Never a Dull Moment

March 13th, 2014

Never a Dull Moment

Last weekend the tutors at Study Hut Redondo found some time to get out and explore Downtown Los Angeles. On Saturday, our group of tutoring veterans piled in to the infamous ‘Study Hut Van’ and headed to Union Station to begin our Urban Scavenger Hunt. After parking, we split in to two teams (girls vs. boys) and loaded the clues and rules, provided by Urban Adventure Quest, on our smart phones and then the race began.

The first clue had us scrambling up and down Olvera Street- A popular fieldtrip destination for high school Spanish Students- in search of a sundial and a statue of King Carlos III of Spain. To solve the next riddle we had to run back to Union Station and play a game of ‘Spot the Difference’ in Richard Wyatt’s City of Dreams mural. At this point the girls’ team took a lead, but some lucky timing catching the train to the next spot closed the gap.

We relaxed on the train, but as soon the doors opened it was an all-out sprint to find the Bradbury Building, the oldest commercial building in the downtown area. From the outside, the Bradbury Building is rather modest and undistinguishable; however the interior reveals a spectacular Victorian Court with a glass ceiling and marble floors. After taking in the view, we used the art and statues to solve the next riddle. Our next clue took us through Grand Central Market and up the Angels Flight, the world’s shortest passenger railway. After climbing to the top of the hill our path took us through some of the many scenic courtyards in the downtown area, complete with reflecting pools and fountains, to the MOCA and Walt Disney Concert Hall.

At this point the two teams were still neck and neck, so we raced off to the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. We solved a few riddles about animal statues found on the cathedral grounds and sprinted to the finish line at City Hall. Thanks to some swift sprinting and correct answer choices, the boys’ team was able to pull out the win. After, we went to Philippe’s to celebrate with some original French Dip Sandwiches. It was an awesome escape from our daily routine to explore an area that I never thought could be so beautiful and entertaining.

Manhattan Beach Tutoring: On and Off the dance floor

April 9th, 2012

Study Hut is the best place to work for so many reasons. I could go on and on forever about my passion for tutoring and how much I love our big fridge, but what I really want to talk about is the murder mystery party we recently threw. We each were assigned a character and I was naturally Baroness. We all got packets telling us who we were, how to act, and who we hated. Naturally, I hated everyone. I had a great time dressing in a mink coat and talking in an accent that was meant to be British but sounded Chinese. We transformed our little study hut into a full on speak easy with dim lights and fancy shmancy drinks. Here at Study Hut, we all love each other very dearly, which in my opinion gets a little old. I was nice to be able to finally express my true feelings which are that I can’t wait to kill Roxanne, I hate Rob’s guts, and that Kady (my daughter) is suuuuper annoying. Despite my efforts to kill Roxanne, I somehow ended up dying from an ice pick…never thought that would be how I would go. Our manager Sam did an amazing job planning the party (as usual), and really brought the group together (to kill each other). It was nice to finally meet some of the people from the Redondo Study Hut. The manager from Hut 2 even ended up playing my husband! His character was professor Nutella, which couldn’t be more suiting for me (Nutella=heaven). Despite myself (The one and only Baroness) wanting to kill every person that I work with, by the end of the night I found myself feeling even closer to my co-workers than I did before. It’s just one more reason why Study Hut is the best place I have ever worked.

What Sets Study Hut Apart

October 11th, 2011

You sit, minding your own business. Suddenly, you feel a twinge of unease crawl up your spine. A feeling as if someone, or something, is watching you. You shake it off. Clearly, you’re just being paranoid right? You look back down at your desk. And then… IT HAPPENS. Suddenly, tiny Tialde, mild-mannered 2nd grader is throwing paper around the office, laughing hysterically, and running out of here as fast as he can!


You just found yourself victim to one of the Study Hut’s new competitions: who can keep their room the cleanest in exchange for pizza! Actually, you’ve found yourself victim to the inevitable aftermath of such a challenge: who can mess up everyone else’s room enough so they don’t get pizza! This, the first of many new challenges being formed around the Hut, is part of a new initiative starting up this semester. Now, at first glance, this may seem like meaningless prankerism (trust me, it’s a word) and time-wasting nonsense. But it’s actually a piece of what sets the Study Hut apart.

You’re children spend all day in a very ordered environment. They’re told where to sit, when to stand, how to speak, and what to do. To be fair, in a classroom of 30 children, such order is necessary. But the Hut doesn’t exist just to replicate school. We’re not here to just provide an environment that students just have to come to due to bad grades. We’re here to provide an environment that students want to come to (to help improve bad grades!) Initiatives like this promote better communication among tutors, which leads to better tutoring, and smarter students. And involving the students, like we did Tialde, promotes the idea that this is a place where that they can look forward to coming too. Most students here know most, if not all the tutors: not just the one they work with. They come here because the Hut is a place where people know you, get the work done, and have help in the process.

Plus, you get to occasionally throw paper around in exchange for pizza. That’s awesome.