Trick Questions: How the Manhattan Beach Study Hut Tutoring tutors reveal these secrets

On an exam, the last thing you want to see is a trick question. They’re insidious, deceitful, sneaky, and frankly below the belt. It’s simply unfair for a teacher to hit you with a slippery question and then slap a permanent demerit on your report card just because you didn’t think to suspect that your kindly old professor, benevolent font of all knowledge, was out to make you look like a fool.
Luckily for us here at Study Hut Tutoring in Manhattan Beach, you’re not being graded and we’re not your teachers. So I throw trick questions around like it’s my job, ’cause it sort of is. Let me explain.
In a standard classroom situation, teachers need to make sure that everyone is on roughly the same page. Concepts are still being introduced, and the most basic, standard forms of the subject matter are being pounded into your head. At first, there is little room for nuance or exceptions; the core ideas need to be learned by everyone, and the teacher doesn’t have the luxury of taking her students down interesting tangents.
However, the benefit of having your own Study Hut tutor in Manhattan Beach is that we work one on one with your kid; and can tailor our pace and content moment to moment based on how they’re doing. That means that the instant that I feel my student has really grasped the core idea and is starting to coast, you better be sure I’m going to throw them a curve ball to keep their minds active and open. Now, this does not mean that every second of the class is spent trying to fool and confuse them; that would be counterproductive. I use trick questions sparingly to mix up the pace and refocus their attention if they ever seem complacent.
This might mean asking them for the maximum value of an upward facing parabola when they’re used to me asking for the minimum (the answer’s infinity, not the y value of the vertex), or what tense of subjunctive will follow the phrase “No dudo que…” (which won’t take the subjunctive at all, as it indicates certainty). In any case, the student will be required to examine the full breadth of their knowledge, and not just the obvious pattern in front of their eyes.
So if you’re content with just learning the basics and coasting by, you have plenty of options. If, however, you want a tutor that won’t stop at a passing grade, that will help you not only understand but actually master the material, Study Hut is the place for you.

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