El Segundo – first impressions of the Hut

June 5th, 2012

When you are a student getting tutored, you want to be in a relaxed environment where you
can learn and have fun at the same time and the newly remodeled El Segundo Study Hut does just that.  Here at the Study Hut, we pride ourselves on creating a comfortable environment where students are happy to get tutored, though also be motivated to study and do well. Our Study Hut in El Segundo has numerous rooms, each that have a relaxed beach feeling to them, and we hope that students can feel that relaxed vibe when they enter the study Hut.

When I walked into the Study Hut today for the first time, my attitude completely changed when I walked inside. As I was driving here, I was distracted and had a lot on my mind, though once I got to the Study Hut in El Segundo I became very relaxed and focused. The Study Hut is very organized, and it is not busy or overcrowded. The colors definitely helped me feel focused, since the colors on the walls are not overwhelming or distracting.

From the surfboards and the wood floors, to the bamboo and calming pictures on the wall, the
Study Hut has a great balance to it. As you look around the Study Hut, you will realize that the walls are painted different shades of green, which balances well with the bamboo and the wood floors. This Study Hut in particular has a very homey feeling, seeing as how it’s actually a living complex, with a full bathroom and that’s why it has many different rooms.

This Study Hut is usually quiet, since not many students are here at the same time.


New El Segundo up and running!

May 3rd, 2012

The renovations at Study Hut Tutoring in El Segundo have been amazing. The Hut is completely transformed, and based on early polling, this is the coolest looking Hut ever! We have a full side yard, definitely big enough for the tutors’ end-of-the-year BBQ 😉

So what kind of renovations have we been doing? Everything from opening up a new lobby and expanded tutoring space in the back, to new plants, paintings, wallpaper, and more. This is going to mean more space for students and tutors to spread out, and will ultimately lead to a more intimate, productive tutoring environment.

Have you been to the best tutoring location in the South Bay? Do you need help with math tutoring, English tutoring, or perhaps another subject that has been plaguing you? Don’t let the difficult curriculum at ESHS or other local schools keep you from achieving your goals. Study Hut is hear to help!

SP makin it rain green

El Segundo Tutoring spreads its Wings

April 6th, 2012

Today, two bright-eyed and bushy tailed owners, actually, we had some scruffy scraggles left on the face from Spring Breaking, and it was pretty early at 6am so we weren’t too bright eyed, embarked on a journey to have breakfast. Our Destination: the Hacienda Hotel. Our reason: to join the elite do-gooders of El Segundo for their 45th annual Mayor’s Breakfast. 100% of the proceeds will be going to benefit the El Segundo Teen Center and the El Segundo Ed foundation. The El Segundo Rotary Club makes this all possible, among others. It was a quite a treat if I dont say so myself. I had pancakes, bacon, hashbrown cakes with lox, and coffee, with chocolate creamer. It was heart-stopping. We heard a motivational speaker, and listening to him made we almost want to put down my fork and head to the gym. Apart from the food, we met some wonderful individuals. We met the heads of the local churches and school board, and they were thrilled to meet some fellow educators who were also passionate about El Segundo middle school tutors. They quickly acknowledged that tutoring in El Segundo was something that was recognized as fruitful and important. El Segundo high school students need tutoring in chemistry, biology, algebra, geometry and specific training in preparation for the SAT tests. Moms and dads in El Segundo were encouraged to know that Study Hut Tutoring provides a reliable and local tutoring service to the students at both El Segundo Middle School and El Segundo High School. Parents were eager to send their students to Study Hut tutoring for chemistry tutoring because they know how tough that class is, and how difficult the college application process can be with a low mark in that class.