reading 2 points to a PERFECT 36 and her Science by 1 to a 26, bringing her overall score up 4 points to a 32!

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