Free SAT Practice Test at Study Hut Tutoring

July 6th, 2016

Come take a free SAT practice test at Study Hut Tutoring.  After all, summer is upon us! As such, so is SAT prep season. If your student is in high school they need to be thinking about taking the SAT in preparation for the college application process—a super SAT score translates to a super chance of getting admitted to their top choice. Students typically take the SAT in the spring of their junior year or in the fall of their senior year; most students take it a second time to improve their first score.


“Ok, we get it—the SAT is important! How do we begin to prepare?” you ask. The answer: test it out at the Hut. Study Hut Manhattan Beach is here to help, offering free SAT practice tests to students getting ready for the SAT. This is a great opportunity to see where your student stands and see how much work they’ll need to put in before the real thing. Study Hut administers real, full-length SAT tests that have been given and retired in recent years. Did we mention there are free SAT practice test sittings? No strings attached, no nothin’. Of course, we offer plenty of SAT prep packages if you want to sign your student up later. But first, we dance! Err… test. Once graded, our SAT experts will offer advice on the best study plan going forward for your student, based on their score. Contact us at Study Hut Manhattan Beach today to sign up for a free diagnostic session!

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A Year in Review for PV and RB

June 30th, 2015

It has been yet another successful year at the Study Hut in Redondo Beach.  We saw improved grades, great SAT and ACT scores, and admissions to awesome colleges all over the US.  From the schools in Palos Verdes (PVHS and Peninsula), to RUHSD, and all the Torrance schools in between (South and West mostly), all our beloved Hut kiddos have truly set the bar in the South Bay.

For instance, Darrian went from getting D’s in her freshman year, to getting B’s this year after getting routine subject tutoring. Thomas was able to raise his worst subject, Spanish, from an F to a B! We were also ecstatic to see Austin raise all of his grades to A’s and B’s this year with tutoring twice a week after getting straight C’s last year. Austin’s mother has told us that her relationship with Austin has improved dramatically since they no longer have fights over his grades anymore! Connor stunned his mom and brought his tutor to tears of joy when he earned straight A’s both semesters of his junior year after receiving straight C’s during his Freshman and Sophomore years.

Many of our students demonstrated exceptional improvement on their SAT and ACT scores. Connor raised his ACT score from a 20 to a 29 in just three months after coming in for ACT tutoring twice a week. Sophia juggled her hectic life of AP classes, club soccer, and numerous school clubs by coming in once a week for four months for ACT tutoring. Sophia raised her score from a 29 to a 35, which secured her early admission to one of the most prestigious academic institutions in Massachusetts, Wellesley College. Shivani not only scored an outstanding 2300 on her SAT, but used test preparation at Study Hut to ace her SAT 2 tests as well in Math and English.

We could not be more proud of the incredible college acceptances our students earned after getting college guidance with their tutors. Olivia was not only admitted to every college she applied to, but got into her dream school, USC, to pursue studies in Marine Biology. Kelley was accepted to the incredibly competitive music industry program at USC, which only admits thirty students annually. Hayley will be attending one of the most impacted schools in California, San Diego State, which has been her dream school since she was in sixth grade. Eliza and Mollie will both be attending the most impacted college in the country, UCLA, in the fall.This Year's Favorite Books Tutor Appreciation was high this year SAT/ACT/College Success this Year

1-on-1 SAT Classes

February 19th, 2015

Study Hut offers SAT 1-on-1 classes. If your student learns better in a group setting, then the class is a great choice. Ten is the maximum number of students we allow to be enrolled in the class at a time, so group sizes are small, and students can still get help if they get stuck on a concept. The class is seven weeks and meets twice a week for two hours.

One student, Erica, has already seen her score improve almost three hundred points since her first diagnostic practice test. The strategies taught in the class kept her from making silly mistakes that she had made before on previous tests. She also had a better understanding of which questions she should skip, whereas before she would go ahead and fill in an answer for every question.

Going into the test with knowledge of the strategies and the SAT layout decoded boosts confidence and helps to put even the most anxious test takers at ease. After the 1-on-1 class, our students walk into the SAT with confidence and the skills to ace it, and walk out with spectacular scores!

New SAT Group Course Starts Tomorrow!!

January 20th, 2014

Tomorrow our new group courses in Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach start again!!! Our group courses take place on the nights of Tues/Thurs from 7-9pm.

The cap for the SAT classes are 10 students and P.J. and Martin are the teachers for the SAT course.

The January group course help the students prepare for the March SAT exam.



P.J. will be the teacher for this SAT Group Course which will help students prepare for the May SAT test. We are only offering one group course on Tues/Thurs!!

We will have one week off for Spring Break so please keep that in mind. If you would like to sign up for our group course in Manhattan Beach please contact our MB office manager Kristen … kristen@studyhut.com or call the Manhattan Beach Study Hut: (310)546-2408. For the Redondo Beach Study Hut please call Justin at (310)540-5888.

We have many tips that we share with our students on how to succeed on the SAT – and today our 1st tip comes from Andrew, one of our SAT tutors.

1st Tip: “Lookout for extreme answer choices in the Critical Reading section! If the answer choice contains strong words like ‘never, always, must, impossible, cannot, only, all, none, etc,’ then it is likely incorrect.”



Lastly, if you don’t want to be in the SAT Group Course, we also offer 3 different SAT Packages: 40 hour, 32 hour, and 24 hour (prices range depending on package you pick). We also do private one-on-one SAT tutoring. We have wonderful SAT tutors including but not limited too: Rhiannon, Jeff,  Josh, Andrew, Victor, Brian and many others! One-on-one private tutoring costs $100 plus a $65 materials fee.





SAT and ACT Prep for Juniors

October 21st, 2012

Junior year is a very important year for any high school student.  They learn to drive and start venturing out into the world.  Academically, it is probably the most difficult of their high school careers.  It is the time where they need to start seriously thinking about their future college plans.  This means more than researching potential schools.  The SAT and ACT are the tests that play an integral role in the college application process.  What many people don’t know is that they should actually be preparing for these tests in their junior year.  While they need their final SAT and ACT scores until their senior years, their junior years are the most important for actually preparing for outstanding performance.  There are other benefits to early SAT and ACT preparation, including improved performance in the reading comprehension and writing and exciting scholarship opportunities.

It is common knowledge these days that the SAT and ACT are very important for getting into a good college.  It is also true that college entrance has become very competitive.  Students need an edge to get into their schools of choice.  This can come in the form of early SAT and ACT preparation.  The earlier a student starts preparing for the SAT and ACT, the more time they have to improve their scores.

As they prepare for the SAT and ACT, parents might see an unintentional bump in their kids’ English or math grades.  It may come as a surprise to some that material covered on the SAT and ACT is not mutually exclusive with high school curriculum.  The preparation for the SAT and ACT can also function to improve and reinforce math, writing, and reading comprehension skills.

The PSAT is administered to students in the fall of their junior year.  This is a great way for students to be introduced to the style of the SAT.  However, there is also the possibility of an extra bonus of receiving a National Merit Scholarship.  These are rewarded to the highest performing students on the PSAT.  Students who have had previous SAT and ACT preparation have a big advantage over those who have not. As a general rule of thumb, it is critically important to start preparing your child for the SAT or the ACT as early as possible, particularly in the beginning of their junior year!



Summer SAT Training

June 12th, 2012

Finding the time to prepare for the SAT during the regular school year can be difficult. Between homework, sports, activities, friends, family…its hard to find the time and easy to come up with reasons to put off studying for the SAT. Don’t put it off anymore! What better time than the summer time to get started and stay focused on preparing for the SAT without the stress of schoolwork.

Beginning Tuesday July 10th, and ending Thursday, August 23rd, Study Hut will offer a two hour, twice a week group course. The course will focus on fundamental academic skills and test-taking strategies required to succeed on the SAT. This course will include four proctored full-length practice tests and fourteen personalized online homework assignments catered to each student’s specific weaknesses.

Study Hut will also offer one-on-one Sat courses with a variety of different packages. The packages range from a 24 hour course to a 40 hour course. The number of proctored tests and online homework assignments varies with each package. Students can also come in for hourly SAT tutoring using the same materials as the courses.

The courses will be taught by experienced and local tutors that students enjoy being around, and our students on average see

200 point increase!

There will be a FREE diagnostic test for students on Saturday June 16, from 8am to 12pm. Please contact Justin at Justin@studyhut.com or (310) 540-5888 for more details.