Finishing the Year Strong!!

November 15th, 2012

The days have gotten shorter, the air has gotten colder, and the department stores over at Del Amo are starting to bust out their most maddening Christmas mixtapes. You all know what that means: the winter season is almost upon us and our first semester is wrapping up. And along with promises of presents, great food, and the company of loved ones, the holiday season brings with it a much needed break from school. However, it isn’t time to start relaxing just yet. In addition to the fact that most of you will be spending all your time applying to college or studying for final exams anyway, your classes are still very much in session. It is very important to utilize this time and stay on top of your studies. We both know that it’s tempting to start throttling back on your work already, but ‘ain’t nobody got time for that.’ You’ve got to finish strong. At the risk of sounding like somebody’s grandpa, “you’ve got to keep your nose to the grindstone”. No one still living today has any idea where that phrase comes from, but we all (sort of) know what it means. The hard work isn’t officially over until the last bell lets you out on the last day before break (whenever that may be). The consequences of slacking off now may not seem grave, but every little bit of effort counts. Right now, your teachers are scrambling to fit in everything they haven’t taught you for whatever reason. The final part of the semester is always the most hectic. To me, it calls to mind the time when my Physics teacher tried to teach us all of nuclear physics during the half-day period on the day before break. Talk about needing a major study session! Don’t be asleep at the wheel when this (inevitably) happens to you! Keep working, and finish strong. Remember, the friendly tutors at the Study Hut are always here to help your prepare for your final exams.

Investing in Education

July 30th, 2012

Just a couple weeks ago, we were all waiting in anticipation for our long overdue summer break. Now, summer is at its peak, and while we do enjoy our vacations and coffee breaks, the academic semester is just around the corner, and it is time to start investing in what matters by taking initiative. Instead of waking up to a sluggish summer hangover, why not buckle up before the academic storm hits and start preparing for your semester courses? Study Hut’s tutors are not only available to help you cram for midterms and term papers. We are also here to help you gear up for SATs, APs, or even Geometry. Take advantage of the last couple weeks of summer to get ahead of your peers. When you go shopping for your back-to-school supplies, remember that learning is merely facilitated
by textbooks, paper, and pencil. — your actual success in school will depend on your attitude, preparation, and dedication to your studies.A couple of hours every week goes a long way in preparing you for the coming academic semester — choose to sacrifice a couple hours of this fading summer for a significant head start on your courses at school.
We at Study Hut call this ‘investing in education’.

Summer at The Hut

May 15th, 2012

The beginning of a school year can come with many exciting twists and turns. From seeing old friends, to meeting different teachers and immersing oneself in a new world, each year comes with a hand full of differences. For the most part these new aspects of life aren’t very different or difficult, in fact most are pretty exhilarating. However one area which each year comes with added difficulty for most students is math. Whether it’s geometry, algebra, or even algebra 2, each new math comes with it’s own twists, turns, and potentially difficult new material. It is imperative that most students hit the ground running in math classes because the pace at which they move only speeds up, and if someone get’s lost early on, it’s very difficult to catch up as the material adds upon itself.
That’s why the tutors here at the Study Hut of Manhattan Beach feel that the best way not to fall behind is to prepare for coming challenges. That’s why we are currently offering summer prep courses for algebra, geometry and algebra 2. From July 24-August 23, come in for 5 weeks, 20 hours, of tutoring. During the course students will get the opportunity to be exposed to much of the material which will be coming in the next year. As boring as math might be for many students, it is a skill which one can only improve by exposure and practice.Therefore these summer prep courses put students in the best position to excel in math, often the most difficult subject of the year. Studies have shown that prior exposure to a subject, even if it’s not memorized or fully retained, can DRAMATICALLY improve one’s performance and understanding of the material upon second exposure. So don’t delay, and put yourself or your child through one of the finest tutoring facilities in the south bay area this summer to make sure that math is a problem of the past.