Meeting Long Term goals

March 14th, 2012

The best way to meet a long term goal, whether it be school related or not, is to set bench marks and short term goals along the way. It was Arnold Schwarzenegger who said, “Set an impossible goal and achieve it.” He’s pretty much owned that quote through showing the world that an immigrant body builder can become the world’s most famous movie star and be elected Governor of California.

At Study Hut Tutoring in Manhattan Beach, students from all the schools in the area (Mira Costa High School, Loyola High School, Redondo Union High School, Chadwick High School, Vista Mar High School, Manhattan Beach Middle School, Grandview Elementary School, Pacific Elementary School, Pennykamp Elementary School, Meadows Elementary School, and Robinson Elementary School) set goals using their daily planner. The first step is to make an appropriate and attainable short term goal that fits within your larger goal. If one desires to “earn a 4.0 GPA,” then setting a monthly goal of missing zero assignments is a great first step. At that point it comes down to writing everything down, and crossing everything off, each and every day, every time a task is completed. When there are tasks left wide open, and laziness was not a factor, then some closer time allocation and planning is required.

Study Hut Tutoring students dig in with their daily planners each and every hour they are here. It’s a major component in staying in the game and achieving goals.

Elementary school tutors show students some simple first steps in the planning process, laying the groundwork for future success. Students from Mira Costa High School are rewarded with positive grades and feedback when goals are set, and intermediate goals are completed each and every week.

It’s wonderful to see students dominate using the planner.

Learning from Poor grades

December 19th, 2011

When it comes to being a student, whether in the Manhattan Beach area or not, there are several different types. Some love to read, some are good at history, most hate math. However aside from the specific likes and dislikes particular to each individual student, the ideas encapsulated by the notion of an “effective student” have very little to do with what someone is good at or how much they like math. More importantly what it takes to become a good student has more to do with the outlook and strategy that a student takes when approaching school.
Here at the Study Hut in Manhattan Beach we get to witness this diversity in students and come to see some of the constants associated with those students who are doing well. Take for example failure, an inevitable hurtle in life which can lead to frustration and depression. However this is where the difference between students comes into play. Because although getting a bad grade is not something good, a good student can take this instance and learn from it. Whether it’s getting a better idea of personal strengths and weaknesses in order to attack the weaknesses, or using a bad grade to motivate one to get much better grades and try harder, these are all habits of highly effective students. Upon receiving a bad grade or one that is displeasing, an effective student should then go and make flashcards for 20-30 minutes for the coming chapter’s material. An effective student tries as much as they can to do reading for class before the class, a scientifically supported study strategy which cuts down on overall study time and increases retention of knowledge much longer than last minute cramming. Having a consistent and habitual study plan is a proven way to increase grades and make sure that one is reaching the potentials that everyone has within themselves.
However figuring out where to start can often be a overwhelming task, and without persistent reinforcement of that plan, even a great plan can lead to mediocre success. Luckily one of the most important tenets of the Study Hut of Manhattan Beach is the implementation and perfection of a study plan, along with holding students accountable for doing their work on time, and doing the adequate amount of practice which some skills require. Without a doubt everyone needs help sometimes, and those that don’t receive that help can often fall behind, especially in a fast paced class such as honors or AP courses. Therefore aside from the help given by our fantastic tutors on the material of a class, we strive to implement and tailor effective study habits customized to each individual student, so that every student has the chance to work at or above their potential.

The Study Hut is THE place to do school work

September 29th, 2011

I’m sure there are plenty of tutoring spots in Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach and countless more in the south bay but I’m in inclined to believe that few can measure up to The Study Hut in Manhattan Beach.  Many parents struggle with where to send their children to get some help.  They try to give their children a leg up so they maybe they won’t have to struggle as much in the future.  The choices for giving a child an advantage can be mind boggling at times. There are so many places making claims about improving grades and how they will accomplish this amazing transformation in your child.  They make promises of making them an “A” student over night. The truth is there is no magic formula.  There is no making your child an overnight genius. Change comes with work and constant work to boot.  The work is a communal project; it can’t come in a tutor session alone.  Now, this is the place where the real separation comes into play. Other places say they will change the culture your child has developed but only care about what occurs in the tutoring session only. However the dedicated folks at the study hut aka the hut make sure to communicate with the parents on the work which is accomplished and needs to be accomplished on a nightly basis.  They call home and let parents know their child still have 3 hours worth of work left and work to develop strategies to make sure this isn’t the norm. They make sure the culture created at the hut also becomes the culture the student sees at home.  Because it takes a village to raise a child, no matter how big or small the village might be.



Quality People Make Quality Tutors: Volunteering for Relay for Life

May 20th, 2011

Here at Study Hut Tutoring in Manhattan Beach, we’re more than just good tutors: we pride ourselves on being good human beings! After all, the same qualities that make a good teacher–passion, care, dedication, responsibility–also make a good person. That’s why I thought it was perfectly fitting that Study Hut participated in and had a team at last Saturday’s Relay for Life event in Manhattan Beach.

It was truly impressive to see my coworkers stay late and long after work in order to plan out team activities, and even more admirable to see them put in all the extra hours needed to fundraise for the American Cancer Society. After a long day of leading SAT prep, correcting Chemistry and Trig problems, and editing students’ essays, a box of whole grain crackers and a jar of natural peanut butter practically beg you to their side; however, my fellow tutors met up at 10 PM to figure out how we could raise money for such a worthy cause, and then took their usual day off to put on a car wash at Mira Costa High School. I was so proud of them for working to make a difference!

Because here at Study Hut, we are well-versed in the science of cancer: we pride ourselves on knowing and teaching biology, AP Chemistry, psychology, and anatomy. But we cannot know or explain the actual experience of having cancer. Instead, we can come together to support our community, whether in Manhattan Beach, the greater Southbay, or the nation as a whole, of cancer survivors and help fund research that will ease or prevent future suffering. I’m glad Study Hut got the chance to prove that it doesn’t just have the best tutors–it has the best people!

Trick Questions: How the Manhattan Beach Study Hut Tutoring tutors reveal these secrets

May 12th, 2011

On an exam, the last thing you want to see is a trick question. They’re insidious, deceitful, sneaky, and frankly below the belt. It’s simply unfair for a teacher to hit you with a slippery question and then slap a permanent demerit on your report card just because you didn’t think to suspect that your kindly old professor, benevolent font of all knowledge, was out to make you look like a fool.
Luckily for us here at Study Hut Tutoring in Manhattan Beach, you’re not being graded and we’re not your teachers. So I throw trick questions around like it’s my job, ’cause it sort of is. Let me explain.
In a standard classroom situation, teachers need to make sure that everyone is on roughly the same page. Concepts are still being introduced, and the most basic, standard forms of the subject matter are being pounded into your head. At first, there is little room for nuance or exceptions; the core ideas need to be learned by everyone, and the teacher doesn’t have the luxury of taking her students down interesting tangents.
However, the benefit of having your own Study Hut tutor in Manhattan Beach is that we work one on one with your kid; and can tailor our pace and content moment to moment based on how they’re doing. That means that the instant that I feel my student has really grasped the core idea and is starting to coast, you better be sure I’m going to throw them a curve ball to keep their minds active and open. Now, this does not mean that every second of the class is spent trying to fool and confuse them; that would be counterproductive. I use trick questions sparingly to mix up the pace and refocus their attention if they ever seem complacent.
This might mean asking them for the maximum value of an upward facing parabola when they’re used to me asking for the minimum (the answer’s infinity, not the y value of the vertex), or what tense of subjunctive will follow the phrase “No dudo que…” (which won’t take the subjunctive at all, as it indicates certainty). In any case, the student will be required to examine the full breadth of their knowledge, and not just the obvious pattern in front of their eyes.
So if you’re content with just learning the basics and coasting by, you have plenty of options. If, however, you want a tutor that won’t stop at a passing grade, that will help you not only understand but actually master the material, Study Hut is the place for you.

Study Hut Tutoring Car Wash Fundraiser

May 1st, 2011

Study Hut Tutoring, led by Sam Prins and Whitney Griffin, gave a sudsy high five to participating students, parents and members of the community this past Friday during the Study Hut’s first ever Fundraising Car Wash for Relay for Life. Study Hut has a team this year aptly dubbed “I’m Too Sexy for My Hut.” The team has been putting together impromptu philanthropic events in order to raise money for the American Cancer Society. The Study Hut team is proud to donate to the American Cancer Society because we all know someone that has been affected by cancer. What a better way than to throw a car wash the week of: “People were really fired up and stoked…one lady tipped us 20 bucks and that really gave us a lot of energy to go out and wash more cars on a sunny day to raise money for Study Hut Tutoring’s Relay for Life team.” Exclaimed as jazzed up and freshly misted Study Hut friend of the family Natalie “the blond” (From far away, the mist from the water bouncing off the hood of the car created almost a Golden shower with her blonde hair)  “How can you not love Tutoring at Study Hut, raising money for Study Hut’s Relay for life Team, and having a great day in the Sun?!” Each tutor was more fired up than the next as each of the tutor team members meticulously scrubbed a quarter panel. “The Team effort at Study Hut is sensational today…you can easily tell that the tutors like working here when they are coming to pitch in on their day off.” The tutors at Study Hut are working diligently on and off the dance floor, arriving early and staying late, because it’s clear that not only is that a motto at the Manhattan Beach Study Hut, but a lifestyle. When asked about this cool style of dominating at work, John Lopatto, future opthomolgist, declared, “Well when the kids need it, and you can tell when they’ve got it [understanding of material/concept], it’s easier to feel like you’re on fire [figuratively speaking] in the next part of my day, no matter what it is that I have planned in my planner.” John is obviously “on fire” as his students have steadily improved and are tracking towards meeting their goals. When Sam Prins was questioned by Rob regarding the Car Wash, Sam quickly retorted, “Rob, I’ve got this… They don’t call me the Party Secretary for Nuthin'” Best quote ever by the way. Study Hut is carrying this positive energy right into the tournament a.k.a. the school week and the first week of May. Congratulations and Thank You to all the tutors who participated in the Study Hut Tutoring Relay for Life Fundraiser Car Wash. Thank you for using compostable and environmentally approved degradable car soaps. Pretty sure my car has never looked better.