Manhattan Beach History Tutor

March 10th, 2019

Are you looking for an experienced and qualified Manhattan Beach
History Tutor? Study Hut Manhattan Beach is the best and most unique
place to go. Not only do we provide exclusive one-on-one tutoring in a
variety of subjects, but on top of that, we can definitely help your
child get on a good track in his or her History class.

Manhattan Beach History Tutor

Achieving good grades in a History class usually has a lot to do with
planning, study skills, and constant organization, because of the
magnitude of information students are required to master. Thus, we
place a huge emphasis on these areas of focus and will make sure your
child is never in a place where they are not prepared. Study Hut
students make and study tools like flashcards, outlines, or timelines.
Our Manhattan Beach History tutors aren’t just successful with
students because they know the material involved. Our tutors excel in
teaching and helping the student feel independently confident about
their own abilities.

Whether your child is struggling or just wants to bump up his or her
grade a little bit, our Manhattan Beach History tutors are available
to help. We’re here to guide note taking, help make flashcards, explain
difficult concepts, make quizzes, and anything else you might want
help with. The first step in improving a grade is admitting that you
need help, and Study Hut Manhattan Beach is as welcoming and friendly
a place as ever, so we are excited to hear from you about how we can
meet your needs and raise those grades!

Summer Math Tutoring in Manhattan Beach

October 9th, 2018

Manhattan Beach Summer Math Tutoring

Math in the summer can sometimes feel like a drag. We get it! You’d rather be outside enjoying the beach and soaking up the sun. The truth is though, it doesn’t have to be so hard. At Manhattan Beach Summer Math Tutoring we give you an empowering math experience without all the gloomy pressure of a forced study session. We embody the laid back but professional vibe of all the beach communities in everything we do. Palm trees, snacks, and laughs are seen and heard all around because we make learning a fun community experience. All of our tutors work extremely hard to bond with students and make them feel comfortable, prepared, and confident with all the math skills in the book.

Why not just wait for the year to roll around? During the school year teachers are rushed and overloaded and it’s easy for them to fall behind. News flash, it happens to well-meaning students all the time and it happens to the best of teachers too.  At Manhattan Beach Summer Math Tutoring we’re all recent college grads who’ve taken those same classes, had all the hard teachers, and understand the struggles of math in school. We remember a little trick that might have been missed or a small detail not quite relayed and we can catch those errors before they become learning roadblocks. We see it every year! A little extra help in the summer can oftentimes be the difference between a year of profound growth and a flurry of stress-induced headaches.  What’s the difference between a hyperbola and a parabola? How much is 4 times 13 really? We cover it all, from a to z, with a joy for learning and an openness to help you succeed.

Summer math tutoring in Manhattan Beach

At Manhattan Beach Summer Math Tutoring we want more than anything to help make your learning experience memorable, successful, and enjoyable. It’s so easy to ensure a great year by taking the time to invest in your skills this summer! Check out our summer page to learn more!

The Planner

September 17th, 2018

The planner.  The agenda book.  “My scheduling book”.  It has many names, but that doesn’t preclude the planner from being the most effective academic tool in your backpack.  If we can learn anything from onion-cutting goggles, the Porsche Go-Kart, or air-conditioned shoes, it’s that technology isn’t always necessary. When it comes to academics, here at the Study Hut, we’re all for useful technology in the classroom. We love tools like Quizlet, iPads, and smartboards that help kids learn in tactile, innovative ways. But in this technological era where phones are near-sentient entities and our universe fits inside our pockets, one age-old academic ally goes shamefully ignored. We’re talking, of course, about the humble planner. When it comes to tracking assignments and mapping out a study schedule, there’s no replacement for the planner.

the planner

Here’s why:

Let’s say there’s a seventh grader named Johnny. Johnny’s math teacher posts the homework on eBackpack. Johnny’s English teacher posts the homework on Canvas, another online academic resource. Johnny’s Spanish teacher is old school, and writes the homework on the board. Johnny takes a picture of this. Johnny’s social studies teacher uses Google calendar. Now, Johnny has to check multiple sources to make sure he’s up-to-date on his studies, making it easier for assignments to slip through the cracks. What’s more, he hasn’t written out a day-by-day breakdown of how he plans to knock out his homework, study for tests, and chip away at his long-term projects. Some online resources alert students via notifications, texts, or emails when an assignment or test is coming up. This passive, automated way of planning is helpful, but it requires no initiative from the student, and still leaves the student without a means of viewing all of their assignments in one place.

We at the Study Hut strongly believe students need to use their planner. Our tutors begin every session with a planner check. We make sure students are not only writing their assignments down, but creating detailed study schedules. We help our students use their planners to avoid cramming for tests last minute. We teach our students to strategize about which material they’ll study on which day, taking into account their unique schedules. We help students keep track of long-term assignments using their monthly calendar section. This section has one page dedicated to each month, which helps students keep track of how their academic year stacks up.

In conclusion, if it has a screen and a charger, it’s not as good of a planning tool as the old school agenda booklet.  Here at the Hut, we have plenty of complimentary planners on hand, and we enjoy teaching students to make the most of them!

MBMS Study Skills

August 22nd, 2018

Are you interested in signing up for MBMS Study Skills afters school program?

MBMS Study Skills sign-ups are already underway for the 2018-2019 school year.  For the 4th consecutive year, Study Hut Tutoring and the MBMS PTA have partnered to deliver 3 -1hr sessions, after school in room 109.  The sessions are separated by grade level.  Each grade level meets from 3-4pm for three consecutive weeks on the same day each week.  Below you will find the 8th, 7th grade flier, and the 6th grade flier, respectively.

MBMS Study skills 8thMBMS Study Skills 7th MBMS Study Skills 6th

To sign up for the 2018-2019 MBMS Study Skills program, you can go to studyhut.com/mbmsstudyskills or call (310)546-2408 or email studyskills@studyhut.com

You’ll notice that the sessions are non-transferable and non-refundable with no-makeups.  Sign-ups for the MBMS Study Skills program are on a first come first serve basis, and space is limited to 30 students per grade level.

Based on the popularity of the program in previous years, it is strongly advised that parents sign up quickly to reserve their spot.  The price is $125 and includes all materials.  The group program is led by one of the owners of Study Hut Tutoring, on campus, in room 109 at the Manhattan Beach Middle School.  Topics will include the big picture, which includes goal setting, class expectations, and a school timeline.  We will also cover how to effectively track and record homework, tests, quizzes and due dates in the daily planner.  Moreover, we will dive into how to create an effective 5 day study plan for each of the core academic classes.

The keys to developing effective study skills go beyond tools and tasks.  It is important that the student is not only persistent but also adapts to feedback from educators that are trying to help.   A big part of developing effective study skills is to block out times on the days leading up to an exam or a quiz.  Brain science has told us a lot about the power of bite size nuggets of information sprinkled in each day, with good nights of sleep in between.  For more information, please call Study Hut for a free consultation–there is no obligation to sign up–we want to clue people in with respect to the most effective methods to execute your student’s specific goals.  After all, this process is both highly personal, individualized, and tailored based on a number of unique factors.

Cognitive Skills Workshop

June 6th, 2018

The Cognitive Skills Workshop at Study Hut Tutoring is the Gold Standard in reading and writing workshops.  Nothing is more vital to success in school than the ability to read and write. From English papers to lab reports to college essays, students are frequently asked to express their thoughts in clear and concise language. Of course, writing well can be challenging for students, and doing so requires consistent practice. That’s where the Study Hut comes in! Our summer Cognitive Skills Workshop helps students drastically improve their reading comprehension and writing.

So what exactly does our Cognitive Skills Workshop entail? We tailor our programs to cater to students from elementary school through high school. With our younger students, we read through books and stories and work on activities that will strengthen their reading comprehension, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. We teach them the basics of essay writing, and practice structuring a solid five paragraph essay. Students have a blast reading engaging stories and learning to find their voice!

With our older students, we dive into more complex textual analysis, grammar, and essay writing. We teach students how to write a fabulous thesis statement. Our team of enthusiastic, experienced tutors works closely with students to teach them how to write topic sentences, find useful evidence to support their claims, and write effective supporting details. We also practice vocabulary with our students, which helps them prepare for the SAT and ACT. What’s more, we arm students with note-taking techniques that help students process information. Almost every teacher asks students to take notes, but rarely do they teach students how to take notes well!

There’s no doubt that reading and writing are incredibly vital skills inside and outside of the classroom. Here at the Study Hut, we believe that every student has the ability to read well and write beautifully. Our Cognitive Skills Workshop gives students the tools to feel confident when they put pen to paper. The amazing thing about writing is that it teaches students to express themselves. Nothing is more rewarding than being able to express one’s thoughts as they were meant to be heard!

Homework Help

March 8th, 2018

What does my child gain from getting homework help from a tutor?

While some of the students here at The Hut have specific subjects that they come in for help with, many of them, especially middle school and early high school students, come in for general homework help. Many of these students are already doing well in their classes, so it would be easy to question what benefit they get from “simply” doing their homework with a tutor.

Homework help

However, as many of our tutors can attest, even students who are completing their homework on time, turning their work in, and passing their tests are often still making mistakes in their homework habits that can come back to hurt them later on. For example, one student was getting all of the correct answers on her math homework and doing well on her math tests.

A simple answer check and grade check would have indicated that there was nothing she needed to work on with a tutor. However, with closer examination, her tutor realized that her work was a mess. She was skipping steps in her work by doing the math in her head, not putting new steps in the problem on a new line, and sometimes was making easy-to-avoid math errors because of this. In addition, when work isn’t neat, when students do start making mistakes it is very difficult for them to go back in their work and figure out where they went wrong—which makes it even harder to fix the mistake! When her tutor noticed the problems in her work, they worked together to figure out strategies that would work for her to make her work neater and to avoid making mistakes in the future. While homework mistakes like this can often slip under the radar during middle school when classes are still easy (at least relative to high school!), it is crucial for a tutor to catch them early on so that students have already solidified positive homework habits by the time they get to more difficult classes. In difficult classes, good homework habits can make the difference between an A and a B or between passing and not passing.

Manhattan Beach Writing Tutor

November 28th, 2016

Are you looking for a Manhattan Beach writing tutor?  Look no further!  Writing essays is one of the hardest tasks for students. They wonder: where do I put the thesis? What’s the purpose of a topic sentence? What goes in my conclusion? Why do I need a hook? Why can’t my hook be a rhetorical question? (E.g., Have you ever been stranded on a desert island?) What’s an anchor? If you struggle with these simple questions, perhaps a Study Hut Tutoring session in writing is the solution.

Most students don’t hesitate to get help with their math or science homework, but writing is often overlooked. Having an expert Manhattan Beach writing tutor on the team helps immensely.  Writing is one of the most important academic skills. Study Hut provides a great space for students to improve their writing. In a typical session, we start by reviewing the prompt in detail. We also look at the rubric (how students will be assessed) and all supplementary materials (e.g., outline, text, handouts). It’s important to bring your book and class handouts for our study session!

One of the problems students face is that English teachers teach writing differently. One teacher may be a huge fan of quotation hooks, while another teacher may hate them with a passion. Tutors encourage students to carefully consider their teacher’s writing preferences. We ask questions about what students have learned, and how they will be graded. Study Hut tutors tailor each session to the needs of the student as well as the expectations of the teacher.

The thesis statement is usually the most important part of our tutoring sessions, and it’s the heart of the essay. We help students develop a solid argument for their essay that clearly maps out the rest of the paragraphs. The part of the thesis that most students ignore is the theme. Even though theme isn’t a requirement of the thesis, it often relates to the deeper meaning. Themes can be tricky. But once we point them out, students are able to understand the prompt in a much deeper way.

It’s easy to put the focus on grammatical errors, but it’s the ideas that often need the most attention. We’ve all been on the other side of the dreaded red pen. However, the items that typically need the most attention include: organization, flow, sequence of arguments, and clarity of ideas. Most students struggle with what to write in each part of the essay. Once we demystify the structure, writing becomes a much more logical process. Writing tutoring is a great opportunity for students to improve their writing skills.

Getting extra help with writing gives students a leg up in high school, college, and beyond. Many teachers, professors, and employers complain that their students and employees don’t know how to write. Writing is a powerful skill that can make your son or daughter stand out.

Back to School Tutoring

August 16th, 2016

This week, Manhattan Beach Study Hut welcomes back many of its returning students as they begin back to school tutoring!

Like summer and fall tutoring, back-to-school tutoring serves a unique purpose. Our tutors help students wrap up summer assignments, while prepping them for the year ahead. Our Manhattan Beach tutors are especially suited to this task because they are familiar with the local schools’ books, teachers, and yes, rubrics. As I write, our expert English tutors are busy guiding kids from MBMS and Mira Costa through their summer reading assignments.
Manhattan Beach English Tutor
What can students expect to get from back-to-school tutoring?

Back-to-school Tutoring helps students relax into the new year and approach their classes with confidence.

The first week of school is super busy. For many classes, homework starts on day one, even if the student hasn’t yet found time to do the work. Our veteran science tutors can help answer those important questions, like how many hours to set aside each week for biology or chemistry. With our help, the student set a good pace from the get-go, so they won’t have to play catch up before mid-terms.

We can also help kids in grades K-12 schedule their commitments (and their fun time), so they don’t end up having to drop a favorite club or sport. Our goal is to coach students in how to handle all of their school commitments, and August is like our pre-training season.

While it’s smart to get a head start in all your classes, it’s especially important in cumulative subjects like math. Having a few extra weeks can make a big difference, especially as the learning curve gets steeper. Each year, the students learn not only new algorithms, but also new vocabulary and symbols. Geometry opens with proofs and logic problems; Algebra, with properties and proportions. All that newness can be overwhelming. With our experienced math tutors, students can familiarize themselves with the textbook, and develop smart study strategies before a clock starts counting down to the first test.

If you are a new student, there is an additional advantage to starting in August. The student and tutor can build up a good rapport, figure out how they work best together, and establish a good routine before school starts.

So, welcome back to those who’ve been coming for years! Welcome to the newbies!

And good luck all with the year ahead!

Free SAT Practice Test at Study Hut Tutoring

July 6th, 2016

Come take a free SAT practice test at Study Hut Tutoring.  After all, summer is upon us! As such, so is SAT prep season. If your student is in high school they need to be thinking about taking the SAT in preparation for the college application process—a super SAT score translates to a super chance of getting admitted to their top choice. Students typically take the SAT in the spring of their junior year or in the fall of their senior year; most students take it a second time to improve their first score.


“Ok, we get it—the SAT is important! How do we begin to prepare?” you ask. The answer: test it out at the Hut. Study Hut Manhattan Beach is here to help, offering free SAT practice tests to students getting ready for the SAT. This is a great opportunity to see where your student stands and see how much work they’ll need to put in before the real thing. Study Hut administers real, full-length SAT tests that have been given and retired in recent years. Did we mention there are free SAT practice test sittings? No strings attached, no nothin’. Of course, we offer plenty of SAT prep packages if you want to sign your student up later. But first, we dance! Err… test. Once graded, our SAT experts will offer advice on the best study plan going forward for your student, based on their score. Contact us at Study Hut Manhattan Beach today to sign up for a free diagnostic session!

Study Hut Manhattan Beach

880 Manhattan Beach Blvd.

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266



Math Tutoring in Manhattan Beach

May 12th, 2016


Do you want the good or bad news first? Okay, bad. Our Study Hut Math tutors agree with your math teacher. We also think math is beautiful and it’s not hard! It’s just…complicated. Like love, right? Or whatever. The point is that at Study Hut, we get math, and our knowledge is yours for the taking. If you’re looking for math tutoring in Manhattan Beach, we’re here for you.


Study Hut Math tutors can help you see it as beautiful, too; or at least make it look a little easier. Our number one goal is to clear the fog for you before your grade sinks. We are expert explainers, expert teachers—expert clear-the-fog-ers! Our Manhattan Beach math tutors are all college grads that want you to succeed. We know how tough it can be, and will work through those tricky lessons with you.

Manhattan Beach math tutoring


Math is something that takes practice, but to practice your student first needs to understand the basic steps. Sometimes students are scared to raise their hand in class to ask questions. Sometimes they miss a class and just need a refresher on a lesson. Maybe a big test is coming up and you want to help them feel prepared come test day. With one-on-one math tutoring at Study Hut in Manhattan Beach, your student has a resource close to home and outside of school. Our math tutors are patient and laid-back but make sure your student leaves the Hut feeling confident in their current lesson.

Manhattan Beach Study Hut tutors in:

Elementary Math

Middle School Math


Algebra I


Algebra II

The Session:

No math tutoring session is the same. Sometimes students simply need help with their homework, and we are there to review the math lesson with them so they can do the problems on their own. Some students come in with a big test on their mind, and the session acts as a chapter review boot camp, with the tutor catering their teaching style to your student’s learning needs.

Give us at Manhattan Beach Study Hut a ring and we’ll get your student in ASAP.

Manhattan Beach Study Hut

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