Algebra 1 Tutoring in Manhattan Beach

March 10th, 2019

Is your child struggling in his or her Algebra 1 class? Regardless of what grade they are in, Algebra 1 can present unique and new challenges for any student. Because it is the first math curriculum to go in depth with linear equations, solving for variables, translating word problems into solvable math equations, and other new concepts, it is common for students to feel challenged in ways they haven’t been before in a math class. Luckily, our team of tutors at Study Hut Manhattan Beach are experienced and skilled in the subject, and can help your child get back on track and excel, no matter their current grasp of the subject or proficiency in math.

Algebra 1

Study Hut Manhattan Beach is a welcoming, friendly, and effective solution to any and all concepts your child may be struggling to understand. We can help with test prep, organizational skills, and any 1-on-1 advice and guidance a student might need to succeed academically. This is usually accomplished by guiding a student through a homework assignment, asking questions to make sure each new concept is readily understood, and providing practice problems to insure that understanding is solidified.
Algebra 1 is the most fundamental building block for all other math that comes after it. From learning how to manipulate variables, to learning how they are used to represent real world quantities and ideas, there is no other math subject so important to grasp, especially if your child is interested in pursuing higher level mathematics later on. Our staff at Study Hut Manhattan Beach would be happy to address your questions and concerns, and get you set up with regular sessions. You absolutely won’t regret the time your child gets to hone his or her skills with our established tutors, whether its a complete overhaul, or just review.

Summer Math Tutoring in Manhattan Beach

October 9th, 2018

Manhattan Beach Summer Math Tutoring

Math in the summer can sometimes feel like a drag. We get it! You’d rather be outside enjoying the beach and soaking up the sun. The truth is though, it doesn’t have to be so hard. At Manhattan Beach Summer Math Tutoring we give you an empowering math experience without all the gloomy pressure of a forced study session. We embody the laid back but professional vibe of all the beach communities in everything we do. Palm trees, snacks, and laughs are seen and heard all around because we make learning a fun community experience. All of our tutors work extremely hard to bond with students and make them feel comfortable, prepared, and confident with all the math skills in the book.

Why not just wait for the year to roll around? During the school year teachers are rushed and overloaded and it’s easy for them to fall behind. News flash, it happens to well-meaning students all the time and it happens to the best of teachers too.  At Manhattan Beach Summer Math Tutoring we’re all recent college grads who’ve taken those same classes, had all the hard teachers, and understand the struggles of math in school. We remember a little trick that might have been missed or a small detail not quite relayed and we can catch those errors before they become learning roadblocks. We see it every year! A little extra help in the summer can oftentimes be the difference between a year of profound growth and a flurry of stress-induced headaches.  What’s the difference between a hyperbola and a parabola? How much is 4 times 13 really? We cover it all, from a to z, with a joy for learning and an openness to help you succeed.

Summer math tutoring in Manhattan Beach

At Manhattan Beach Summer Math Tutoring we want more than anything to help make your learning experience memorable, successful, and enjoyable. It’s so easy to ensure a great year by taking the time to invest in your skills this summer! Check out our summer page to learn more!

Summer Enrichment

July 18th, 2012

Summer enrichment at Study Hut Manhattan Beach is filled with active, student-centered learning activities that get the kids out of their seats and thinking outside of the box. One of my elementary school students is entering first grade at Pacific this fall. Like most six year olds, he has an attention span of less than five minutes…maybe 30 seconds…so every few minutes we change up the routine! He practices his sight words by writing on a whiteboard, stamping the words with ink and a stamp pad, and even by jumping up and down as he spells the words out loud. For math practice he goes around to the Study Hut tutors taking polls so he can work on tally marks. This not only improves his math skills, but also gives him an opportunity to practice math in an applicable setting and see its importance to everyday life. These activities also help him to develop social skills. In addition to the social math activities, he also greets the Manhattan Crew every afternoon session using appropriate eye contact and asking follow up questions. Probably the highlight of the sessions for him is his sticker chart. He earns stickers throughout our study sessions and keeps track of them on a graph. Yesterday he told me, “I like Study Hut, it’s fun here!” I told him, “Yes, Study Hut is a lot of fun because learning is fun!” He smiled and walked out the door to show off the Star Student Award he had just earned during our session. At Study Hut, the students are at the center of everything of we do.

Summer at The Hut

May 15th, 2012

The beginning of a school year can come with many exciting twists and turns. From seeing old friends, to meeting different teachers and immersing oneself in a new world, each year comes with a hand full of differences. For the most part these new aspects of life aren’t very different or difficult, in fact most are pretty exhilarating. However one area which each year comes with added difficulty for most students is math. Whether it’s geometry, algebra, or even algebra 2, each new math comes with it’s own twists, turns, and potentially difficult new material. It is imperative that most students hit the ground running in math classes because the pace at which they move only speeds up, and if someone get’s lost early on, it’s very difficult to catch up as the material adds upon itself.
That’s why the tutors here at the Study Hut of Manhattan Beach feel that the best way not to fall behind is to prepare for coming challenges. That’s why we are currently offering summer prep courses for algebra, geometry and algebra 2. From July 24-August 23, come in for 5 weeks, 20 hours, of tutoring. During the course students will get the opportunity to be exposed to much of the material which will be coming in the next year. As boring as math might be for many students, it is a skill which one can only improve by exposure and practice.Therefore these summer prep courses put students in the best position to excel in math, often the most difficult subject of the year. Studies have shown that prior exposure to a subject, even if it’s not memorized or fully retained, can DRAMATICALLY improve one’s performance and understanding of the material upon second exposure. So don’t delay, and put yourself or your child through one of the finest tutoring facilities in the south bay area this summer to make sure that math is a problem of the past.

Valerie’s First Day

April 6th, 2012

I walked into Study Hut in Manhattan Beach not knowing what to expect as a new tutor going from private in-home tutoring to this local tutoring center. What I found was a team of outgoing, energetic, friendly, and intelligent tutors who loved what they do and did it very well! This was inspiring and exciting because they instantly accepted me into their Study Hut family and made a comfortable environment with all the resources I needed to tutor my students well. I was also welcomed by the home-like setting with comfortable chairs, big tables, art on the walls, and beach-y décor. I found that all the tutors have the same strive and determination to help and see their students grow to achieve their academic goals. It is as important to us tutors that all of our students pass their classes, stay organized, and reach their maximum potential. The one student to one tutor ratio really helped me connect with my students and learn a lot about what their hobbies, likes/dislikes, learning style, and most importantly what their goals are. I met many students from schools across the Manhattan School District and found that they all enjoyed their time spent here. I can tell that they really feel comfortable here as some students reach for candy in the drawer, pop a bag of popcorn in the microwave, and chat with other tutors and students. The tutors can really relate to the students because sometimes the tutors had the same high school teachers as the students have now. It’s interesting hearing how through the years the teacher is still doing the same assignments and field trips. Study Hut really provides an amazing learning experience for their students and we love to cheer our students on as they continue to succeed.

Valentine’s Day at Study Hut Tutoring

February 14th, 2012

Valentines Day spirit is in the air at Manhattan Beach Study Hut! We are THE place to be V-day. For one, we have the best manager ever who made us all cookies with our names on them. We also each get a list of V-day topics to talk about with our kids. We ask questions like “who is your celebrity crush?” and “what is your favorite kind of chocolate?” to keep the kids engaged and not as bummed about doing homework on a holiday. The drawer full of candy also adds to the valentines spirit. …although this is year around. For me, everyday at the Study hut is like Valentines Day because I love the people I work with and care deeply about all of the kids I tutor. Also, we have a lot of baked goods here all of the time so it adds to the mood.
Our goal is to turn studying, something that is usually somewhat painful, into something fun and exciting. All of our tutors our able to accomplish this because we all have a passion for learning and for helping others. I think that this is exemplified on a day like today where love and compassion are in the air. All of us tutors try and stay connected and get together outside of work to keep a united spirit. In a couple of weeks we are going to have a girls night, and we just got done with doing a really fun murder mystery party. Having close relationships at work is important because it allows us to work as a team when tutoring. When I’m not sure of a science question, it’s nice to feel comfortable turning to Roxy and asking her help on a question. So while the cookies and candy definitely create a great Valentines mood, it’s the love and compassion that our tutors have that really make Study hut a Valentines Day everyday.

Ski Week

February 13th, 2012

Ski-Week is upon us! Time to goof off, watch TV, and do nothing, right? WRONG! Ski week is an opportunity, my friends, and one that I suggest you ALL take. We suggest to ALL of our students (regardless of GPA) to come to their regular appointments during Ski-Week, because this is the time that can prepare you for the rest of the year. The Manhattan Beach Study Hut is open and ready to help!

Don’t get me wrong, you should absolutely use this week as a chance to relax, decompress, and recharge the batteries. Just not for the whole week. As the semester goes on, more and more information and work will be piled onto you. And understanding most of this material will be dependent on understanding the material that came before it (most importantly, the information from the very beginning of the semester). If you miss out on even a single lesson, you can find yourself losing points all over the board, and missing out on understanding entire chapters.

That’s where this week comes in. Ski-Week is a wonderful opportunity to make sure that you’re foundations are firm for the rest of the semester, thus giving you a better chance of success. This is what you should do:

1.) Make a list of all of your classes, and organize any graded material.
2.) Go through all of the graded material, and correct all mistakes.
3.) Find out what material you don’t understand, and bring it to one of the tutors here, so you can relearn the material.

If the final semester of the year is a barren, desolate, scorching desert, then Ski-Week is the oasis in the middle. It’s your opportunity to gather the resources, energy, and support you’ll need to cross that haunting wastleland. So, in short, find out your problem areas, come in and SOLVE those problem areas, and then go off and enjoy your well-deserved vacation. Happy Ski-Week, y’all!

Learning from Poor grades

December 19th, 2011

When it comes to being a student, whether in the Manhattan Beach area or not, there are several different types. Some love to read, some are good at history, most hate math. However aside from the specific likes and dislikes particular to each individual student, the ideas encapsulated by the notion of an “effective student” have very little to do with what someone is good at or how much they like math. More importantly what it takes to become a good student has more to do with the outlook and strategy that a student takes when approaching school.
Here at the Study Hut in Manhattan Beach we get to witness this diversity in students and come to see some of the constants associated with those students who are doing well. Take for example failure, an inevitable hurtle in life which can lead to frustration and depression. However this is where the difference between students comes into play. Because although getting a bad grade is not something good, a good student can take this instance and learn from it. Whether it’s getting a better idea of personal strengths and weaknesses in order to attack the weaknesses, or using a bad grade to motivate one to get much better grades and try harder, these are all habits of highly effective students. Upon receiving a bad grade or one that is displeasing, an effective student should then go and make flashcards for 20-30 minutes for the coming chapter’s material. An effective student tries as much as they can to do reading for class before the class, a scientifically supported study strategy which cuts down on overall study time and increases retention of knowledge much longer than last minute cramming. Having a consistent and habitual study plan is a proven way to increase grades and make sure that one is reaching the potentials that everyone has within themselves.
However figuring out where to start can often be a overwhelming task, and without persistent reinforcement of that plan, even a great plan can lead to mediocre success. Luckily one of the most important tenets of the Study Hut of Manhattan Beach is the implementation and perfection of a study plan, along with holding students accountable for doing their work on time, and doing the adequate amount of practice which some skills require. Without a doubt everyone needs help sometimes, and those that don’t receive that help can often fall behind, especially in a fast paced class such as honors or AP courses. Therefore aside from the help given by our fantastic tutors on the material of a class, we strive to implement and tailor effective study habits customized to each individual student, so that every student has the chance to work at or above their potential.

New Things Happening at the Hut!

September 8th, 2011

Since the opening of our Manhattan Beach facility we have strived to deliver a location where your student can receive great one on one tutoring. The Study Hut has been through many expansions and changes throughout the years. We don’t believe in keeping the same environment as time changes, we believe in being creative, growing and changing our facility in the best interest of our students. Changes have been very prominent this fall season at the study hut. The addition of our new jungle room in the upper portion of our facility is brighter and has a colorful labyrinth atmosphere. As your student walks in to the main room of the Hut they are greeted by one of our friendly managers sitting on a lifeguard tower, ready to instruct where each student should go. If it hasn’t been obvious, here at the hut we strive to create a fun and creative environment in order for our students to feel at home and welcome. An active and creative environment aids in learning capabilities and will not only change the way your student views studying, but will help incorporate a fun quality to their everyday scholastic responsibilities. To top off two room changes, our lookout room is in progress in becoming the new “Captains Quarters”. The new pirate room will certainly transform our mediocre beige walls into a flashback in time on a ship. It’s due to these changes that the Study Hut has become a wonderful asset to any local or non local student in the Los Angeles Area. Thematic rooms, creative environments and a positive attitude among our recent college graduate tutors is what make the Hut a wonderful place to be a part of. We encourage all students to come in and see what all the fuss is about. We will always strive to make your homework and difficult subjects look like a piece of cake.